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May 4, 2012

"We Can't Send Email More Than 500 Miles"

I was working in a job running the campus email system some years ago when I got a call from the chairman of the statistics department.

What Makes A Game Worth Buying At Launch?

For many, an interest in picking up most new games immediately is fading away.

Beyoncé Won A Journalism Award

In case you weren't already feeling sorry enough about your own achievements so far this year, it was for an essay called "Eat, Play, Love."

What Is "Hipster" Fashion?

Peggy Wang and Amy Odell hash it out over IM. "It used to be that people would feel insulted if they were called a hipster... but now I'M insulted that someone doesn't think I know what a hipster is."

The Only Good Gif Is A Huge Gif

Think of your favorite gif. Now imagine that gif filling your entire screen, like a movie. BLISS, right? That's what Maxgif does.

Samuel L. Jackson Is Not Happy About The NY Times Review Of 'The Avengers'

Shame on you, A.O. Scott. Look what you've done.

Which Of These 13 Guys Looking For Love On YouTube Would You Actually Date?

A South Florida man has taken his search for "Miss Right" to YouTube, and he's not alone. Below, more men whose dating videos are sweet, funny, or just plain strange.

Mariano Rivera Has A Message For His Doubters

After tearing his ACL, the 42-year-old, greatest closer of all time shows some serious swag with this quote.

Matt Stopera With BuzzFeed's Best Of The Web

New word of the day: VI-NORMOUS.

Texas Judge Rules State Can't Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

A law passed last year bars any organization affiliated with abortion providers from receiving state money — including all Planned Parenthood clinics, even those that don't do abortions. But a judge has ruled that this may be unconstitutional, and the law won't be enforced until a lower court can decide.

Mitt Romney's Long Fight Against Gay Marriage

The former Governor has been front and center of the gay marriage debate since his first year in office. The issue of gay marriage has been front and center since Obama came out in support of same-sex marriage.

Tanning Mom's Origins Explained

Oh, ok. Now it makes sense. (via

Detroit Judge Pulls A "Weiner" In This Amazing Local News Segment

Prepare yourself for the most entertaining local news story to come out of Detroit in a long time. Bonus: That newsman rocking those killer Ray-Bans is former New York Times reporter Charlie LeDuff.

The 9 Best/Worst Movie Theme Covers

An exceptional movie theme cover only needs two things: a well-tuned instrument, and a little bit of talent. The people performing in these nine videos have neither.

‘What The F*** Is Michael Jordan Wearing?’ Calls The Fashion Police On His Airness

I have this theory that Michael Jordan sincerely believes in his head that he is still 32-years old. That would explain why he parties with his sons,

9 Reasons Why This Has Been The Worst Week Ever On The Internet

This was originally supposed to be a list of 10 things but there was so little on the internet this week I couldn't find one.

Questions "Star Wars" Never Answers

The original trilogy leaves a lot of unanswered questions. These are some of life's great mysteries.

Amar'e Stoudemire's Hand Looks Terrible [Warning: Graphic Image]

This is what happens when you punch a fire extinguisher.

The Best Movie On Netflix With Jeff Bridges In A Bowler Hat

True Grit was not Jeff Bridges' first grim Western. Plus: A movie where an entire room full of porn-watching mobsters are blown up with a grenade launcher. (Yes!)

This Korean Noodle Commercial Is Highly Inappropriate

I can't help wanting to try some though.

Bidens Won't Be Barbecuing With Susan G. Komen Foundation This Year

Joe and Jill Biden won't be holding their usual barbecue before Komen's Global Race for the Cure this year. They're citing "scheduling conflicts," but the move may have more to do with Komen's (now reversed) defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Emma Watson's New Role Is Definitely Not Hermione-Like

Emma Watson shares photo of herself in new movie role for Sofia Coppola's "Bling Ring."

Comment: "Too Much Is Made Of This Twitter"

The New York Times wrote up the latest Twitter battle, the conservative take-over of yet another Obama hashtag, #julia. Hugh, in Pennsylvania, thinks the media is making too much of it.

How Much More Do Comic Books Cost Today?

This is a big week for the comic book industry. On Friday (at midnight!), the first of the summer blockbusters, The Avengers, opens in the U.S. The Avengers is, of course, one of three superhero actioners to be released this summer, with The Dark Kn…

What On Earth Is January Jones Wearing And Other Links

It's like her breasts are about to take flight. Plus, one European country has opened an Angry Birds theme park and babies can become racist before their first birthday.

11 Sounds You Need To Hear Before You Die

This will change your life.

This Is What Happens When You Forget To Remove The Gas Pump From Your Car

It looks like the standards to owning a Lexus have gone down significantly.

Must Go To… Photo - Buzznet

Must go to…the happy pills candy store!!!! I was doing some research for my pills themed want post and stumbled on this candy store in Barcelona. I thought the idea was so fun and innovative, it absolutely deserves its own post. Check out the amazin…

Obama Hopes Your Parents Know About His Twitter Stuff

The president preempted our friends over at Now With Alex Wagner today to make sure you knew that your parents are supposed to be aware of #hashtags these days.

RIP Adam Yauch: In Memoriam, Watch "Gunnin' For That #1 Spot"

In addition to being a member of the legendary Beastie Boys, Adam Yauch also made a hell of a basketball documentary.

The Most Important Yodeling Song About Chickens You'll Ever Hear

Takeo Ischi is the Paul McCartney of yodeling about chickens. Make sure to wear headphones to really capture the essence of the clucks.

Gap's New Same-Sex Couple Billboard

The One Million Moms' knickers are about to get even more knotted. Snapped in L.A.

Will Apple's Stock Become Dead Money?

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Of all of the hardcore permabulls out there, Apple(AAPL) fan boys and girls do the best job defending their stock.

25 Breathtaking Photos Of The World's Strangest Sports

Air racing? Bossaball? Underwater rugby?

Stormtrooper Superheroes

This mash-up accurately portrays the geek world today. May the 4th and Avengers are vying for our hearts but Jon Bolerjack knows the right answer is always BOTH!

The 15 Faces Of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Few people under investigation for sex crimes maintain as high a public profile as former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn, or are photographed as often. Over the last year, DSK's remarkably expressive face has sometimes seemed to convey shame — and at other times, a distinct self-satisfaction.

The Evolution Of Ryan Gosling

Bringing the world his greatness since '93.

Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch Dead At Age 47

The rapper had been diagnosed with cancer in 2009. Here's a video of the group's 1992 classic "So What'Cha Want" — one of my favorites. R.I.P., MCA.

Guinness Should Run This Ad Every Star Wars Day

It's actually not an ad, but it would make a great one. Via Kevin Poulton.

Mitt Romney's Secret Weapon To Woo Latinos?

His name isn't Marco Rubio. Senador Portman got a zero-percent rating from an anti-immigration group in 2003

When Should I Give Up Texting A Person I Like-Like?

If someone takes several hours responding to text messages, what does it mean? Plus, when to Gchat somebody (and when to, um, not).

To Spray Tan Or Not To Spray Tan?

For the pale among us, occasion tanning has become as much a part of occasion dressing as leg-shaving. But why? The Fashion Mailbag is here to resolve the issue.

Colombian Escort Says Secret Service Agent Left Files Out While He Slept

In an interview with a Colombian radio station, escort Dania Suarez says Secret Service agent Andrew Huntington — who allegedly refused to pay her — fell asleep with his briefcase open and files in plain view. This could contradict earlier Secret Service statements that the prostitution scandal posed no threat to national security.

January Jones Thinks Skinny Betty Was Meaner

A very svelte January Jones stopped by Tuesday night’s launch event for The Shops at Target. The Mad Men star (at least she’s sometimes on that show), who gave birth about seven months ago, clearly hasn’t had too much trouble losing the baby weight.…

The Top 20 Most Underrated TV Shows Of The '90s

BuzzFeeders got together and made a list of the 20 best TV shows of the '90s that never get enough credit for being great. Scour the internet and find these shows!

Eating Raw Habanero Peppers Is Not A Great Idea

As this dimwitted fellow discovered the hard way. Y'know...for Cinco De Mayo!

Meanwhile In Russia...

"Victory Day" which is next Wednesday.

23 Habanero Flavored Foods To Try This Cinco de Mayo

Spice up your Cinco de Mayo with these habanero recipes. Because habaneros are spicy. Do you get it?

25 Monkeys That Are Obsessed With Dogs

Oh you thought YOU liked dogs? Well these monkeys really, really like dogs.

Billboards Compare People Who Believe In Global Warming To Serial Killers

The Heartland Institute is putting up billboards featuring Charles Manson, the Unabomber, and Osama Bin Laden around Chicago to advertise their annual conference. This is real.

Local Newspaper Invites Readers To Crap Themselves

You would think this kind of thing would be something you'd learn to look out for in Graphic Design 101.

Give This Photo Of A Baby Turtle To Someone You Love Today

Perhaps you are in a fight. Perhaps it is someone you haven't spoken to in a long time. Maybe you just started a new job and haven't had the time to talk. Whatever it is, send them a pic of this baby turtle and let them know that you still love them.

Is This The Most Racist Thing The New York Post Has Ever Published?

I mean it has to be up there. It turns out Post columnist Phil Mushnick really dislikes some of the marketing choices the Brooklyn Nets have been making.

Sexy Jedi Body Wash Commercial

What did I just watch? Lightsabers and wet tshirts are probably not what Chewbacca had in mind.

The "Falling Bear" Is Dead

Sad news, everybody: the bear who spawned a thousand memes after falling out of a tree last week has died.

24 Stock Photos Of Hot Women Giving You The Finger

Why? Because F*CK you, that's why. Also, it's Friday.

Jessica Alba Dishes On Marriage After Two Kids

In her exclusive blog for the iVillage blog series CelebVillage, actress and mom (to daughters Honor, 3, and 8-month-old Haven) Jessica Alba writes about how she keeps her marriage to husband Cash Warren ticking since becoming parents.

Mitt Romney Spent 219 Days Outside Massachusetts In 2006

The former Governor spent 219 days outside the state on trips, vacations, and campaigning in 2006.

J.C. Penney Catalog Features Gay Couple With Child, Freakout Ensues

J.C. Penney is admirably doubling down on its campaign to piss off One Million Moms. This image appeared in the JCP May catalog, and the conservative group that had conniptions over the retailer hiring Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson promptly reconnipted.

Lance Bass: Champion Of '90s Style

Today happens to be Lance Bass's birthday. In his honor, let's take a look back at the fashions that Lance — and the rest of boys of N Sync — rocked throughout the '90s.

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook In Two Minutes

Facebook made a nice intro video for investors, but it was waayyy too long. Here it is with just the creepy parts.

Woman Finds Cocaine In A Box Of Tampons

Says of Cindy Davidson of Salt Lake City: "I noticed there was packaging inside that wasn't normal. They had removed the tampon, and there was cocaine inside."

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Accused Of Gang Rape In DC

A Belgian prostitute says the former IMF chief, who's currently under investigation for "aggravated pimping," gang-raped her with three other men at DC's W Hotel in December 2010. Prosecutors already working on his pimping case are deciding whether to investigate this allegation too.

10 Things About "Star Wars" Fans Love To Hate

Just in the movies or we'll be here all night! This is by no means a comprehensive list. You can only truly hate something you once loved.

Is Nicolas Cage Actually Thor?


Top Maine Paul Supporter Switches To Mitt

Rep. Ryan Harmon was a rare elected official to endorse the libertarian. "Join me in supporting Mitt Romney."

Aziz Ansari Pranks Anderson Cooper With Lookalike

First he sends out a lookalike to be interviewed, then he brings out a little surprise. Let's see if this doppelganger pranking catches on. (via

NFL Star Junior Seau Dead In Apparent Suicide, Mother Mourns

At a press conference held outside Seau's home Wednesday, Oceanside Police Chief Frank McCoy said that police arrived at Seau's residence after a woman who identified herself as the 43-year-old football player's girlfriend found him in his bedroom …

How Secondhand Birkin Bags Sell For $56,000 On The Internet

With the bags in extraordinarily scarce supply, people are willing to pay more than new bags cost. Gilt and Rue La La can't get them from Hermès. So where do they come from?

The Best NBA Photobombs

This generation of NBA personalities makes one thing clear. Nothing is more fun than photo and videobombing your friends.

Kraft Mac & Cheese Commercials Are Funny

Here's the latest spot in a very good campaign.

Most Epic Halftime Dunk Contest Fail Ever

The poor guy never had a chance.

The Best Reason You'll Ever See To Never Tan Again

It's Tan Mom! The New Jersey woman accused of putting her 5-year-old daughter in a tanning bed who's now getting more attention for her football-hued mug than for her alleged crime.

The Inventor Of The "Bechdel Test" For Sexism Loves "Girls"

In an interview, cartoonist Alison Bechdel reveals she also watches "Sex and the City" on loop, and discusses how difficult it can be to write about her family.

4 Easy Steps To Having A Great Cinco De Mayo This Year

This quick guide will help anyone looking to have a great time this year for Cinco De Mayo. Enjoy!

First Look: Anna Dello Russo For H&M

Watch out world: Anna Dello Russo is bringing her signature over-the-top style to the masses. The Vogue Japan editor has designed a range of accessories for H&M, which will hit stores on October 4th, right smack dab in the middle of Fashion Month. …

Try Not To Cry Watching Mariano Rivera Talk About The Injury That May End His Career

The greatest closer of all time is scared. That's not supposed to happen. It's like seeing your dad scared. But when you tear your ACL at 42 years old, it's hard not to be frightened.

Female Friends

The latest viral buzz from

Kate Upton Gets More Famous: The Model Reportedly Bought Her Own $25K Ticket To The Met Ball And Has A Vogue Feature In The Works

Scoring a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover sure can do wonders for a girl’s career. Exhibit A: Kate Upton. After gaining internet fame with her rendition of the Dougie, she snagged the SI swimsuit cover and her star has been rising ever since. Upto…

Charles Barkley Calls Out Brock Lesnar During Grizzlies Game

1. Whenever he’s within 200 feet of the Memphis city limits, Jerry “The King” Lawler becomes awesome. I don’t know what I like more, the fact that he’s piledriving a guy on a basketball court during a timeout or the fact that he’s got spandex King …

10 Pinatas That Are Totally Into Pop Culture

Because what's a modern day party without a pop culture Pinata?

25 Of The Most Influential Female Designers That Changed Fashion Forever

The upcoming Costume Institute exhibit and Monday’s Met Ball honors two of fashion’s most beloved women designers: Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada. But what about the other female names that have helped to change fashion forever? Recently, Style…

Vogue Will No Longer Work With Unhealthy-Looking Or Under-16 Models

They may not agree on everything, but the 19 international editors of Vogue are in assent on at least on topic: The health and wellbeing of models and readers alike. To that end, all of them have recently banded together to promote healthier body im…

Who Really Runs The Republican Party? It's A Short, Surprising List

Cenk talks to David Frum, a GOP outcast and author of the novel “Patriots,” about the Republicans squeezing out Mitt Romney’s gay spokesman, Rick Grenell and who really runs the party.

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Headed For The Olympics?

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have just left Dallas, but they may soon be packing their bags for a new destination: the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Khloe, 27, tells People that her NBA hubby is vying for a spot on the U.S. Olympic basketball t…

A Poem By Sherman Alexie

Poetry, Poems, Sherman Alexie, The Poetry Section

This Bottle Opener Will Blow Your Mind

I could only assume Sir Jonathan Ive knew exactly what he was doing when he designed this charger.

Kate Upton Does The "Cat Daddy" Dance

Watch 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit covergirl Kate Upton do the "Cat Daddy" dance. The video was so racy that it was temporarily yanked from YouTube.

Whither The Manic Pixie Dream Guy?

But Titanic was a pretty big hit. So why does Hollywood think women can't handle a manic pixie dream guy? The most likely culprit is outdated ideas about women and their needs. Women are supposed to be focused on marriage, constantly looking to sett…

Jessica Simpson Gives Her Baby Girl A Boy Name

Jessica Simpson's baby arrived yesterday (finally!), and, as we already knew, it's a girl. Simpson wasn't afraid to share during her pregnancy: From telling Jimmy Kimmel that her water breaking would be like a fire hydrant to dishing about her crazy…

Cameron Diaz "Burst Into Tears" After Getting Her Hair Cut Short

Cameron Diaz admits to Jay Leno that her short hairstyle was a misunderstanding and that she cried seeing it.

Stephen King: Tax Me, For Fuck's Sake!

Mitt Romney has said, in effect, "I'm rich and I don't apologize for it." Nobody wants you to, Mitt. What some of us want -- those who aren't blinded by a lot of bullshit persiflage thrown up to mask the idea that rich folks want to keep their damn …

Gwyneth Paltrow Discusses Her Favorite Sexual Positions

Gwyneth Paltrow was a bit more squeamish about the whole thing, supposedly “squealing and squirming” before saying, “What? I have children and my mother is going to see this show.” (Um, she knows you have sex, Gwynnie.) She then gave the non-answer …

Kentucky Derby 2012 Draw: Post Positions, Field And Race Preview

The Kentucky Derby is just two days away, and the expectation grows by the minute. The post position draw was completed yesterday and the 20-horse field—plus an also eligible (AE)—is set.

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