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Questions "Star Wars" Never Answers

The original trilogy leaves a lot of unanswered questions. These are some of life's great mysteries.

How did the Dianoga, or trash compactor monster, not get crushed? Was it solitary or part of a colony? What does it eat? How did it get there?

Where are all the human women? Did some terrible plague wipe out most of the females of the species?

Why would the shield generator protecting the Death Star not be located INSIDE the shield?

Does Han Solo realize a Parsec is not a unit of time?

Was Obi-Wan joking when he said the blaster fire was "too precise" to be Sand People or have Trooper firing standards just gone waaaaaaay down since the Clone Wars?

Are Hutts attracted to humanoid women? Is that why Jabba dressed Leia so scantily? How do Hutts mate? Wait, no. Never mind. Don't answer that one.

Why is the Millenium Falcon named after an Earth bird?

How do planets evolved in such a way in this part of the galaxy to only have one biome per planet?

What the hell is the point of Stormtrooper armor? Is it made of Papier-mâché? That is the only explanation for the Endor debacle.

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