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    You Need A Levitating Bed

    Reddit user mememetatata decided to make a bed that floats on magnets. Here is the whole process in 8 easy steps.

    1. Build the frame

    Another angle

    2. Put in the slats that will keep the magnets in place

    3. Put the magnets in and close it up

    Highly technical drawing of one of the corners

    4. Make the frame of the lower platform

    Another angle

    5. Two of the magnets got stuck together due to bad packaging in the shipping process

    Trying to pry it apart

    More trying to pry it apart

    Still prying

    He threw a bunch of screws in there since he was worried the pens would fall out

    Still trying



    6. Finish up the base

    7. Put it all together

    View this video on YouTube

    A view from underneath

    The steel cable goes into the platform where it is attached and screwed in

    8. The finished product!