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    Jose Canseco Made A Shockingly Cogent Point About Mitt Romney

    Despite usually seeming like a huge goofball, Jose has these moments of coherence. And they seem to hint at something more.

    Grantland's Bryan Curtis went out to the wilds of Worcester, Massachusetts (not really that wild) and spent some time with everyone's favorite Twitter lunatic, Jose Canseco.

    Of course, being that this is the narrative of Canseco, Jose went and said something surprising:

    "Who's the guy running against Obama?" Canseco asks.Romney, Jose."Romney. This joker comes in saying that Obama has done nothing: 'He hasn't fixed the deficit.' Let me tell you something. Do you actually fucking believe that in four years you're going to fix the deficit? Are you kidding me? That's a lifetime project. ... It's amazing the bullshit that people believe.""It's all his fault," Canseco scoffs at Romney's line of attack. "Nobody's going to fix this in four, eight, 12 years. Maybe in 30, it'll fix itself."

    Curtis makes the point that "if you know Canseco, you know the manipulative blockhead can transform instantly into a brilliant savant" in the context of his larger piece, which argues that Jose Canseco is trolling us. He's right, and this is one of those times.

    Despite opening the conversation by asking who is running against Barack Obama for President — cue memories of that time when DMX didn't know who Obama was — not only does Jose know who he is, he has coherent and not unintelligent comments about Romney's platform and politics overall. This is from the same guy who, out of nowhere, inaccurately tweeted that Al Gore was dead. But Canseco is not DMX; he hasn't disconnected from reality, or left society in frustration. Instead, he seems to be playacting one of the weirdest explorations of American celebrity ever undertaken. And there's no sign that it will stop being fun to watch any time soon.