Tim Tebow Sent A Cease-And-Desist To A Company Selling “My Jesus” Jets Tees

Tebow aside: they should cease and desist for matters of taste.

The company Cubby Tees is selling a shirt with “My Jesus” superimposed over the Jets logo. The football has become a little Ichthus (read: Jesus-fish). And they’re using “Tebowmania” to sell them. I mean, it’s right there in the synopsis, after all.

“We don’t take sides on the field or in the hereafter” — we just use it to sell t-shirts! Very admirable.

Anyway, Timmy Tremendous isn’t terribly happy about this particular use of his name fame, so he sent a cease-and-desist to Cubby that TMZ has obtained.

As of publishing, the shirts remain for sale on the site.

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