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15 "Mad Men" Fashion Highlights: Megan's Last Office Dresses, Pete's Mistress's Dour House Clothes, And More

Now that Megan is going to be an actress, is she going to dress in yoga clothes all the time? I sure hope not.

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3. Megan's tan shift.

I find it interesting that when she finally decides to leave advertising to become an actress, she wears something so plain (also, maybe not her color?). It's like once she has an extroverted profession her clothes can stop working so hard.


8. Peggy's patterned pussybow and brown vest.

I think she may have shopped her closet for this — which is what happens when you're not married to Don and can't afford to wear a different dress and coat every day.


15. Megan's acting class outfit.

If Megan going to acting class means she's going to dress super down, like she's going to spin class or something, I am not a fan. (What do they do in acting class anyway? Aerobics?) Her clothes were the best part of the show, fashion-wise.