15 “Mad Men” Fashion Highlights: Megan’s Last Office Dresses, Pete’s Mistress’s Dour House Clothes, And More

Now that Megan is going to be an actress, is she going to dress in yoga clothes all the time? I sure hope not.

1. Megan’s houndstooth work dress.

To add to her vast dossier of “look at me!” patterns.

2. This client’s striped jacket and yellow tie.

Someone has to keep it loud with the clothes once Megan’s not around any more.

3. Megan’s tan shift.

I find it interesting that when she finally decides to leave advertising to become an actress, she wears something so plain (also, maybe not her color?). It’s like once she has an extroverted profession her clothes can stop working so hard.

4. Pete’s new mistress’s headscarf and coat.

She’s Alexis Bledel! And she’s really pretty. You’d think she could do better than Pete.

5. What was under Pete’s new mistress’s headscarf and coat.

Again with the tan stuff. Is this the Mad Men way of saying, “I’m depressed”?

6. Megan’s plaid coat and pink dress.

Peggy may not have made much of a professional mark on Megan, but a stylistic one maybe.


See? This is like Peggy’s date dress from last week’s episode, sans bow.

8. Peggy’s patterned pussybow and brown vest.

I think she may have shopped her closet for this — which is what happens when you’re not married to Don and can’t afford to wear a different dress and coat every day.

9. Joan’s floral dress.

10. Megan’s long-sleeved printed dress.

She plan to tie her bike up outside with that necklace?

11. Megan’s tacky green coat.

She would pair the loudest dress ever with the loudest necklace ever and the loudest shiny jacket ever.

12. Pete’s mistress’s house clothes.

I guess she gets to wear black because she’s so sad inside.

13. Megan’s house clothes.

And I guess Megan gets to wear magenta when she’s cooking Don’s beef because she gets to be her true merry little self.

14. Peggy’s Cool Whip outfit.

The asymmetrical stripes felt fresh for her.

15. Megan’s acting class outfit.

If Megan going to acting class means she’s going to dress super down, like she’s going to spin class or something, I am not a fan. (What do they do in acting class anyway? Aerobics?) Her clothes were the best part of the show, fashion-wise.

Are those… leggings? And… flats? NO MEGAN! Don’t let yourself go.

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