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December 12, 2012

10 Episodes That Show How Buffy The Vampire Slayer Blew Up Genre TV

Joss Whedon’s classic teen genre mash-up unexpectedly became one of the most influential dramas ever made.

Jacob Tyler Roberts Identified As Clackamas Town Center Shooter

Police have identified Jacob Tyler Roberts as the gunman who fatally shot two people at a crowded Oregon mall Tuesday before killing himself minutes later. There is no known connection between Roberts, 22, and the Clackamas Town Center, police said…

Anne Hathaway Won’t Stop Talking About Anne Hathaway’s Vagina

HER: And then, I got out of the car, and you could see my vagina. And everyone was like taking pictures of it, but I didn’t want them to take pictures of it because it’s my vagina… HIM: Are those the new Versace loafers? Goddamn…

VIDEO] Adrienne Maloof’s Divorce — How Camille Grammer Helped Her Through

Camille is the beacon of support to Adrienne as she’s going through a very bitter and public divorce and it’s all captured on ‘RHOBH’. Camille tells  Edito...

One-A-Day Gift Guide: Understanding The Internet

Two books that change how you see technology. The internet, from the bottom up and the top down.

Sarah Silverman PSA: "Be Bro-Choice"

Silverman asks "bros" to stand up for the women in their lives: "The way to a woman's heart is never through a vaginal ultrasound." Warning: typical Silverman-esque NSFW language ahead.

The 17 Most Ankle-Breaking Basketball Moves Of 2012

It was a landmark year for crossovers in the NBA.

Green Gift Guide: Easy Presents For Grumpy Locavores And Environmentalists

Ever since Superstorm Sandy invented global warming six weeks ago, many of us have become more concerned about the environment and the future of our planet. Should we do "Christmas as usual" this year, or should Hanukkah be changed to address the…

19 People Who Think The Mayan Apocalypse Is Today

Today is 12/12/12, nine days before the Mayan apocalypse on 12/21/12. It's an easy mistake.

The Most Perfect Home Alone/Notorious B.I.G. Remix

It's like Cookin' Soul did a mashup of my elementary and high school years.

"Having It All" Author: American Work Culture Must Change

"We have to find a way to value men and women who are privileging their private responsibilities as well as professional responsibilities," says Anne-Marie Slaughter. But none of this will be simple.

Let's Be Honest About "Lord Of The Rings"

Now starring Homeless Magneto. Screen Junkies return to lambast the second most sacred series in geek culture.

Michael Jordan Still Practices With The Bobcats

I guess now that he's finally drafted a good player, he's earned a little floor time.

Bottomless Is The New Topless [NSFW]

It's the latest craze in fashion photography.

The Drunken Clam - Drink - East Village

There won't be any talking dogs at the Drunken Clam unless you drink their entire barrel of wine, but you should still find the underground clam bar that may or may not realize it's referencing Family Guy, and lies beneath a tofu house, which itself…

Endangered Monkey Rescued By Monkey Expert And Other Links

Born in captivity, woolly monkey Bueno was abandoned by his mother and adopted by zoo keeper.

These 7 New Reality Shows Sound Completely Insane

Divas For Jesus and Shoe Whores.

Steven Crowder, Fox News Contributor, Punched During Right-To-Work Protests (VIDEO)

Writer and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder aired video of his violent physical confrontation with opponents of Michigan's right-to-work legislation, who gathered in Lansing to protest the bills' passage through the House. Crowder argued with…

Jenna Bush Is Pregnant - George W. Bush Is 'Fired Up' About Being A Grandpa

(Newser) – Get ready for the next member of the Bush dynasty. Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of George W. Bush, has announced that she is pregnant with her first child and due in the spring, reports…

Jeb Bush Spokesperson Tells Charlie Crist To Stop Misquoting Him (Update: Crist Responds)

"Charlie Crist will say anything to make himself look good, even if it’s not actually true." Update: "I think he is embarrassed about his quote now," Crist responds.

The 40 Most Insane Things That Happened In Florida In 2012

2012 was another stellar year for Florida. Let's take a look and remember the good times.

The 21 Biggest Jerks Of 2012

These tweets are actually the worst.

The 30 Most Important Cats Of 2012

Warning: Some of these cats will break your heart.

Lindsay Lohan's Probation Has Been Revoked

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Looking To Pay For Sex On OkCupid

Online dating can get lonely. But OkCupid isn't Craigslist.

British TV Star Suspected Of A Staggering 199 Sex Offenses

Detectives in the UK began an inquiry into late BBC star Jimmy Savile 10 weeks ago, since then 450 people have come forward with allegations.

Heisman Winner Johnny Football Sucks At Bowling

A sign of weakness ahead of the Aggies' bowl game?

Everything Wrong With "The Amazing Spider-Man"

In less than two minutes. Even a beloved, or tolerated, reboot can commit movie-making sins.

15 Reasons To Let "The Mindy Project" Into Your Heart

Mindy Kaling's The Mindy Project is one of TV's sharpest, funniest, and warmest new comedies. If you haven't tuned in, here are several compelling reasons to give it a shot.

Jamie Foxx And Samuel L. Jackson Locked Lips

Or this is one of the most perfectly timed pictures ever.

Former Anti-narcotics Officer Tells Bill: ‘All Drugs Should Be Legal’

The War on Drugs is in the spotlight for Full Court Press with Neill Franklin, the executive eirector of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, or LEAP. Franklin is a police veteran with 33 years of experience in anti-narcotics task forces. He tells…

Russell Crowe Takes A Cigarette Break While On Top Of A Horse

It could have been for his role in the upcoming movie Winter's Tale, but it doesn't really look that way...

50 Wildly Sexy Olivia Wilde GIFs

As one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood today, Olivia Wilde knows all about her sex appeal on the silver screen. So it’s a complete blessing that she rarely turns down roles that tend to show her getting frisky.

Anne Hathaway At The New York Premiere Of ‘Les Miserables’

Anne Hathaway at the premiere of Les Miserables in New York City. (December 10, 2012)-Click Here For NSFW Version-Photo: Splash News

51 Seriously Adorable Gift Tag Ideas

You probably didn't even think it was possible to fit this much cuteness onto a tiny scrap of paper. Be sure to load up on ink cartridges because many of these are templates you just print onto card stock.

Our Long National TV Nightmare Is Coming To An End

On December 13th, obnoxiously loud commercials will become illegal. Here are 11 reasons why this is great, great news.

Fox News' Giant Middle Finger To MSNBC And CNN

Fox News has never been shy when it comes to boasting about their status as the reigning #1 cable-news network, but this web page from 2009 dedicated to taunting their competitors takes the cake. Updated.

17 Horrific Fad Diets Of Yore

People have done some really gross things to lose weight over the past two centuries. Please, don't eat tapeworms or baby food to fulfill your New Year's weight-loss resolution.

Kate Aurthur Joins BuzzFeed Radio To Talk About TV

Which of your favorite shows are getting canceled — and which will live on? Kate Aurthur has all the answers for you.

Google Builds A Porn Wall

For years, Google image searches for almost any term would turn up at least a few boobs. Today, Google made it much harder to find smut with its search engine. (The workaround, according to an official statement: be very, very specific.)

49 Things That Taste Like Christmas

Peppermint adds holiday cheer to everything.

Jack Moore Explains The Origins Of @SeinfeldToday

BuzzFeed Radio's EXCLUSIVE (!!!!) interview with the creator of Modern Seinfeld — host of BuzzFeed Radio, Jack Moore.

And, Here's The Worst Christmas 2012 Ad

Nothing funnier than dead dog humor. Via the UK.

Miley Cyrus Suffers Heartbreaking Loss On AmehKristine's Blog

Miley Cyrus is suffering from a broken heart. The 20-year-old singer and actress had to say good-bye to her beloved Yorkie, Lila who passed away this week. Miley, who considers her brood of dogs:Ziggy, Floyd, Happy, Mary Jane and Penny Lane family,…   Lila's death

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus' Dog Lila Dies: 'I Have Never Been So Hurt In My Life'

The starlet’s beloved dog Lila has passed away, and Cyrus took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce the heartbreaking news. “Can’t think of one good reason to get out of bed today…” she tweeted.

Trasladan Restos De Jenni Rivera A Monterrey Para Identificación

Los restos de Jenni Rivera fueron encontrados en la tarde noche de este lunes, según indicó el diario El Universal, y fueron trasladados al hospital de esa ciudad, donde los familiares de la intérprete llegaran al mediodía de este martes para…

Nurse In Royal Prank Hanged Herself

(Newser) – Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who answered the now-infamous prank call asking about the health of Kate Middleton, was found hanged in her room at the hospital's nearby staff housing, Sky…

The Best Of "Gangnam Style"

There is nothing on Earth that can't be turned into a "Gangnam Style" parody. "Best" might not be the right word for this, but just roll with it.

24 Reasons Brunch Is The Absolute Worst

When these things happen, it makes me want to remove my eyeballs with a grapefruit spoon.

Florence Welch Stops A Fight At A Concert In Scotland

"Excuse me, all of you, stop it."

Watch Part 1: Granholm Sounds Off On Michigan Right-to-work Bill

During Jennifer Granholm’s eight-year tenure as governor of Michigan, she made it her priority to balance the rights of workers and union members while she and then–newly elected President Barack Obama got the manufacturing sector back on track for…

Jenni Rivera Plane Crash Update: Troubled Mexican Businessman Emerges

A Mexican businessman with connections to the plane that crashed with Jenni Rivera and six others onboard Sunday has been convicted of falsifying aircraft records, counterfeiting government inspection stamps, and drug-trafficking charges, according…

'Pawn Stars' Lawsuit Claims Agent Stole Clients And History Channel Execs Helped

The stars of the History's megahit Pawn Stars are the subject of a new lawsuit that claims they were improperly steered from one agent to another by some of the channel's top executives.

“…And Introducing Chewbacca’s Family!” Case File #30

“…and introducing Chewbacca’s family.”

Here's What We Know About The Oregon Mall Shooter And His Victims

Police identified Jacob Tyler Roberts, 22, as the masked gunman suspected of killing himself and two others Tuesday at Clackamas Town Center near Portland.

Here's What The Next BlackBerry Phones Are Going To Look Like

This is how RIM plans on getting people to switch back to BlackBerry. Uh-oh.

What The Fuck, Matt Lauer?

We live in a horrifying world. Last night after reading about the shooting at the Clackamas Town Center mall I said to a friend, “Oh wow, have you heard about this shooting?” Which is admittedly more than a bit VAGUE, but it was still very sad when…

Nurse Left Suicide Note After Taking Kate Middleton Prank Call

Details continue to emerge about the suicide death of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who took the prank phone call from a pair of Australian DJs. Saldanha reportedly left a note before taking her own life.

Behold, The Absolute Very Worst Movies Of 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Alex Cross and Battleship headline the worst movies of 2012.

37 Vintage Photos Of Sir Ian McKellen

Because he is just the best.

The Small-Town European Producer Who Worked On "Game Of Thrones" And The Local "Gossip Girl"

"When an American production comes here, the attitude is to throw money at the problem until it goes away."

9 Fun Christmas Ads

Ads for everything from a church to porn blocker software to Marmite.

Quiz: Is This A Bunny?

An exercise in bunny-positivity.

Movie Extra Photobombed The "Star Trek" Trailer

Well played, Smiling Sunglasses Man. Well played, indeed.

Barbara Walters Asks Chris Christie If He's Too Fat To Be President

"That's ridiculous, I mean, that's ridiculous," Christie said during a segment for Walters' Most Fascinating People special.

Anne Hathaway Devastated That She Flashed Us At The Les Mis Premiere

Like a story ripped from the discarded pages of the Princess Diaries 3 script, Anne Hathaway flashed us  her lady parts as she stepped out of a car at the New York City premiere of Les Miserables. It’s just such a shame, because on a night when we…

Taylor Charles Steak & Ice - Eat

Philly fans might outnumber Nats fans, but by next Summer they'll no longer outweigh them, thanks to Steak & Ice, a cheesesteak-ery from the Taylor boys. The house of melty, gooey goodness on H Street looks like, well... A street: graffiti, manhole…

Gerard Butler Is The Romantic Lead We Never Asked For

No matter how much trash he stars in, Gerard Butler keeps getting leading man roles. Here are some of the more damning reviews of his various missteps.

Darwin The Ikea Monkey Owner Wants Her Pet Back

TORONTO, Dec 11 (Reuters) - The owner of a monkey that became a media sensation after running around a Toronto department store parking lot in a stylish coat and a diaper wants her pet back, or at least assurances he is being well cared for. Yasmin…

World's Longest Word Takes 213 Minutes To Say (VIDEO)

Dmitry Golubovskiy has a lot of time on his hands. Well, at least 213 minutes to spare.

Style Notes: Kim Kardashian Poses For French Magazine, Megan Fox Debuts Post-Baby Body

Kim Kardashian, scantily clad in lingerie, poses for photographer Vijat Mohindra in the current issue of French fashion magazine Factice. In the spread, Kim flaunts her famous curves in beige negligees, garter belts, and draping pearl necklaces. She…

Justin Bieber Hurled A Mini Water Bottle At A Photographer

And then it probably landed on the ground so he also littered.

Valve Faces A Tall Task In Trying To Take Over The Living Room

Of course, some of this is contingent upon developers ensuring their games play nicely with Big Picture mode. When I tried Big Picture mode out in September, certain games (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Braid, and others) offered a hassle-free…

4 Ways Nature Brainwashes You Into Taking Care Of Babies

A baby is an anchor. I don't mean that in an abstract sense where it keeps parents grounded and appreciative of what really matters in life; I mean a baby is dead weight. In terms of pragmatic usefulness, a baby is about on equal footing with a…

Couples Worldwide Are Celebrating 12/12/12 With Mass Weddings

Most of us won't experience another repeating date in our lifetimes, making it a very memorable day to tie the knot.

Business Insider: Inside BuzzFeed: The Story Of How Jonah Peretti Built The Web's Most Beloved New Media Brand

December 11, 2012 – "Peretti's goal now is to create a great media company for the social age." -Business Insider

Freedom Tower At World Trade Center Gets First Piece Of Its Spire

The 18-piece spire completes the 104-story building. "A candle on top of a cake," the construction director told reporters.

Golf Course Adds A 26-Foot-Tall Roaring T-Rex Robot, Pisses Off Pro Tour

Meet Jeff, the giant dinosaur on the course at the Australian PGA Championship.

Five Businesses Who Say They Will Be Hurt By Taxes Going Up

Republicans warn that tax increases on the rich likely to take effect next year will hurt small business.The heads of some of America's mid-size franchise chains talked to BuzzFeed, about why tax increases, even, and sometimes especially on the top 2% of wage earners would be bad for their franchisees.

The 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2012

We spent 2012 scouring the Internet for the worst possible things. This is it. Serious NSFW warning.

Walter Jackson's Relationship With Kenya Moore Is Fake, Created For TV

Walter Jackson has revealed that his relationship with Kenya Moore was created for Real Housewives of Atlanta...and all the puzzle pieces drop into place.

The Big Secret: Adrienne Maloof Allegedly Used A Pregnancy Surrogate

Until now. Many sources across the vast interwebs are reporting that the big secret that Brandi spilled is that Adrienne and Paul used a surrogate for the birth of their three sons. Oh. Not really a big deal, unless you make it one. In fact,Camille…

Kids Songs With Cat Power From Cat Power, Danielle Schneider, Alex Fernie, And Rachelgoldenberg

Indie music star Cat Power (Chan Marshall) has been known for having break downs on stage. And its no different when the audience is all children.

Seattle's Favorite Bearded Gay Couple Cleans Up Real Nice

Obsessed with these two. I'm kind of bummed they weren't at City Hall, but whatever, they looked awesome.

The Easiest Way To Cook A Delicious Christmas Ham

Ham is the easiest, see? Here are step-by-step instructions plus dishes to serve alongside.

Paul McCartney Is The New Singer Of Nirvana

At least for tonight, anyway. Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl and bassist Krist Novoselic are teaming up with McCartney at tonight's 12.12.12 Concert in Manhattan for Hurricane Sandy Relief.

Professional Soccer Team Wins A Game In Front On ONE Fan

There's nothing quite like the roar of the crowd. And by crowd I mean Randy.

Five Glorious Minutes Of Baby Bulldog Prozac

This is probably what you needed to get you through the rest of the week.

Heartwarming Polar Bear Family Tops The Morning Links

Baby polar bears snuggle with their mama bear in the snow.

Awesome *NSYNC A Capella Medley

If you like *NSYNC (which how could you not?), then you will definitely like this a capella medley by the group Pentatonix. Enjoy.

8 Photos Of Animals Having Christmas At The Zoo

The London Zoo celebrated the holiday with stockings for monkeys and presents for all.

Two Clouded Leopard Cubs Arrive In San Diego

The critically-endangered species is being successfully bred in Nashville, and these two cuties arrived at the San Diego Zoo just in time for the holidays. What a gift.

2012: The Year The Desktop App Died

We've seen the last of the great desktop apps. The end of one of computing's longest eras.

What Christina Aguilera Taught Us About Haters In 2012

She's still a fighter all these years later.

Watch The Teasers For Martin Short's "Saturday Night Live" Episode

The holiday episode airs this Saturday with musical guest Paul McCartney.

10 Disney Songs Sung In The Characters' Native Tongues

If Disney characters were real, they wouldn't be singing in English. Here are 10 classic songs as they were meant to be heard -- maybe.

How Frank Ocean Transcended The Hype

Channel Orange is the best R&B album of 2012, but Ocean's most impressive accomplishment is keeping total control of his image.

First Look At Drew Barrymore's Baby Girl

The new mom and baby Olive cover this week's People.

Grumpiest Tattoo Ever

Grumpy Cat says, "you know that's permanent, right?"

Why You Should Never Hire Models To Memorize Lines, Song Lyrics

Victoria's Secret model: "Is it 'fa la la... la la la?'"

The Price Of All Your Sexts: About $50 Million

Conceptually problematic and laden with troubling privacy flaws, SnapChat is rumored to be receiving $8m in VC funding. That would make it worth about $50m dollars.

One Of Miley Cyrus's Dogs Passed Away

Miley let her fans know on twitter about her dog Lila who died yesterday. It's never easy losing your best friend.

UFO Crash Off Reported Off Japan Coast Sparks Media Interest, But Did It Really Happen?

Over the last several days, a number of websites have reported that Japan's Nippon Television was covering a story of how a UFO crashed off the coast of Okinawa and that officials had released a photograph of the UFO.

December 21, 2012: End Of Mayan Calendar, Or End Of The World?

Gonzalo Alvarez, who had just arrived in Cancun for two weeks of revelry linked to a major milestone in the Mayan calendar, seemed reasonably cheerful for a man about to swallowed up by the Apocalypse."We came to party and to get ready for the…

Anne Hathaway’s Wardrobe Malfunction — Star Horrified & Embarrassed

Anne Hathaway admits her no underwear wardrobe malfunction on Dec. 10 was ‘devastating’ and a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that she is ‘horrified!’ Poor Anne! ...

American Apparel Ad Banned In The U.K.

It was censored today because it "sexualised a child, as the model appeared to look under 16-years-old."

27 Suitcases And Accessories That Ease The Pain Of Traveling

Because going to the airport is infinitely better if you have a carry-on you're proud of. Also, learn how to repurpose your old luggage!

Ron Paul Will Charge $50,000 To Speak

The libertarian charges more than Mike Huckabee. Accepts fiat money.

Anne Hathaway Flashes Photographers, Pulls A Britney At 'Les Miserables' Premiere (PHOTO)

Monday night was not Anne Hathaway's night -- especially after suffering one of Hollywood's most dreaded wardrobe malfunctions. The newlywed 30-year-old actress wore a rather unfortunate outfit to the premiere of her movie "Les Miserables,"…

Nick Offerman Reacts To His People Magazine Beefcake Spread

He was deemed "Sexiest Mustache" by the magazine and we have to agree.

Look How Excited Scott Disick Is To Be Touring The Everglades

To be fair, there are some family vacations that are unbearably boring. (This doesn't look like one of them.)

Starting A New Whiskey Company: How Long Do You Have To Wait For Your Spirits To Age?

Errol Flynn famously said he liked his women young and his whiskey old, and indeed most high-end whiskeys have been aged for 10 to 20 years. That would seem to make launching a new brand of top-shelf whiskey a difficult proposition. Do startups have…

Nurse Jacintha Saldanha Left Suicide Note And 'Was Still Alive When Found Hanging In Her Flat'

Jacintha Saldanha, 46, was found alive at her London accommodation on Friday and was still conscious when police and paramedics arrived - but they couldn't save her, it was claimed today.

WATCH: Matt Damon Impersonates Bill Clinton On Jay Leno

In an appearance on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show," "Promised Land" star Matt Damon shows off the amazing Bill Clinton impression we never knew he had.

Star Trek: Into Darkness Villain -- Who Is John Harrison?

‘John Harrison’ is not a name from Star Trek, and it doesn’t make sense for the studio to mess around with a new villain when you have a fan base as rabid as the Trekkies…so if we’re making up names, shit is real. Shit. Is. Real. They have no reason…

'The Voice' Top 3 Revealed; Trevin Hunte Eliminated

Three "Voice" alumni also took the stage on Tuesday night. Former Team Cee Lo member Juliet Simms performed her single "Wild Child," looking more like Ashlee Simpson than ever and seemingly inspired by Miley Cyrus' "Can't Be Tamed" music video.…

Antonin Scalia-Gay Rights: Supreme Court Justice Defends Equating Sodomy With Murder As Effective Reasoning.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia traveled to Princeton yesterday as part of his ongoing book tour. While there he took some heat from a student about his comments comparing laws banning sodomy with those barring bestiality and murder. The…

7 Cities Found Under The Sea

Atlantis may still be a myth, but ruins of other civilizations have been discovered in oceans around the world.

The Sexxxtons, Mother-Daughter Porn Duo, Provoke Controversy

The erotic activities of a mother and daughter in Tampa, Fla., who have become an on-screen pornography duo, are pushing the boundaries of propriety and sparking a debate among some experts, even in an industry known for its taboos. For the last…

Actress Sues Cinemax After Being 'Blindsided' By Sex Scenes

An actress identified only as Anne G filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday against Time Warner, HBO, Cinemax and a production company called True Crime LLC claiming that she was bullied into performing nude scenes, sexually…

Watch Us Break Down The Phantom Pain Trailer With IGN

A trailer announcement for a new game called The Phantom Pain drew a lot of attention at last Friday's Video Game Awards. Suspiciously, it looks a lot like a Metal Gear game, but Konami isn't talking about it yet. Yesterday, IGN's Mitch Dyer and…

The Most Controversial Photos Of 2012

R. Umar Abbasi’s shot of New Yorker Ki Suk Han as he was about to be struck and killed by an oncoming train is arguably one of the most controversial photographs in recent memory. The subsequent “DOOMED” news rag cover was shocking, even for the New…

Kate Middleton's Nurse Jacintha Saldanha Left Suicide Note Behind For Her Family

The hospital nurse, who took her own life after a notorious phone prank, is survived by husband Ben Barboza and their two children

North Korea's Missile Launch Scares Its Neighbors

The dictatorship, which has nuclear weapons, tested a ballistic missile Tuesday night. AFP's John Saeki's chilling graphic shows not just China and Japan, but countries as far as the Philippines and beyond, within range.

Harry Styles Harry Styles And Taylor Swift Go Dirty Dancing? (PHOTO)

Love it or hate it, but Harry Styles and Taylor Swift — affectionately known to tweens around the world as Haylor — are pop music’s hottest new couple. Need evidence? Just look at this newly unearthed Twitter photo of the duo dirty dancing at One…

Rebecca Shapiro: 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Recap

It only took Bravo six episodes of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" to spice up what was becoming a real snooze-fest of a series, but the network finally did it. Tonight's main event rivaled Kim Richards' "slut pig" outburst in Season 2, and…

A Muslim 4th-Grader's Letter To Santa

This is just so on point. Good letter.

A Brand-New 'Harry Potter' Movie In The Works On Patty's Blog

It's time to celebrate with a batch of butterbeer! The Harry Potter movie series may have ended July 2011, but Potter fans rejoice: there's a ninth movie in the works! The film is being produced for theme park attractions at the Universal Studios…

Kristen Chenoweth Made Fun Of Honey Boo Boo At American Country Awards

You know what I want to leave behind in 2012? Honey Boo Boo jokes. I think they’re stale and they’re stupid and they’re rarely done right. Take Kristen Chenoweth at the 2012 American Country Awards. She changed outfits every two seconds because I…

'Man Of Steel' Trailer: Superman Is Ready For The World (VIDEO)

"Man Of Steel" is one of Warner Brothers' biggest 2013 releases, so it goes to reason that a new trailer for the film will come attached to prints of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey." Not that you need to enter Middle-earth to see the latest…

T-Mobile End Smartphone Subsidies: Paying More For Your Phone Is Good For You.

Mobile phones have changed enormously over the past six years, but the mobile phone business model has not. You buy a magical device for practically nothing, then find yourself locked into a two-year contract with a baffling, shockingly expensive…

6 Video Game Urban Legends That Are Actually Hoaxes

It might not seem that way now, with all of our Crackeds and JDates and forums dedicated to bodybuilding, but once upon a time the Internet used to be filled with huge nerds. Much of the earliest traffic on the Internet was in fact dedicated to…

Ice-T, CoCo Austin Step Out Together After Photo Scandal

Just days after a very public outburst over wife CoCo Austin's PDA-packed pictures with another man, Ice-T is ready to forgive, forget, and move on. On Monday, Dec. 10, the rapper and Law & Order actor, 54, reunited with his glamour model spouse,…

The Best Acoustic Ukulele Cover Of "Gangnam Style" By Two Delightful Teenage Girls

Just when I thought I never wanted to watch another interpretation of Psy again, along came the adorable Hope and Maggie. Also, watch for the black cat cameo!

Important News Update: Eagles Number One Woo

As the title mentions, KHQ sports anchor Sam Adams — no stranger to drunk people, I guess — got kissed on live television. But the most important thing you should take away from this video is that the Eagles are number one, and woo. EAGLES NUMBER…

Is This The Worst Basketball Shot Of The Year?

I haven't seen them all, so I can't say for sure. But it is about as bad as they come.

While You Were Watching Football, Baseball Went To Hell

This off-season, the proverbial hot stove is turning out some steaming hot trays of horrible trades.

Let The Samsung Galaxy S4 Speculation Begin!

Now that the year-end smartphone season is winding down, it’s time to start dreaming up the next wave of high-powered handsets.

Reflecting On 25 Years With Final Fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu From

For its silver anniversary, we look back on the RPG series' golden sounds.

Israel Keyes Suicide: Is He The Most Meticulous Serial Killer Of Modern Times?

On Sunday, serial killer Israel Keyes was eulogized in a small funeral ceremony attended by his mother, four sisters, and a flamboyant evangelical preacher who, in his sermon, asserted that Keyes was now “in a place of eternal torment.” Keyes…

Katie Holmes: Broadway Dreams Foundation Gala!

Katie Holmes steps out in style to support the Broadway Dreams Foundation’s Champagne And Caroling Gala held at Celsius on Monday (December 10) in New York City.

Probably Not The Worst Thing “Burrito Surprise” Could Mean, Honestly

I’m not going to lie to you: This is a news story that you are going to wish you did not watch, once you have watched it. That’s life. That’s basically every local news story. Either someone has died in a way that is profoundly depressing or someone…

Sheen Still Waiting On 'Thank You' From LiLo

(Newser) – When you've managed to get on Charlie Sheen's bad side, you know you've really hit bottom ... right, Lindsay Lohan? Sheen told Entertainment Tonight last night that LiLo never actually…

The 5 Most Mind-Blowing Military Operations Ever Kept Secret

What's that? You say the five craziest stories we've ever heard -- stories about shadow governments, sci-fi ice fortresses and nuclear obliteration -- are all from the Cold War? OK, we're listening ... for now.

The Many Faux-Tough Facial Expressions Of The Knicks-Nets Rivalry

If you want to cheer for one of these teams, better put on a New York scowl.

"What You Say During A Holiday Party, And What You Really Mean" By Susanna Wolff And Alex Watt

Simply roll over the images to see what you're really saying… Read "What You Say During a Holiday Party, and What You Really Mean" and more funny articles on CollegeHumor

Kate Hudson May Not Think Lea Michele Is A Bitch, But I Sure Do

Lea Michele may have convinced Kate Hudson that she's not a diva-bitch, but Kate Hudson didn't see Lea's behavior in my restaurant this summer, so...

Novak Djokovic Buys All The Donkey Cheese In The World

While you ponder what that might be a euphemism for, I'll just tell you that in actual fact tennis player Novak Djokovic has purchased the entire 2013 supply of cheese made from donkey milk. Only £800 per kilo.

Emily Maynard Emily Maynard Could Be 'The Bachelorette' ... Again (EXCLUSIVE & VIDEO)

As the saying goes, third time’s the charm – and that could be very true for Emily Maynard. After two failed engagements on The Bachelor franchise, the 26-year-old may just get her happy ending …

Kate Middleton Husband Of Royal Prank Call Nurse Victim Says He's 'Devastated With The Tragic Loss'

The husband of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who answered an Australian radio station’s prank call regarding Kate Middleton‘s pregnancy then took her own life, has opened up about his wife’s tragic suicide.

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Busts Out In Cleavage-Baring Top At Borgore Show (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus is channeling her inner wild child -- again. The 20-year-old busted out of her cleavage-baring crop top Saturday night in Los Angeles as she performed alongside Israeli DJ Borgore. Also …

The Chilliest Films Of All Time

The dark days of winter are upon us, providing the perfect excuse to curl up with a good movie at home. If you still want to channel the crisp outdoor temperatures and get into the spirit of the season, we’ve selected some of the chilliest movies…

Hilarious Vintage Celebrity Tintypes

Have you ever sat around wondering what Lil Wayne and Will Ferrell looked like in vintage duds? Of course you have. Celebrity Tintypes Tumblr creator Steve Dressler, whose work we learned about on Design You Trust, satisfies your need to see Hugh…

Wang Xueqi To Play Villain Dr. Wu In Marvel’s ‘Iron Man 3’

Veteran Chinese screen star Wang Xueqi has joined the cast of Marvel Studios' Iron Man 3. Wang will play Dr. Wu in the American-Chinese coproduction, which begins shooting in Beijing this week.

Australian DJs, Mel Greig And Michael Christian, Suspended After Royal Prank

Mel Greig and Michael Christian, the Australian radio show DJs whose prank call to a King Edward VII Hospital nurse led to her suicide, have been suspended from their broadcast and are reportedly emotionally "shattered."

'Amazing Race' Season 21 Winners Reveal How They'll Spend The $1 Million Prize

The "Fabulous Beekman Boys" won the only leg of The Amazing Race that mattered -- the last one. Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, goat farmers and life partners from Sharon Springs, N.Y., won the $1 million prize in CBS' reality competition. The duo were considered underdogs for most of the race, having never won a challenge and even coming…

Entitlement Cuts Loom As Obstacle To Fiscal Cliff Deal

That doesn’t mean Obama and Boehner will be able to prevent the country from toppling over the cliff. As a counterweight to a tax hike that is anathema to his members, Boehner needs to extract concessions from Democrats in the form of cuts to…

Frank Zappa, 1970 | Frank Zappa, Eric Clapton, Elton John, And More

John Olson on Frank Zappa: “Everyone had told me that Frank Zappa was going to be really difficult, and he couldn’t have been more professional,” Olson told

This Is Zoe’s Story (21 Photos) :

Before Zoe Lush was even born, there were signs of big trouble. Zoe's mother, Chelsea, got the news at her three month ultrasound. When the perinatologist gently pressed the wand down on Chelsea's belly, Zoe's soft skull curiously molded from a…

A Tyler Perry Academic Conference Applies Highbrow Criticism To A Lowbrow Empire

Sometimes the secret purpose of academic conferences, roundtables, and symposia seems to be to make whatever subject they’re covering more substantive than it actually is. That particularly applies to academic conferences devoted to seeming pop…

Obama Says Michigan Labor Battle About 'The Right To Work For Less Money'

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama weighed in on the contentious labor battle playing out in Michigan, condemning the Republican push to make Michigan a so-called "right-to-work" state as nothing more than a partisan maneuver that will hurt the…

Twitter Storm Around Peter Andre's Ailing Brother Andrew

While Peter Andre's family gather in London at the bedside of his ailing brother, the Twitter community has, once again, shown the best and worst of people.

Kathy Freston: A Vegan Diet (Hugely) Helpful Against Cancer

This makes sense when you consider the research done by Drs. Dean Ornish and Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn; they found that a vegan diet caused more than 500 genes to change in only three months, turning on genes that prevent disease and…

Anuncio De Desigual: Que Las Chicas Hablen De Sexo Sigue Dando Que Hablar (VÍDEOS)

Una chica que decide presentarle su novia a la familia, otra que piensa montarse un trío y otra que planea acostarse con su jefe mientras bailan y se visten frente a un espejo. Desigual, una de las empresas textiles españolas más exitosas, se…

Sex Texts Epidemic: Experts Warn Sharing Explicit Photos Is Corrupting Children

Children are now so sexualised the practice of 'sexting' has become ‘mundane and mainstream’. One girl told Channel 4 News: ‘I get asked for naked pictures at least two or three times a week.’

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Separate Morning Coffee Runs!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Separate Morning Coffee Runs!

Busy Philipps: Pregnant With Second Child!

Busy Philipps and her husband Marc Silverstein are expecting their second child, her rep confirms to

Wow, Motherhood Seems To Have Really Mellowed Out Megan Fox’s Bullsh%#t

After revealing this not-at-all self-serving fact about her pregnancy, Megan Fox is now sounding off about motherhood, because if her three months of experience with it have taught her anything, it’s that her son’s friends are totally going to jack…

Jacintha Saldanha’s Family Speaks — Kate Middleton Nurse Commits Suicide

Benedict Barboza has broken his silence and has released a statement regarding his wife Jacintha Saldanha’s death. DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian of Sydney’s 2Day FM station claimed to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles during a prank…

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Relationship — Believe Love Can Survive On Long Tour

The pop superstars, who reconciled after a brief split, are doing everything they can to make sure their relationship survives for the long haul — even throughout Justin’s extended tour...

Everyone Hates New University Of California Logo

(Newser) – When the University of California unveiled its new logo, it probably wasn't expecting students and alumni reacting by Photoshopping it onto pictures of toilets about to be flushed. But…

Concealed Weapons Now Legal In All 50 States

(Newser) – Gun-rights groups scored a major victory today: Illinois had been the last state where carrying concealed weapons was completely illegal, but a federal appeals court struck down that…

Frank Ocean, “Fake Plastic Trees”

Wow, you can really hear Frank Ocean entrancing the crowd with this version of Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees" that he played at the Ceder Lake Contemporary Ballet in New York City last week. When the video begins, people in the audience are…

Toronto Zoo Polar Bear Cubs Die After Being Born Underweight

TORONTO, Dec. 11 (UPI) -- Two polar bear cubs born in the Toronto zoo have died just days after their birth, though veterinarians don't know exactly why.

3 Dead After Oregon Mall Shooting

Dozens of shots were fired at the Clackamas Town Center near Portland on Tuesday afternoon, according to reports. The shooter is dead, officials say.

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