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December 24, 2012

The Sexiest Female Athletes Of 2012

Some athletes you fall in love with. Some you fall in lust with.

The Truth Befind Santa's Wild Booze And Sex-Filled Night

For the first time ever, Santa's actual trip is captured in photographs.

North Carolina Man Surprises Cancer-Battling Wife With White Christmas

"I’m just blessed to have her for another Christmas," Kevin Pearson told The Wilson Times.

2012: Biggest Surprises - Eat - Los Angeles

With the year almost over, we asked some of LA's top food and drink personalities about what they thought the biggest surprises of 2012 were. After they all got done talking about the Lakers sucking, they waxed poetically on everything from fast…

The 34 Hottest Trends Of 2012, As Presented By Cookies

This great year's story told in sugar, eggs, flour, and frosting.

Santa Visits Staten Island

Christmastime in the New York City borough still recovering from October's Superstorm Sandy.

Ronald Reagan's Idea Of A Christmas Gift Tops The Holiday Links

So do you stuff their stockings with lighters?

Make Your Own Holiday Card

Your family's great and all, but face it: the holidays would be way better if you could spend them with Beyoncé and Lil' Bub. Now you can — just upload a photo of yourself, your family, or your friends and play around!

The Literal Last-Minute Gift Guide

You're due at the tree in 60 seconds, and you've got nothing. Here are 11 cool delivery services that will save your life.

One Of The Most Famous Christmas Ads Ever Was Written By A Woman

Diane Rothschild, a Creative Hall of Fame copywriter, made it to the top of The Mad, Mad, Mad Men world.

40,000 People Sign White House Petition To Deport Piers Morgan

Gun rights activist send the message, "1st Amendment bad, 2nd Amendment good."

US Weather: White Christmas For Nearly Half Of Americans As Storm Rumbles Across Nation

Many Americans may be dreaming of a white Christmas, but it could turn into a travel nightmare for those looking to get out of town for the holidays.

The Shame Eraser: How To Delete Your Most Embarrassing Old Tweets In 3 Steps

NUKE THEM ALL. Developer Ben Jackson made us a tool that nukes some, or all, of your shameful old tweets.

Kurt Russell Is Santa Now

Because of the beard, ya know?

30 Things That Coco's Butt Did This Year

Coco's Butt had a busy year.

Floyd Mayweather Made $4.3 Million Betting On Sports In 2012

He could've lost plenty, too — but generally only publicizes his winning bets.

24 Totally Bizarre Decorated Toilets

Because looking at toilets on the internet is a perfectly acceptable way to spend Christmas Day.

2012: The Top 5 Fitness Gadgets

A judgy scale, a tech'd up wristband, and more

2012: Biggest Surprises - Drink

We beeped a bunch of notable food and drink honchos around town, and then they called us back and told us what they thought the biggest surprises of 2012 were, from the fact that kale is cool to the popularity of Brooklyn. Actually, those are kind…

A Depressed NFL Fan's Christmas List

This Chiefs fan is so sad, she can't even spell "Christmas" right.

17 Most Annoying Things About The Kardashians In 2012

Their show is still on and it's all your fault. If you hate them so much, why are you still watching?

What The Future Was Supposed To Be Like

This collection of expert futurist predictions from over 100 years ago gets some things wrong — very, very wrong. But what's more interesting is the things it gets right.

Hilarious New Google Search Ad Reminds You How Much You Hate Google Search

Watch a young man's frustrating online search for semi-skim milk play out in real life.

The Definitive Chart Of Movies You Can See With Your Family

What will entertain you without scaring kids or offending grandparents? A time-honored conundrum, solved.

2012: The Top 5 Drinking Tools

From mammorific coozies to secret fridges

Melissa Nelson: Judges Back Married Dentist Who Fired Aide He Said Was 'Irresistibly Attractive'

The all-male court ruled 7-0 bosses like dentist James Knight of Fort Dodge could sack employees like Melissa Nelson to avoid temptation because the firing was motivated by feelings and emotions rather than gender

Deport Piers Morgan Petition Reaching Goal // Current TV

Deport Piers Morgan Petition Reaching Goal Click here to sign petition:

The 19th Cat Of Christmas

This truly amazing cat is named Bert.

How The Government Deals With A Serial Farter

A Social Security Administration employee's daily fluffies were documented in a five-page official reprimand.

10 Classic Christmas Songs Written By Jewish Songwriters

Jews may not celebrate Christmas, but they can still get into the spirit.These songwriters practically wrote the soundtrack for the holiday season.

Hawaii Mourns The Loss Of U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye

Thousands of people came together in Hawaii -- at the Hawaii State Capitol on Saturday and at the Punchbowl National Cemetery of the Pacific on Sunday -- to say aloha to the Senator.

Senator Mike Crapo Apologizes For Drunk Driving Arrest

Holiday celebrations don't really begin until a politician is arrested and charged with DUI.

4505 Meats Butcher Shop - Eat - The Mission

Finally putting a much-less-questionable spin on "I picked this cow up in The Mish", 4505 Meats has opened its very own butcher shop, with converted chicken-basket-lighting, fresh & frozen cuts, and, of course, chicharones!!

Comic Book Vixens: Marvel Vs. DC

Everyone remembers the comic book series from 1996 where the two universes of superheroes challenged each other to a set of duels in which the losing universe would cease to exist and the winning universe would get to wear one of those heavyweight…

Rus Uz - Eat - Ballston - Thrillist Washington DC

Rus Uz serves Russian and Uzebeki food that's way more creative than their name would suggest, as an exec chef who had stints at the German, Uzbeki, and French embassies helps you mess up his white table cloths with:

Hi Hat Public House - Drink - Central East

In Austin, there's no hotter commodity than a skilled drummer. Then again, beer is also good, and food seems to be in pretty high demand. To satisfy our endless need for those, a guy who's been banging the drums for 20+ years has taken over the…

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