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December 11, 2012

Royal Hoax Call Nurse Jacintha Saldanha Left A Note For Her Family

Jacintha Saldanha had not told her husband or children that she was involved in the incident, meaning the letter may provide their only clue to what prompted the respected nurse to take such a drastic and tragic step.

Balloon Boy Is In A Really Weird Metal Band Now

Nine-year-old Falcon Heene, famous from the Balloon Boy hoax from 2009, is now in a political metal band with other middle schoolers.

Best Made - Own - Tribeca - Thrillist New York

Recalling a time when men were men, and women wanted to sleep with them strictly because they owned hyper-stylish axes, previously online-only Best Made just opened in this huge, dramatic space with a clothing rack full of said steel. Go in and grab…

Incredibly Talented Celebrity Photobomber

Everyone give a round of applause to this young lady for this set of awesome photobombs. Bravo!

The Secrets Of Santa School

It's a 30-day work year with a year-round commitment. "You can't see Santa over at Chili's smoking a cigarette, like a sloppy drunk."

Science Proves That Notre Dame Was The Luckiest Team In The Country

Well, our creative interpretation of science, at least. Undefeated Ohio State had some pretty good fortune as well.

Santa Lulls Fussy Newborn To Sleep In Shopping Mall And Other Links

A Santa at a Boise, Idaho mall helps quiet a newborn, by joining him for a nap.

"Fraggle Rock" Doozers Get Their Own Spin-Off

Just doin' things that Doozers do. In CGI.

Mariah Carey Has Sex To Her Own Music

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Why Some People Are Commitment-Phobes

People who avoid intimacy may have parents who failed to meet their emotional needs, according to new research.

Is Rachel Zoe's Clothing Line A Flop?

Saks is no longer carrying the line in stores — but this isn't necessarily the sign of failure everyone's making it out to be.

"Breaking Bad" In The Style Of "The Wire"

Two of the best dramas ever, mashed up into one incredibly miserable show about drug dealers.

50-Foot Rubber Duck Bobs Along The River Thames

The Tower Bridge was raised for this amazing float, a promotion for an online gaming company.

Baseball Card Vandals Is The Best New Tumblr

Old worthless baseball cards + a Sharpie = Hilarity.

2012 Wasn't That Great A Year For Women In Business

A big year for women in politics. But in business, the numbers barely budged.

Cats On Treadmills? Cats On Treadmills

If you couldn't tell by the title, somebody put together an ultimate supercut of cats on treadmills. Even one cat on one treadmill is super and ultimate.

51 DIY Ways To Throw The Best New Year's Party Ever

These sparkly, celestial decorations are so awesome, you'll want to leave them up all year. Feel free to cover every non-glittery idea here in glitter and confetti.

McKay Coppins Named BuzzFeed Political Editor

Reporter promoted to lead site’s acclaimed political coverage

22 Photos Of Brooklyn's Super-Fancy Latke Contest

Which do you think looks the best?

The 13th Cat Of Christmas

Oh, you thought we were finished at 12? Heeeeellll no. The cats of Christmas don't wait for nobody. Especially not this awesome cat of Christmas named Sebastian. (Thanks, Maggie!)

24 Bubbly Cocktails For Your New Years Party

Because everything's better with bubbles. Cheers!

"Star Wars" Female Fighter Pilots Cut From Final Films

The Rebel Alliance was an equal opportunity employer. Too bad the real men behind the movies weren't.

The Best Sports Memes Of 2012

The photogenic marathoner, the unimpressed gymnast, and other memes that made for a chuckle-filled 2012 in athletics.

Israeli Ambassador: Netanyahu "Went To Extraordinary Lengths" To Stay Out Of U.S. Election

He and the president have frequent phone chats, Oren says.

From Degrassi High To Manhattan: Jake Epstein Dons The Spidey Suit

The Canadian actor best known for playing lovable bipolar rocker Craig on Degrassi is now web-slinging as the titular hero in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

Jemima Kirke - Top 99 Women Of 2013

Sometimes it all starts with an accent and an attitude. At least that’s certainly the case with Jemima Kirke, the British-born, New York City-raised actress who plays Jessa, the sexual extrovert on HBO’s much-talked-about series Girls, so…

Updated "Twas The Night Before Christmas" Removes Smoking Santa

The new version features a new, smokeless, cover and removes all mentions of Santa's pipe.

"Zero Dark Thirty" Filmmakers Keep Breakup Quiet In Oscar Campaign

One thing has not been mentioned in Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal's Zero Dark Thirty media blitz: They've broken up. Will it hurt the movie's Oscar chances?

The Spice Girls Reunite At The Opening Of The Spice Girls Musical, "Viva Forever"

The gang's all here — except for Posh Spice, who showed up late. Of course she did.

The Twelfth Cat Of Christmas

And on the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a kitty with a reindeer antler hattttt.

Naomie Harris - Top 99 Women Of 2013

After being a zombie slasher, a pirate mystic and now a Bond girl, Naomie Harris has proven herself to be the epitome of the sexy badass chick archetype. As the gun-toting, MI5 field agent Eve in the recent blockbuster Skyfall, Naomie brought her…

George Romney Opposed "Right To Work" Laws

And yet, the Michigan right-to-work law will be signed in the Romney building.

Mexican-American Superstar Jenni Rivera Killed In Plane Crash

The 43-year-old singer is believed to be dead after her plane went down in Mexico

Imagine Seeing This As You're Driving On The Interstate

Because one person actually did. From a reported gas line fire in Sissonville, West Virginia.

The 45 Most Important Lessons We Learned In 2012

2012 was inarguably the most important year in human history. Here's what we've learned.

A Skateboarding Video Filmed By Drones

They're not just for war! A hobby drone pulls off shots that used to be impossible outside of a Hollywood production.

"The Walking Dead" As An Animated Series

Live-action or cartoon, you know Carl's still not going to stay in the house.

Researchers Find More Graves At Closed Fla. Reform School

TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 11 (UPI) -- Nineteen more graves have been found at a Florida reform school where one former inmate said "the devil was hiding behind every tree," scientists said Monday.

Big Boi Dubs Martha Stewart "Macaroni Martha"

"May I touch your bling bling?" —Martha, probably

Conservatives Are Already Fund-Raising Off Hillary 2016

The PAC ActRight, which is run by National Organization for Marriage chief Brian Brown, thinks it's time to start the campaign against Hillary Clinton. "The time to start planning for the defeat of Hillary Clinton is right now."

Kristen Chenoweth Is Honey Boo Boo

Or at least she was last night at the Country Music Awards!

28 Gifts Online Retailers Think Are "For Him" Or "For Her"

Books about presidents are for men, wine stoppers shaped like high heels are for women — at least according to a look through top retailers' "For Him" and "For Her" gift sections.

8 Visions From Our Robot Future

Check out some of the robot technology that will soon be a part of our lives! The future is soon.

Tennis Player Caroline Wozniacki Accused Of 'Racist' Impersonation Of Serena Williams By Stuffing Bra And Pants

The 22-year-old Dane stuffed courtside towels down her kit to mimic the voluptuous figure of Williams during her exhibition match against Maria Sharapova in Sao Paulo.

18 Trends That Died In 2012

A new year is upon us, meaning it's time to find NEW ways to be ironically fashionable. Update your closet with this handy trend guide.

The Ikea Monkey Has Always Been Fashionable

The shearling coat we saw on Darwin, everybody's favorite monkey-that-loves-build-it-yourself-furniture, was actually just one of the many stylish things he has worn.

Hackers Spell Out 'KJU GAS CHAMBERS' In Time's Person Of The Year Poll

Just a week after 4chan users voted North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to the top of Time magazine's Person of the Year poll, a group of hackers related to 4chan managed to spell out "KJU GAS CHAMBERS" with the poll's top 14 names -- starting with…

51 Of The Nerdiest Gifts For The Holidays

For all the nerds in your life. Separated in categories. You're welcome.

23 Best Food Videos The Internet Gave Us In 2012

Stop whatever you're trying to do. It's time to relive the year's best rap song about Hot Cheetos.

Michigan Passes Controversial Labor Bill As Thousands Protest

The proposed right-to-work law will prohibit unions from requiring public employees to join and pay dues. The bill, which still needs Gov. Rick Snyder's signature, was approved by lawmakers 58-51 Tuesday. All of these photos were taken today at the Capitol Building in Lansing.

Listen To Avril Lavigne's Nickelback Cover At Your Own Risk

This is it, people: This is the moment no one's been waiting for.

The World’s Simplest Dating App

Tinder's creators call it "an intelligent solution to today's dating woes." But this super-simple dating app shows that simplicity has its limits.

Glenn Beck Turns Joe Scarborough's Attack On Him Into An Ad For FreedomWorks

While listening to the Glenn Beck radio program, sometimes it's hard to tell if you're hearing a news segment or the most sophisticated form of product placement known to man.

44 Wonderful Things About Music In 2012

Frank Ocean! Jack White! Skrillex! Britney on X Factor! Lana Del Rey! AND SO MUCH MORE!

Tom Cruise Talks About Christmas With Suri And Kids

The star was all smiles during his first exchange with reporters since his summer split with Katie Holmes

Win A Thrillist-Ified Trip To The AVN Awards

So. The Adult Video News Awards are coming to Vegas this January, and the fine folks at AVN have decided to hook up one lucky Thrillist reader with a pretty sweet package that includes a free flight, hotel, and passes to all things AVN. But because…

Bet You Can't Guess What Kind Of Music Retta Listens To In Her Car

Just another reason why Retta is all kinds of great.

45 Things I Learned On Washington's First Day With Gay Marriage

A culmination of everything that happened in Seattle on Sunday. Onward to Maryland and Maine!

Patient Dog Waits While His Best Friend Plays In A Puddle

A true friend hangs out and doesn't stress if you need to take a break to jump in a puddle. Write that down.

6 Pictures Of Women Training For The Afghan National Police Force

Women currently make up only 9% of Afghan police recruits, and many male officers say working alongside them makes them uncomfortable. That hasn't stopped women from joining, though.

Anne Hathaway Accidentally Flashes Her Vagina [NSFW]

You would think that she would WEAR UNDERWEAR to her big premiere of the year — what is this, 2007 all over again?

Tennis Pro Imitates Serena Williams With Stuffed Boobs And Butt

Caroline Wozniacki says she was having fun, but the Dane has been accused of racism for mocking her friend's curvy figure.

Fighting A Tiny Referee: How Not To Look Tough In The NBA

Toronto's Amir Johnson is such a tough dude.

Harry Styles Did The "Dirty Dancing" Lift With Taylor Swift

But not as well as others have done it before them.

33 Living Rooms That Will Make You Instantly Jealous

If this is what your house looks like, I hate you.

A Chronology Of Anna Kendrick Being Awesome

Anna Kendrick has been killing it since long before you knew who Anna Kendrick was. Here's a brief history of her greatness.

Christie's First Democratic Challenger Announces Her Candidacy

And it isn't Cory Booker. State Senator Barbara Buono, a progressive candidate, says she's filed her papers to run for New Jersey governor.

Here's Some Jon Hamm, Will Ferrell And Adam Scott Doing Stuff On A Stage

The three were part of the We Hate Hurricanes Comedy Benefit. Not completely sure what's happening here, but I'm sure it was awesome.

Fiona Apple, Artist Of The Year

The Idler Wheel... is startlingly honest, artistically bold, and undeniably the best album of 2012. It's also one of the most gratifying success stories in music.

James Franco Made A Music Video Using His Childhood Home Movies As Footage

With a quick glimpse of awkward teenage Franco!

See What You Tweeted About This Year

Twitter's year-end review has a killer feature: You can get a bird's-eye view of your year in tweets. There's just one catch.

Thousands Rally In Michigan Over Labor Measure Tops The Morning Links

If Governor Rick Snyder signs bill today, Michigan will become the 24th right-to-work state.

Santa Swims With Sardines In South Korea

Approximately 30 percent of the population of South Korea celebrates Christmas, and they celebrate awesomely.

The Charlie Brown School Of Dance

Note to consumers: You will not learn to dance the Charlie Brown. Linus Van Pelt III wants to help you overcome your fear of dancing.

19 Dogs Who Are Worried About The Apocalypse

They aren't buying that leap year thing.

Frank Ocean Sings Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees"

Congrats to Frank for making the line "if I could be who you wanted all the time" even more heartbreaking.

What Tom Hardy Wore To The London Premiere Of "Jack Reacher"

I know it's a Tom Cruise movie but you can do better, Tom!

Republicans Look To Break Their Fox Addiction

"Fox is great, but those viewers already agree with us," says Appell. Post-election talk of "outreach to the MSM community."

15 Beautiful Places That Will Disappear By 2050

Book a plane ticket to as many of these gems as you can before it's too late, but do not buy real estate.

First Look: "The Americans" On FX

Here's an exclusive teaser of the new Cold War thriller TV series, which stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys as Soviet spies living double lives. And some thoughts about this exciting, smart show!

The Patriots Have Given Us Two Tremendous Celebration GIFs

Aaron Hernandez is running wild in the first half of Monday Night Football against the Houston Texans, and he's celebrating accordingly.

The Broken Shaker - Drink - Miami Beach

After four months of pouring deliciously inventive cocktails from an unpretentious beach spot, The Broken Shaker shut its doors, and Miamians filled their $16 vodka sodas with tears. But wait! Turns out it was just so they could overhaul the…

George Will Says Gay Marriage Opposition Is 'Literally' Dying [VIDEO]

In an appearance on ABC News' "This Week," George Will says opposition to gay marriage is "quite literally" dying off with older Americans.

Cory Booker Senate Run "More Real Option Than People Realize"

If the mayor of Newark opts out of the governor's race next year, it's because he wants to win in 2014. "It's an easier path."

Shannen Doherty Calls 911 For Suicidal Fan

The actress called 911 to report that one of her Twitter followers was threatening to shoot herself

Flat Iron - Eat - Soho - Thrillist London

Charging just a portrait of Darwin for its meat, Flat Iron has evolved from a simple popup to a full-on resto. Retaining the same, signature tender & underused cow-cut and way cheap price, the Soho digs are appropriately hard-hewn, scattered with…

A&D Neighborhood Bar - Drink - Mount Vernon Sq.

The folks behind Sundevich & Seasonal Pantry have officially taken over their entire block with A&D, a neighborhood bar in a former gallery, where you can now commission works of art...ery-clogging bacon-filled fatness and "dirty juice" cocktails.

Edzo's Burger Shop - Eat - Lincoln Park

Proving Evanston can export more than just self-absorbed journalists and slightly above-average football teams, Edzo's is giving Chicagoans one less reason to take the Purple Line north, now that it's taken its burger craftsmanship and '70s greasy…

OVO Watch Co. - Own

Launched by a couple dudes who wanted tourbillons but didn't feel like dropping a carload of cash on a timepiece, OVO Watch Co. peddles dressed up wrist-tickers with Japanese (and soon Swiss) movement at "a radical price point", beginning with the…

Public School 310 - Drink - Culver City

Classing up the old Fraiche spot, Public School 310's a gastropub sister to the similarly named happy hour bar (Public School 612) with 70% more dishes and a totally on-theme look full of microscopes, math problems, and books.

Walmart Security Guard Shoots 'Shoplifting' Mother Dead In Parking Lot As She Tries To Escape With Two Young Children

Shelly Frey, (pictured) a 27-year-old mother of two has been fatally shot by an off-duty sheriff's deputy after he suspected her of shoplifting at a Houston Walmart.

Speed-Dating With Barack Obama

With the election over, here are The Guardian's Ana Marie Cox and Huffington Post political reporter Jason Linkins to sift through the latest photos from the White House's Flickr feed and help us anticipate what the Obama second term might have in…

Blue, Katniss Top Nameberry's List Of 'Most Outrageous Baby Names'

That said, this year’s most popular names aren’t in yet, but that isn’t stopping the fine folks at Nameberry from taking on the “Most Outrageous Baby Names of 2012”, with the big winner going to “Blue”, as in Blue Ivey Carter, the daughter of Jay Z…

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