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December 2, 2012

Psychopaths, 'Dark' Personalities Better At Making Themselves Look Attractive, Study Suggests

If you just can't ever get your hair to look right, take heart: At least you're less likely to be a psychopath.

What Were The Most Popular Songs Of 2012?

This past week, Spotify released a list of the most popular songs of 2012 — or at least the most popular songs on the streaming music service. In a semi-surprising upset, Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” beat out the much-parodied “Call Me…

Lion Cub Hates The Pope


Crow Feeds A Cat And A Dog

Guys, they're all working together. Our time is nigh.

Girls: Season Two | Coming Distractions

New year, same sort-of-problems.

Mark Sanchez Had A No Good, Very Bad Day

Three interceptions. 97 yards. 0 points. Come along with us on a ride around the carousel of Mark Sanchez's life.

The Playlist: November 30, 2012

T.I. brings out Andre 3000, Wiz Khalifa gets sexy and Paris Hilton hooks up with Lil' Wayne (yes, really).

Snooki News - Snooki Flaunts 'Sexual' Fashion Sense On Instagram

The Jersey Shore star recently took to her Twitter to show off her fit post-baby body with a little online fashion show. Opening up her closet to her 6 million followers, the 24-year-old slipped showed off her funky style by slipping into a pair of…

Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee After Police Motorbike Chase (REPORT) (VIDEO)

After allegedly leading police on a wild goose chase through the streets of Sacramento, Calif., comedian Katt Williams reportedly walked into a Target and "slapped" an employee in the face.

Tim Duncan And Tony Parker Pose With Guns Pointed At "NBA Ref Joey Crawford"

Wow. This photo from Halloween shows the Spurs stars pointing toy guns at someone dressed as NBA ref Joey Crawford. There's not much love lost between the Spurs and Crawford, but this is still shocking. Countdown to an epic fine...

A Cleveland Browns Employee Hanged Himself In The Team's Facility

Groundskeeper Eric Eucker's body was found Saturday morning — the same day of the Kansas City Chiefs' tragic murder-suicide.

Hostess Bonuses Are 'Half-Baked'

When news first broke that the maker of Twinkies was going out of business, too many people assumed it was the same old story — union workers demanding exorbitant wages in an era when belt-tightening is necessary. So let’s take a look at what the…

Mitt Romney Orders Boston Market For Thanksgiving, Paper Reveals

Ever since conceding to President Obama in the early-morning hours of November 7, Mitt Romney has kept a low public profile. After blaming his election loss on Obama's "gifts" to minorities in a phone call to donors--comments that drew criticism…

Hayden Panettiere In Nashville Car Crash -- Accused Of Blowing Red Light

Hayden Panettiere was involved in a BMW vs. Geo Prism car crash in Tennessee earlier this month ... TMZ has learned ... and a witness told cops it all…

How The Kansas City Chiefs, And NFL, Are Coping With Tragedy

On Saturday Javon Belcher, a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, shot and killed his girlfriend, according to police, before committing suicide in a parking lot at the Chiefs’ training facility. He shot himself in front of Chiefs coach Romeo…

Chris Brown Boasts About His Twitter Maturity

The hot-headed singer claimed he had learned to control his Twitter rage -- but he's already proved himself wrong!

The Bachelorette's Ashley Hebert And J.P. Rosenbaum Are Married!

The Bachelorette's Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum said "I do" today! The two were married in an outdoor ceremony in Pasadena, California, Us Weekly confirmed. And ABC cameras caught the party for a wedding special that will air on December 16, so…

Love Letter Displayed At Wedding 22 Years Later (PHOTOS)

When Cathy Knorr and Trevor Webb tied the knot, their relationship came full circle -- and they had a middle school love letter to prove it. At their October wedding, the couple, who met during sixth grade in 1990, displayed a letter Webb wrote to…

Facebook "Likes," Skype Used To Build FBI Case Against California Terrorism Suspects.

Earlier this month, the FBI’s Los Angeles field office revealed it had charged four men over alleged involvement in an al-Qaeda inspired terror cell based in and around California. Since 2010, the men had, according to the feds, been plotting ways…

Lea Michele Has Visible Cover-Up On Her Chest

The Glee star rocked the red carpet with an obvious blob of concealer on her chest

Rust And Bone, Starring Marion Cotillard, Reviewed.

Rust and Bone (Sony Classics), a gritty, transporting romance from the French director and writer who brought us the shattering 2009 prison drama A Prophet (Jacques Audiard and Thomas Bidegain), performs a curious act of alchemy on what sounds on…

Justin Bieber ‘Believe 3D’ Movie Being Filmed? — Shirtless Scenes Please

It appears as though Justin Bieber’s Believe tour will be turned into a 3D movie, which will be released sometime in 2013! Earlier today, Dec. 1, a photo leaked on Twitter, featuring a sign outside Justin’s concert claiming that “Believe 3D Movie…

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart At Griffith Park — Actors Walk Their Dogs

Following a long promotional tour for ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2,’ Rob and Kristen are enjoying quality time together with their dogs! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson live just minutes...

Behind The Scenes At Hotels: Jacob Tomsky’s Heads In Beds, Reviewed.

The novel sensation that unites any trip—business or pleasure—is how quickly the hotel becomes home. You swipe your keycard, flop face down on the bed, root around the minibar for snacks you won’t eat, and assess the shampoo situation. Within…

Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee IN THE FACE [VIDEO]

What did the 5 fingers say to the face? Ask the guy who got PIMP SLAPPED by Katt Williams.Katt wasn't done after leading cops on a crazy three-wheeled…

Man Killed Father In Bow-And-Arrow Attack

(AP) – Police released more details today of a grisly murder-suicide at a Wyoming community college, saying a man shot his father in the head with a bow and arrow in front of a computer…

Smoky Eye How-To - Holiday Party Makeup Ideas

MAC senior artist, Romero Jennings, was on hand to give his tips on achieving the perfect (and easy) smoky eye.

What Men Really Want In Bed

When it comes to sex, you can get an “A” for effort. Guys want to be with someone who’s actually into sex and not doing it as a favor or just going through the motions. “There is nothing more seductive than an enthusias

Facebook Removes 'Woman Cut In Half' Photo Because It Is Too Demeaning (PHOTO)

Facebook has been buckling down on its patrolling duties, first removing a photo of a woman whose elbow resembled a breast, and then deleting a photo of a digitally sliced woman showing her breasts and butt.

Kasandra Perkins, Jovan Belcher's Girlfriend, Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide

The horrific series of events that culminated with Jovan Belcher shooting himself at the Kansas City Chiefs' facility in view of the team's general manager and coach on Saturday began when the 25-year-old linebacker fatally shot Kasandra M. Perkins…

Baby English Bulldog Puppy Takes A Nap

The cutest of naps that ever napped.

Kim Kardashian Bahrain Visit: Protests Flare After Reality Star's Appearance

MANAMA, Bahrain — Just hours after reality TV star Kim Kardashian gushed about her impressions of Bahrain, riot police fired tear gas to disperse more than 50 hardline Islamic protesters denouncing her presence in the Gulf kingdom. The clashes took…

Nice Try: 25 Attempts To Get Away With It (PHOTOS)

When your back is against the wall, it's either try something that has no chance of succeeding or give up. And giving up is for losers. Forgot to get your homework signed? You can write. Really don't want to do those dishes? You've got a printer.…

Kelly Monaco, Val Chmerkovskiy Step Out Arm In Arm In NYC Amid Romance Rumors

"Listen, I hope everybody can have friendships like this," Monaco said. "I mean, this is what it is. It's a foundation of an amazing friendship. I know you're laughing, but it's true!"

Mindy Kaling And Reese Witherspoon Had A Lunch Date, Are Totally BFFs Now

They're talking about chick flicks in these pictures, right?

Mario Lopez News - Mario Lopez Marries Courtney Mazza In Mexico

Mario Lopez is officially off the market! The 39-year-old said “I do” to longtime love Courtney Mazza, 31, on Saturday in Punta Minta, Mexico, a TLC spokesperson confirms to Celebuzz. The co …

Jeremy Simmonds: The 7 Most Bizarre Rock Star Deaths

So, don't you go blaming the storyteller. If legendary DJ Alan Freed is going to tell us to "live fast, die young and have a good looking corpse," then expect us to come along for the ride - or, at least, watch open-mouthed from the sidewalk as the…

North Korea: We've Found A Unicorn Lair

(Newser) – North Korea not only has a sexy leader—it also lays claim to a bona fide unicorn lair, the Daily Mail reports. The very serious-sounding History Institute of the DPRK Academy of Social…

Sava Savanovic, Vampire, May Be On The Loose In Serbia, Council Says In Public Health Warning

The lore of vampires may make for a tantalizing tale, but for locals in a tiny Serbian village, the threat of a vampire on the loose is all too real.

Bizarre Manipulated Portraits Of Adults As Little Children

Inspired by the belief that lurking inside each of us there’s “a young core, instinctive, creative, but also innocent and naïve,” L’ Enfant Extérieur (The Outer Child) is a collaborative project by Paris-based retoucher Cristian Girotto and…

Walmart's New Health Care Policy Shifts Burden To Medicaid, Obamacare

Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, plans to begin denying health insurance to newly hired employees who work fewer than 30 hours a week, according to a copy of the company’s policy obtained by The Huffington Post. Under the policy,…

Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris Engaged Again

Sounds like these exes are giving their love another shot.

Twitter Is A Machine For Continual Self-reinvention

There's no memory at Twitter: everything is fleeting. Though that concept may seem daunting to some (archivists, I feel your pain), it also means the content in my feed is an endless stream of new information, either comments on what is happening…

Rihanna News - Rihanna Embraces Her 'Baby' Chris Brown, Poses With Giant...Joint? (PHOTOS)

The couple have yet to confirm they’ve rekindled their romance, but one photo posted to Rihanna’s Instagram insists the pair is actually closer than fans previously speculated. “I dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!” Rihanna tweeted,…

Miley Cyrus News - Miley Cyrus Could Replace Angus T. Jones On 'Two And A Half Men,' Says Production Insider (EXCLUSIVE & VIDEO)

Sources from the set of the top-rated CBS sitcom tell Celebuzz exclusively that Miley Cyrus is being eyed as a potential replacement for Angus T. Jones after the actor openly called the show “filth” on YouTube.

Robert Pattinson News - Robert Pattinson Doesn't Listen To One Direction, Says He 'Loves' Westlife Instead

Robert Pattinson may not look like much of a pop music fan, but it turns out the Twilight hunk does have a preference when it comes to his favorite British boy band. "Westlife, definitely," he told …

Angus T Jones News - Angus T. Jones: Five Ways 'Two And A Half Men' Could Write The Badmouthing Star Off The Show (VIDEO)

In his now-infamous YouTube video, Angus T. Jones said he didn’t want to be on CBS’ Two and a Half Men anymore because the religiously-minded actor thinks the show is “filth” — and he may yet get his wish.

Best Of The Best November 2012 - Miami

to find the best new spots to eat, drink and shop in your 'hood each day. Plus, get exclusive weekly hookups from Thrillist Rewards. New to Thrillist? Sign Up Already a member? Log In thrillist Nation Atlanta Atlantic City Austin Boston Chicago Dallas Denver Detroit Hamptons Las Vegas London Los Angeles Miami Minneapolis New York Philadelphia Portland San Diego San Francisco Seattle Washington DC Nation Feed My Thrillist Popular Topics: Bars Food Sex + Dating Home + Gadgets Money Sports Style Cars Travel Music Entertainment Best of the Best November 2012

Best Of The Best - Cars

If your Movember 'stache was anywhere near as awesome as you, you probably couldn't even see past it to read your daily dose of Thrillist Nation all month. But don't worry your hairy upper lip, because we rounded up the 10 best things you might've…

Best Of The Best November 2012 - Washington DC

to find the best new spots to eat, drink and shop in your 'hood each day. Plus, get exclusive weekly hookups from Thrillist Rewards. New to Thrillist? Sign Up Already a member? Log In thrillist Nation Atlanta Atlantic City Austin Boston Chicago Dallas Denver Detroit Hamptons Las Vegas London Los Angeles Miami Minneapolis New York Philadelphia Portland San Diego San Francisco Seattle Washington DC Nation Feed My Thrillist Popular Topics: Bars Food Sex + Dating Home + Gadgets Money Sports Style Cars Travel Music Entertainment Best of the Best November 2012

The Best Holiday Episodes Of Our Favorite ’90s TV Shows

Just as the ’90s loved velvet, chunky sweaters, and all-around winter wear, the ’90s also loved holiday-themed TV episodes. Seriously, though — there a lot of ‘em. Have we seen every single one? Of course not. How could we watch all that TV when we…

In Praise Of Liz Lemon’s Wedding

Last night’s episode, which found Liz finally surrendering to the bonds of matrimony, confirmed the opinion I’ve held for a while: All of the writers above are partially correct, because there are two Liz Lemons. There’s the pathetic,…

Your Favorite Superheroes Sporting Awesome Moustaches

Yesterday, as you may know, was the last day of Movember, so this morning dudes everywhere will finally be giving their faces a well-deserved shave. But wait! How did your favorite superheroes (and Yoda, just because) do this month? Wes Montgomery…

'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Director James Gunn Apologizes For Controversial Jokes

James Gunn, director of Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy, has broken his silence over several blog posts he'd written in 2011, currently the source of much Internet debate for their explicit language and depiction of women, gays and lesbians.

'Scandal' Who Shot Fitz? Dan Bucatinsky On James' Investigation And Taking On The White House

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's "Defiance" episode of Scandal.] Cyrus' eager husband James opened the door into a dangerous world Thursday on ABC's Scandal when at President Fitzgerald Grant's birthday dinner, the hungry White House reporter connected Defiance, Ohio, with intelligence David sent his way about…

Box Office Report: Brad Pitt's 'Killing Them Softly' Flops With Viewers

Brad Pitt's Killing Them Softly opened nationwide to a soft $2.5 million, coming in No. 6 and earning a rare F CinemaScore. Directed by Andrew Dominik, the violent crime drama becomes only the eighth movie ever to receive the failing grade, and the third this year after horror pics The Devil Inside and Silent House. Killing Them Softly likely will open to $7 million, a disappointing number even though the movie cost only $15 million to produce.

'Grey's Anatomy' Spoilers: Sara Ramirez Previews Arizona's Return To Seattle Grace

Arizona's road to recovery following the amputation of her left leg has been a rough one on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, but the process received a jump start when Bailey baited her back to Seattle Grace to help with a case.

'Grey's Anatomy' Spoilers: Sarah Drew And Jesse Williams Talk April And Jackson's Future

[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursday's "I Was Made for Lovin' You" episode of Grey's Anatomy.] While Meredith and Derek celebrated happy news, April and Jackson -- as well as Cristina and Owen -- each suffered major hurdles in their respective relationships during Thursday's Grey's Anatomy.

Polar Ice Sheets In Greenland And Antarctica Are Melting Faster Than We Feared

The problem is that scientists have struggled to nail down just how quickly the polar ice sheets are melting. There have been more than 30 different estimates of sea level contributing due to polar ice sheet melting made since 1989. But in a new…

U.N. Recognition Of Palestine: What Does It Mean For The Peace Process?

The Gaza cease-fire and the U.N. vote don’t offer an alternative roadmap to Israeli-Palestinian coexistence, as much as they lay to rest the peace process as we’ve known it. “There is no clear path forward for international diplomacy, but it is…

OMG! First Use Of Abbreviation Found In A 1917 Letter To Winston Churchill

John Fisher, known as “Jacky,” was an admiral and naval innovator who served as head of the British Navy during World War I, but resigned his post in 1915 after a falling out with Churchill over the disastrous Gallipoli campaign. While his naval…

The Other Side Of Warren Buffett’s Common Sense Tax Argument

Over the years, Warren Buffett has gotten a lot of miles out of his folksy charm and ability to distill elaborate financial concepts into plain English. And recently, proponents of higher tax rates for the wealthy have gotten a lot of miles out of…

Maria Bamford: The Special Special Special

Comedy for two: Mom and Dad.

'Beasts Of The Southern Wild': Quvenzhané Wallis Gets Into Character In New Clip (VIDEO)

Quvenzhané Wallis was a mere 5 years old when she was among 4,000 girls who auditioned for the role of Hushpuppy in Behn Zeitlin's "Beasts of the Southern Wild." Now 9, Wallis is on the short list of potential Best Actress nominees, an honor which…

Powerball Winner Allegedly Filmed On CCTV At Maryland Gas Station (VIDEO)

Footage from a Maryland gas station security camera allegedly captures the moment a man discovered he had a winning ticket in Wednesday's $587 million Powerball jackpot, NBC News reports.

Nancy Pelosi Threatens Discharge Petition To Break Fiscal Cliff Stalemate

WASHINGTON -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi offered her own way to break the apparent stalemate over the so-called fiscal cliff -- by taking matters out of House Speaker John Boehner's hands. She pointed out Friday that the Senate already…

Stephanie Cutter: We Never Understood Why Romney Campaign Didn't Push Back On Bain Attacks

WASHINGTON -- Stephanie Cutter still doesn't understand why Mitt Romney's campaign did not more forcefully defend its candidate's business experience.

June Cohen: What Can We Learn From Near-Death Choices

Few of us come face-to-face with death in such a clear and present way as Ric Elias, who was on board Flight 1549 when it crash-landed on New York's Hudson River four years ago. Ric (the CEO of Red Ventures) and everyone on board, expected to die on…

Photos Seins Nus: Miss Corse éliminée De Miss France?

DIVERTISSEMENT - Comme chaque année désormais, l'élection de Miss France nous offre son petit scandale à base de photos dénudées. Pour ce cru 2013, c'est Louise Robert, représentant la Corse, qui voit sa participation menacée le 8 décembre prochain…

Raúl Fernández Jódar: Nunca Hablaremos Inglés

Mariano Rajoy sabe que hablar inglés "is very difficult". Pero es que los españoles nunca nos hemos caracterizado por nuestra facilidad a la hora de aprender idiomas. ¿Por qué será? ¿Tenemos acaso una incapacidad genética que nos lo impide? Desde…

Carly Rae Jepsen And Other Celebrities Who Look Younger Than They Are

One of the most surprising takeaways from Carly Rae Jepsen's recent interview with Cosmo was her age: 27.

Eric Hartsburg Plans To Remove Tattoo Of Romney On Face

WATCH ERIC HARTSBURG DISCUSS HIS ROMNEY TATTOO ON HUFFPOST LIVE. The indignities of losing a presidential race don't stop on election night.

Halle Berry House For Sale After Thanksgiving Brawl Between Fiance & Ex-Boyfriend

Halle Berry's Hollywood Hills home is reportedly on the market, and news of the quiet listing broke less than a week after her fiance Olivier Martinez beat ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry to a bloody pulp outside the home's front door.

Celebrity Marriages That Didn't Last: 15 Signs These Relationships Were Doomed

"Till death do us part ... or something" should be Hollywood's new mantra when it comes to marriages. And while half of marriages in the United States already end in divorce, that number seems like a cruel underestimate when it comes to those who…

Supermassive Black Hole In NGC 1277 Galaxy Among Biggest Discovered

A supermassive black hole discovered by University of Texas researchers ranks among the largest ever observed. The enormous black hole is located in NGC 1277, a small, lenticular galaxy 250 million light years from Earth in the constellation…

Kristen Stewart's Bra Revealed In See-Through Top At Variety Studio

Kristen Stewart played a game of adult peek-a-boo when she arrived at a press event in a see-through top and black bra.

Typing Replaces Handwriting: Philip Hensher’s The Missing Ink, Reviewed.

The answer is less obvious than you might think. Sure, you are familiar with your own scrawled to-do lists, or the brief missives you leave on the kitchen counter for houseguests or your spouse. Perhaps you take notes by hand in meetings (though if…

Salma Hayek Squeezes Into Skin-tight Pink Gown As She Walks The Red Carpet At Film Festival

She's considered to be one of the most attractive women in the world.

Jennifer Lawrence & Shirtless Josh Hutcherson

Jennifer Lawrence and a shirtless Josh Hutcherson take a break on the set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Thursday (November 29) in Hawaii.

Duchess Kate: St. Andrew’s School Visit!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) pays a visit to her former school, St. Andrew’s School, on Friday (November 30) in Berkshire, England.

Jef Holm & Emily Maynard’s Twitter War — ‘Out Of Control’

Jef and Emily’s roller-coaster of a relationship continues, as Jef threatens Emily when she unfollows him on Twitter. Oh, and Jef is officially single, and ‘staying single’. Read ...

Jean Claude Van Damme's Video Tribute To George St. Pierre

What’s this? Oh, just Jean-Claude Van Damme helping Georges St. Pierre stretch out his groin muscles. What? Don’t look at me like that, that’s just what bros do, we help each other. What else do bros do? Well, according to Jean-Claude Van Damme,…

Mario Lopez Wedding: Fiancee Courtney Mazza Is "No Bridezilla"

Still, Lopez tells Us "she's the quarterback" when planning the wedding, set for this weekend

Halle Berry's Daughter Nahla Being "Used As A Pawn" In Battle

"It's her I feel sorry for," a confidante says of the 4-year-old at the center of the custody dispute that sparked the violent brawl

Rihanna Straddles, Hugs Chris Brown In New Instagram Picture

"I don't wanna leave! Killed it tonight baby!" Rihanna wrote as the caption. In the sexy snapshot, the Unapologetic singer straddles Brown, 23, while giving him a bear hug. Though both their faces were hidden from the camera, Rihanna flaunted her…

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