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    Posted on Dec 11, 2012

    24 Bubbly Cocktails For Your New Years Party

    Because everything's better with bubbles. Cheers!

    1. Oscar Buzz Cocktail

    2. French 75

    THE iconic champagne cocktail. Perfect in every way. Recipe at Bon Appétit.

    3. Black Velvet Cocktail

    50% Guinness, 50% champagne, 100% YOLO.

    4. Cherry Temple

    This one's cute but it ain't for kids. Recipe at Effortless Chic.

    5. Basil Vodka Fizz

    6. Pink Champagne Punch

    Dead simple (use bottled pomegranate juice) and very festive. Recipe at Gourmet.

    7. Champagne Mint Mojito

    You don't have to use pink champagne, but all the cool kids are doing it. Just saying. Recipe at Be Filled Up.

    8. Champagne Cocktail

    Angostura bitters make a simple, old-fashioned, and super-classy drink. Recipe at The Kitchn.

    9. Ruby Champagne Cocktail

    Grapefruit may be controversial, but I think we can all agree that it plays nice with booze. Recipe at Bon Appétit.

    10. Kir Royale

    This uses crème de cassis, which sounds fancy, but it's just currant-flavored liqueur. And look, it makes such a pretty color! Recipe at Martha Stewart.

    11. Elderflower Champagne Cocktail

    If you really want to be a trendsetter, you should just refuse hereforth to drink anything that doesn't involve St. Germain. Recipe at Zested.

    12. Champagne & Orange Cocktail

    Your basic mimosa + a classy splash of Grand Marnier and bitters. Recipe at The Endless Meal.

    13. Pomegranate Champagne Punch

    14. The Brooklyn Beauty

    Lemon + gin + sparkle + St. Germain = possibly the most delightful alcoholic beverage known to man. Recipe at Crepes of Wrath.

    15. Raspberry Champagne

    16. Grapefruit Sorbet & Champagne Float

    Hold the phone, did someone just say SORBET ~ IN ~ CHAMPAGNE? Recipe at Serious Eats.

    17. Sweet & Sour Champagne Mojito

    18. Sunshine Dazzler

    Sorry, can't chat, too busy being blinded by this DAZZLING mango/OJ cocktail. Also, getting drunk. Recipe at At The Table.

    19. Fruity Champagne Cocktails

    How to Win at New Year's Brunch: Blend your favorite frozen or fresh fruits into puree, add a couple spoonfuls to a pretty glass, and then add bubbles. From Ode to Awe.

    20. Sparkling Apple Cocktail

    21. London Style South-Side Royale

    "South-side" is how they say "with mint and cucumber and gin" in Jolly Old England. Recipe at CHOW.

    22. Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

    All dressed up for Christmas! Recipe at Tasty Trials.

    23. Pear-Lemon Fizz

    24. Aperol Spritz

    Super cute, super classy.