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December 8, 2012

"Santa Is Your UPS Man" Is The Best New Christmas Song

Arkansas UPS delivery driver Ken Jones delivers a jaunty self-written tune on his well-deserved break.

40 Adorable Gifts For Animal Lovers

"It's purr-fect!" Everything the crazy cat ladies, dog dudes, and wildlife enthusiasts in your life really want for Christmas.

The Cat That Did Not Want To Be Unpacked

The only steadfast and absolute truth in the entire world: cats love boxes.

Scaling The World's Tallest Trees And Other Weekend Links

Meet "the President", the President, is the second most massive tree known on Earth.

If Norman Rockwell Was From Gotham City

Mark Dos Santos re-imagines Rockwell's famous Saturday Evening Post covers.

Tim Tebow Comes Off As Awkward, Stiff In New TiVo Ads

Tim Tebow stars as TiVo's new celebrity pitch man in some strangely awkward new TV ads.

Solving The Broken Crossword Puzzle Economy

The crossword puzzle can seem utterly authorless. If you haven't caught the documentary Wordplay, or bothered to look up the name that appears in tiny agate type below the grid in The New York Times, you might join many others in assuming that the…

Priscilla Presley Is A Wicked Queen

Photos from her debut as in "Snow White" at the New Wimbledon Theatre in London, England.

Paris Hilton And Her Boyfriend Put On A Show Of Excessive PDA In A Pool

These pictures are slightly icky because you can tell that Paris and her boyfriend River can see that the paparazzi are taking their picture — and they're putting on a show.

Kate Middleton Hospital Receptionist Found Dead After Radio Prank

It appears the woman who connected a fake phone call to Kate's hospital room has committed suicide

What Happened When I Tried To Read A Whole Book

I do not blame the internet, let's be clear about that. I blame my own inability to imbibe the internet responsibly. Before the internet, I probably read two books a day. I read exceptionally quickly; I have always looked at a page, and instead of…

New Inflammatory Anti-Islam Poster

The ad, featuring a photo from the 9/11 attacks, goes up in 50 New York City subway stations, starting December 17th.

Grumpy Cat Speaks!

She made a short video about her trip to New York City. "The cabs are very stinky" (true).

Dealing With Winter

You have two options: Hibernate and be miserable, or do something about it.

Kim Kardashian's Kitten Died

RIP, Mercy. You might have been too cute for your own good. :(

BUZZNET Exclusive: On Set Hair & Make Up For Kerli's 'The Lucky Ones' (VIDEO) On We've Got You Covered's Blog

Buzznet was lucky enough to go on set with Kerli for her new video 'The Lucky Ones'! We got to hear from her makeup artist, Mynxii White, about her favorite products she uses on Kerli! Check out the video to get a behind-the-scenes look at 'The Lucky Ones' and for some

Tony Goldwyn On Playing 'Ghost' Villain: Director Told Me I 'Didn’t Seem Bad Enough'

Actor Tony Goldwyn tells “Say Anything!” host Joy Behar how his wife was instrumental in helping him land the villain role in “Ghost.”

Dustin Hoffman Plants A Kiss Onto One Direction's Niall Horan

This clip is both amusing and confusing at the same time.

Tia Mowry On Having Endometriosis

The actress, who stars on the Style Network reality show Tia & Tamera, writes in her exclusive blog for iVillage about the joy she felt having her son after struggling with the medical condition

True Facts About Baby Echidnas

Also known as "puggles." Seriously.

Dos And Don'ts Of Mail-Order Food

So you want to send a nice fruit basket or something. Read this first.

Let's Not Freak Out Because Brittany Is Dating Boys On Glee

Glee's Brittana was one of TV's most prominent same-sex pairings. Now that they're broken up, Brittany is hooking up with Sam -- is that really such a bad thing?

The Black Cat - Drink - Silverlake

From the guys behind the Village Idiot (the bar, not M. Night Shyamalan), The Black Cat's a Silverlake gastropub with a British vibe and Colonial art gallery-esque interior.

NASA Senior Scientist On The World Ending December 21

NASA senior scientist David Morrison tells Cenk Uygur just how many people believe that December 21, 2012, will bring the end of the world and why that’s dangerous. Morrison says, “A lot of young people believe it, and that’s pretty scary. I hear…

All The NYC Media And Internet Holiday Parties You Want To Crash

"Is the recession really and truly over," is what we began to ponder, Carrie Bradshaw-style, as the invitations to holiday parties began to overflow our inboxes. "Kind of," is the answer! Because we were pondering that at the same time as the New…

Katt Williams Epic Meltdown Week, Tricycle Chase And Pirate Ferry

Not many people are covering the insane meltdown that Katt Williams has been having for the past few weeks, I suspect because there’s just too much to cover. I almost broke my browser trying to keep track of it all. But by God, any story that…

The Most Inspiring Sports Photos Of 2012

It's been a heartwarming, heartwarming year.

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