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December 25, 2012

What's Your Family's Best-Ever Christmas Photo?

Whether it's your uncle passed out under the tree or your best present ever, let's all share the classic picture that says "happy holidays" to us.

The 20 Cats Of Christmas

We've made a list and we've checked it twice, and these are the nicest of the nice (cats). Cats!

Michelle And Bo Obama Read "Twas The Night Before Christmas"

The reactions of the kids are priceless. Official White House video, released just last night, of the First Lady and First Dog reading the Christmas classic at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 15. Little A.J. Murray and Jordyn Akuoko steal the show.

The 9 Best Answers From Mark Cuban's Christmas Eve Reddit AMA

Everyone's favorite billionaire did an AMA on Christmas Eve, proving once again, he's the best.

The 20 Funniest Christmas Autocorrects

Autocorrect just ruined Christmas.

What Is The Deal With This Ornament? @

Find out in his latest holiday themed Twitpic!

"Merry" "Christmas" From Your Lawyer

You are being billed, by the second, rounded up to the nearest hour, as you read this heartfelt greeting.

Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutcherson Are Here To Ruin Your Christmas

It doesn't matter that these photos are nearly a year old — they may still scar you for life.

10 Awesomely Bad ABC Family Christmas Movies You Must See

Just because Christmas only comes once a year doesn't mean you can't watch these Christmas movies. You should watch them, you won't regret it. Actually you might, but it's worth it.

11 Food Trends That Need To Die In 2013

Dear Sriracha, Pickles, and Sriracha Pickles: You've had a great run. Let's move on, shall we?

People Who Didn't Get What They Wanted For Christmas

In what has become a Christmas tradition, Twitter user @fart has finally shed light on the terrible injustice some teens have to suffer through every Dec. 25. This is their story.

11 Cool Ways To Wear Shiny Clothes On New Year's Eve

Metallics, sequins, and glitter — they're fun and all, but you run the risk of looking chintzy and cheap. Here are some new ideas for glitzing up, from casual and tomboy-ish to all-out "glam."

Ryan Gosling's Christmas Gift To Us All

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the first 3 seconds of the trailer of Ryan Gosling's new movie, The Place Beyond The Pines. Amen.

Lifeguard Who Saved Six From Sandy Dead In Surfing Accident

RINCON, Puerto Rico, Dec. 24 (UPI) -- A 23-year-old lifeguard, hailed by People as a hero for saving six people during Hurricane Sandy, drowned while surfing in Puerto Rico, a family friend said.

Christmas 2012: The Hilarious Awkward Festive Family Photos Bound To Make Even Scrooge Laugh Out Loud

Taking holiday couple photos can often be an awkward experience for the senders as well as the receivers. Here are some of the most eccentric and outlandish holiday couple pictures from Awkward Family Photos.

A Giant F'ing Snow Walrus

OK, now it's Christmas.

20 Pictures Of Santa Riding Things That Are Not A Sleigh

In many places around the world, Santa doesn't need reindeer. Instead he might hop on a more practical form of transportation, like a Harley or a surfboard.

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