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December 22, 2012

Extreme Weather, Disappearing Customs And Other Weekend Links

Images that best capture life around the world in 2012.

25 Reasons Lady Bird Johnson Was The Best First Lady Of All Time

It would have been the world-changing environmental advocate's 100th birthday today.

Why John Boehner Will (Probably) Be Fine

After a crippling defeat at the hands of his own party, conservatives' knives are out and pointed at his speakership. Five reasons Boehner is likely to hang on.

Henri The Existentialist Cat Learns About The True Meaning Of Christmas

Or does he? A new video from the most important philosopher of our time.

Slime Alert: Watch Out For Sandy Hook Charity Fraud

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Even as horror struck last week at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn., fraud artists were on the prowl, presumably rubbing their hands in glee over the chance to profit financially from arguably the worst…

Hot Celebrity Men Of 2012

Ho ho HOT! All we want for Christmas is Robert Pattinson. And even though the Twilight Saga has officially come to a close, R. Pattz goes on our Nice list for bringing us

John Kerry's Favorite New Employee

The other Kerry is a low-profile staffer at the U.S. Mission to the U.N. "Sometimes I forget that she's John Kerry's sister."

What's Something Awesome You Made When You Were A Kid?

If you're back home for the holidays, now is the time to go rooting through the attic or the basement for that hilarious letter you wrote to your parents or that surprisingly precocious short story. Or that funny picture you drew, or that collage? YOU GET THE PICTURE. Anyway, we want to publish some of these things on BuzzFeed Rewind, the website! Here's how to do that:

Kelly Osbourne Flaunts Her Bikini Body Following 69lbs Weightloss

Over the years years she's openly battled to overcome the issues surrounding her weight.

40 Cats Who Could Be Having A Better Time

Cheer up, cats. Your time will come.

New York City's Tabloids Take On The NRA

The Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post labels Wayne LaPierre a "GUN NUT" and "NRA loon" in the wake of his bizarre news conference Friday. The Daily News piles on.

Kim Kardashian Is Back To Her Best As She Strips Off For Sizzling New Bikini Shoot

She's been focusing on her career and relationship over the last few months.

MUSIC NOTES SPECIAL: All Time Show (VIDEO) On Sara Scoggs' Blog

Music notes; because let's face it, #musicrules.  2012 is officially over, and what a year it was for All Time Low! To honor that amazing year the band had, we have taken all of our best moments with ATL and compiled them all into one big episode of Music Notes! Enjoy our special

LeAnn Rimes Denies Being Drunk On 'X Factor'

The songstress tells TMZ that any awkwardness came from helping her duet partner "who was having trouble with the song"

Hawaiian Island Of Oahu Said Slowly Dissolving From Groundwater

PROVO, Utah, Dec. 21 (UPI) -- The mountains on Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands are dissolving from within under the slow but inexorable onslaught of groundwater, researchers say.

Which Country Does The Academy Awards Love The Most?

On Friday the Academy announced its short list for the Best Foreign Language Film. But not all nations are equal in Oscar's eyes.

14 People With Trust Issues

Some people are born suspicious, and some are made.

"Think Of My Lifelong Sorrow If You Caught Pneumonia And Died."

This Christmastime, last Christmastime and for many holiday seasons past, writers and commenters of the Internet have gathered to argue over the holiday classic "Baby It's Cold Outside." The conversations and accusations are rarely about the song's…

Every Musical Movie Gif To Express Your Les Mis Joy

It's happening people. Les Miserables is finally here. Star Dana Loesch Sues Site

Internal tensions erupt. Loesch seeks $75,000 and her walking papers in a federal lawsuit, below.

'The X Factor' Finale: Are People Still Watching?

As the super-powered season comes to a close, Cowell addresses the show's declining ratings -- he blames The Voice!

Word Cloud: NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre's Statement (Full Text)

Now, I can imagine the shocking headlines you'll print tomorrow morning: "More guns," you'll claim, "are the NRA's answer to everything!" Your implication will be that guns are evil and have no place in society, much less in our schools. But since…

Redemption Foods - Eat - Hollywood

Tucked away in the back of a Hollywood mini-mall, Redemption Foods is a cafe space with concrete tables, tiled walls, and a fascinating twist: it's run by a non-profit that helps ex-cons enter the workforce when they get out of jail, meaning all the…

Last-Minute Gift Guide - Own

You waited till the last minute, so you'll have to either pay or think more on your gift idea -- or both. The following suggestions can all be purchased and presented on Christmas Day from pharmacies like CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens, coffee shops,…

Salvation Taco - Drink - Murray Hill

With crispy pig ears, tacos like Moroccan lamb breast on naan and fried striped bass w/ "Mayan mayo" (it's the end of... flavorless tacos!) and cocktails including the American Firing Squad (Applejack, rye, mulled wine) created by the Spotted Pig/…

Corrupt Apple Store Employees 'Smash iPods Like Toys, Trade Electronics For Plastic Surgery And Outright Steal'

'We would "field test" things in the back,' one of several anonymous former Apple employees revealed to Gizmodo of their destructive behaviour this week. 'Most people would throw phones on the ground, slide them across the floor, and once we tried…

Adieu France! Gerard Depardieu Lands In Rome After Renouncing French Citizenship

Fears have been raised for the health of French actor Gerard Depardieu after he arrived in Romee in a wheelchair.

Adam Lanza's Former Classmate Reveals Sandy Hook Gunman Had 'Online Devil Worshiping Page'

Lanza's worshiping page had the word 'Devil' written in red, Gothic-style letters against a black background, Trevor L. Todd told The National Enquirer, something which he said was 'weird' and 'gave him the chills'.

The Odious Tyranny Of Chain Restaurant Middle Managers

Months ago, I let a rich guy with an expensive haircut persuade me to let him cut open my abdomen in four places. Sure, this was for legitimate "medical reasons" that made me vastly safer in the long term, but agreeing to schedule this event the…

Bike Lanes Are Not For Station Wagons, Sir

Here is how not to use a bicycle lane: An 87-year-old Marin County man was driving to the Department of Motor Vehicles office when he mistook a narrow concrete-walled bicycle-pedestrian path for Highway 101, and then he just kept driving until his…

20 Complete Series You Can Marathon Over The Holiday Weekend

It's Christmas weekend, which means you have ample time to do some serious Netflix Instant watching. Here are 20 shows you can watch from start to finish -- and still have time to see your family.

17 Reasons An NFL Team Should Give This Viral Video Kicker A Job

This guy is better at kicking than I am at anything.

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