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December 27, 2012

American Families Crushed By Russian Adoption Ban

Americans in the process of adopting from Russian orphanages grieve over a ban that looks likely to be made into law. "It has really slammed the brakes on everything right now."

10 Most Popular BuzzFeed Food Posts Of 2012

In case you missed them, these are the ones everyone loved. (With a special section of editor's choice superlatives.)

Britney Spears Is Possibly Getting Fired From "X-Factor"

That story and more in today's gossip roundup!

4 Minutes Of Zombie Rom-Com "Warm Bodies"

Ever watched a zombie flick and wondered what goes on in the mind of the undead? Here's your chance to find out.

Rollerblading Mullet Man Loves Oven Mitts

"So HOT So FRESH" has everything you've ever wanted in a music video.

21 DIY Trends That Dominated 2012

We learned a lot about Making Things with Our Hands this year.

Parrots Have Specific Taste In Music And Other Links

Scientists have discovered that the coloreful birds universally hate techno.

A Man Gave His Grandmother A Ricky Rubio Blanket For Christmas

When I was born, my grandmother knitted me a quilt, as was a tradition in my family for many years. When my mom finally tried to give me that quilt this year, I was all, “But mom, I live in Florida, where we only use quilts to cover up our meth…

6 Things That Secretly Make You Act Like A Jerk

It is horrifyingly easy to manipulate a person's moral decisions without them knowing it -- that's why this is one of our favorite subjects. We've previously talked about how everything from caffeine to bad lighting can turn you into a jerk. There…

Man Eats 28 Raw Eggs, Dies

A Tunisian man may have won his bet--to eat 28 raw eggs--but in doing so, he lost his life.

RIP Charles Durning, Character Actor, War Hero, And Badass

RIP Charles Durning, character actor, war hero and badass, a dance instructor, burlesque usher, and POW who once killed a Nazi with a rock.

The Weird Denny's Pop-Punk Experiment Of 2009

In a strange move, the chain diner partnered with bands to make signature dishes. Sum 41 "Sumwich", anyone? Early Katy Perry–inspired milkshake?

Kate Winslet And Leonardo DiCaprio Should Be Together In Real Life

Instead of giving her away at her secret wedding, he should have stopped the ceremony and said, "I'm the man for you." Because that would have been amazing.

Is Twitter Just A Massive Role-Playing Game?

My first instinct is no: Twitter is deadly serious, obviously. But a new game called Tweeria is doing something kind of amazing, here.

Kevin Federline's Brother Christopher Claims He's The "True Father" Of Britney Spears' Son Sean

The brother of Britney Spears' ex-husband claims they had an affair and the pop star stole from him

Guide To The Best Date Movies 2012 Edition

Need a date movie? We break down the absolute best date movies to watch if you want to score.

Alabama Quarterback's Girlfriend Attended Hated Rival, Auburn

It's like Romeo and Juliet, only it takes place in the south and college football is involved.

13 Sweeping (And Sometimes Contradictory) Statements People Have Made About Women This Year

Can they have it all? Did they decide the presidential election? It's been a confusing year for the large, diverse, yet frequently generalized-about group that is women.

Daring Double Kitten Escape

Future stunt-kittens, you are spectacular.

South Africans Hate Racism, Love Dogs

South African President Jacob Zuma claimed that owning dogs is part of "white culture." Black South Africans have been posting portraits and odes to their dogs on Twitter in response.

Why Losing Weight Is The Hardest New Year's Resolution To Keep

Every December, millions of Americans resolve to lose weight in the new year -- almost all fail. Here's why you're better off trying something new.

Meet Jiroemon Kimura, The World's Oldest Person

The 115-year-old Japanese man became the world's oldest living person after Dina Manfredini of Johnston, Iowa died earlier this month.

2012: Best New Spots - Drink - San Francisco

Since this is San Francisco, there were about a million and a half new restaurants opened this year. Here are some of the best ones you should check out according to people that have had the chance to check out all 1.5 mil. Or so.

9 Examples Of Notre Dame Fans Acting Very Smug

The smuggest in the nation, by far.

Say I’m Alright | The Awl

So this is the story of how, this year, my friends pushed me in a big direction with the advice to go back into therapy, get back on medication and stabilize my life.

Asteroid Won't Hit Earth In 2040

NASA has confirmed that earth will dodge a huge asteroid that's heading toward it in 28 years.

The Cutest Thing That Has Ever Happened In Arizona

Gawwwww this just happened on Katherine's dad's roof...which also makes it the cutest thing that has ever happened on a BuzzFeed employee's father's roof.

This Is A Self Portrait I Made When I Was Almost 5

My mom thinks those lines on the side are shoulders, but I'm pretty sure I intended them to be legs.

A Dog Trying To Walk In Mittens

Presented in 5 animated GIFs.

If You Want To Trap Kobayashi, Lure Him With Twinkies

Takeru Kobayashi, may be known for hot dogs, but the man loves Twinkies.

25 Reasons Why Beards Change Everything

Beards, or just any sort of facial hair, can change everything. It's finally winter and it's starting to get cold out — here's some beard-spiration.

Top 10 Reasons To Read Poetry

Top 10 Reasons to Read Poetry

One Direction's First Foreign-Language Movie Trailer Is Here

Bad Lip Reading presents...Shadow Pico. This is glorious nonsense.

Fired Brooklyn Nets Coach's Son Went Off On Twitter

"I'm sorry are [sic] best players couldn't make open shots. Yeah that's my dads fault totally..."

So You Found An Old Mix CD...

It was underneath the floor mat of your car, it's a little scratched but still plays, and oh god, is it embarrassing.

The Best And Worst Regrets Of 2012

#2012regrets. We all have these.

The Brooklyn Nets Have Fired Coach Avery Johnson

Only 28 games into the season, the Nets have decided to part ways with their embattled coach. As part-owner Jay-Z might say: on to the next one.

12 Companies That Should Cut Their Food Packaging Budget

Not only is it extra garbage, it's extra time unwrapping.

Grumpy Cat Nipple Tassels

Brilliant. This is exactly what the world has been waiting for!

Obama In Campaign Video: "I Am Not Going To Take Your Guns Away ... That Just Ain't True"

The video is on the official Barack Obama YouTube channel. He delivered the line in 2008, countering warnings from the National Rifle Association.

A Vending Machine For Everyone

Just pray you have enough singles.

2012: Best New Spots - Eat - Los Angeles

Because eating at new restaurants is what they do when they're not cooking/writing/master...minding new restaurants, we asked a ton of LA's best food-and-drink-employed peeps what the best new spot of the year was.

25 Mind-Bogglingly Good Cosplays From 2012

For these talented geeks, costume design is more art than hobby. But the results are truly stunning.

The Most Persistent People On OkCupid

Badgering women with multiple messages is not the way to get yourself a date.

The Continuing Adventures Of Sammy The Seal

An animal blogger from an early age, apparently. This is a contribution to BuzzFeed's keepsake show and tell project, which you should participate in!

The Robot "Boy" Tops The Morning Links

Scientists have created a humanoid robot designed to help people with everyday tasks.

The Blessed Pangolin

The Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center has launched a new initiative to care for pangolins injured from the wildlife trade in Cambodia. Their groundbreaking was blessed by a Buddhist monk.

Robert Plant Gets Teary During Kennedy Center's Led Zeppelin Tribute

There was a whole lotta love for Led Zeppelin at this year’s Kennedy Center Honors -- enough to bring tears to the eyes of frontman Robert Pl...

Amy Poehler And Will Arnett Reunited, Toyed With Our Hearts

They aren't back together, but they did take a family subway ride!

24 Foods That Cuddle

It's cold outside! Look at these guys for inspiration and then go get cozy.

The Only Cold Remedies That Actually Work

I've tried almost every over-the-counter cold remedy, and most of them are useless. But not all of them!

Departing Environmental Chief Suggests Obama Has Failed On Climate

A pointed statement on the way out. "I spoke about the need to address climate change, but..."

Here Is Alison Brie As Captain America

People are into things like this, right?

17 Animals Who Are Perfect Workout Partners

Looking for someone to keep you committed to your New Year's resolution? Well, these guys live for the weight room.

Is The Food Network's Kwanzaa Fried Chicken Recipe Racist?

The Food Network put out its annual Kwanzaa recipe section this week, and it's making more than a few people uncomfortable.

The 25 Most Important Things BuzzFeed Shift Learned This Year

From the silly (terrible music festival fashion) to the serious (Marissa Mayer on women in computer science), we learned — and laughed — a lot this year.

A Year In The Life Of The World's Weirdest Pro Athlete: JaVale McGee's 2012

It was a year full of suspicious babies, Segways, platypuses, and DJ Roombas.

Here Are The Best News Bloopers From 2012

Local news bloopers are the best types of bloopers. Made by Funny Local News Bloopers.

The Love-Ers: A Heartwarming Illustrated Story By 7-Year-Old Me

If only it were this easy. Part of our keepsake show-and-tell project, in which you should participate!

50 Most WTF Animal Pics Of The Year

Animals are weird. Real weird.

Russian Town So Cold Boiling Water Instantly Turns To Snow

Baby, it's cold outside indeed. With temperatures hovering around -41, the hot water converts as soon as it hits the air.

45 Engagement Rings That Don't Suck

Contrary to popular belief, not every girl is dying for a Kim Kardashian–sized rock on her finger. You'll be happy to know that there are many alternatives to the fuddy-duddy styles offered by Kay Jewelers.

Merry Christmas From The Laurita/Manzo Clan On Ashlee Holmes' Videos

Here is a video I put together from Christmas Eve at my Aunt Caroline's house. My favorite part is the end with my little brother Nicholas and my Dad. I'm so happy that it ended up snowing on Christmas Eve! Eeeep! :)    What did you do for the Holidays?

The Tricks Stores Use To Make You Spend More

When it comes to setting prices, retailers use sneaky strategies to get us to spend. See how many you've fallen for.

2012: Best New Spots - Drink - Soho

From top-notch yet laid-back cocktail bars, to West Coast Chinese in the LES, New York's top food & drink minds tended to prefer someplace casual to eat and drink -- plus, shockingly, restaurants right next door to their apartments.

The 15 Most OMG BuzzFeed Politics Stories Of 2012

We rounded up some of our favorite political stories at BuzzFeed this year. ICYMI.

Mark Zuckerberg's Sister Angered After Family Facebook Photo Goes Public

Mark Zuckerberg's sister, Randi, finds Facebook's privacy settings just as confusing as we do.

Neil Patrick Harris' Family Had The Most Adorable Christmas

They are just so cute I can't even take it.

The 18 Movies And TV Shows To Be Really Excited About In 2013

It's almost the new year, and there's plenty to look forward to — from The Carrie Diaries and Beautiful Creatures to Oldboy.

Kate And William Spend Christmas With The Middletons

Breaking tradition, the Duke and Duchess of Wales avoided pomp and circumstance this Christmas

How Should An Author Be?

Writers have contorted relationships with publishers, probably because they excel at projection. Particularly this is true now in an age where publishers sue writers for undelivered manuscripts. Something about this has the ring of the disinheriting…

Macaulay Culkin Eats Alone At Taco Bell After Hitting The Shops To Get The Last Of His Gifts

He's been plagued by drug dependency rumours over the last few months.

Peter Parker Death Leaves 'Amazing Spider-Man' Fans Reeling

In a heart-wrenching plot twist for one of Marvel's most relatable superheroes, the comic book giant has killed the nerdy, down-on-his-luck science-whiz who first developed an arachnid alter-ego in 1962 and decided to use his "great power" for good.…

How To Throw A Fancy New Year's Party On A Budget

It is possible, and it's going to RULE. Here are 10 rules to follow.

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