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December 20, 2012

A Christmas Story | The Hairpin

@TheBelleWitch Well, the whole point of A Christmas Carol is to be "A Ghost Story of Christmas."

Stunning Photo Reveals Saturn Is A Glittery Gem

That is one fine looking gas giant. Using filters for the infrared, red, and violet spectrums, the mosaic was taken from a mere 500,000 miles away.

Fran Drescher Is Still "Divorced" And Loving It

She and her gay ex-husband turned their unique relationship into a sitcom. Now in its second season, Happily Divorced is a whole new showcase for the Nanny star.

44 Reasons Why Your Life Will Be So Much Easier In 2013

We really learned a lot in 2012. Now it's time to put it all to good use.

First Look: MTV's Controversial New Appalachia Show "Buckwild"

The Appalachia-set reality show has drawn some controversy from a West Virginian senator. Here's an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the show.

The Internet's Vigilante Shame Army

In 2012, more than ever, the internet became the way we shame people now. Here to talk about online justice and public shaming are academic internet experts Whitney Phillips and Kate Miltner. (Whitney recently completed her PhD dissertation on…

NBA Star Asks The Most Important Question Of Our Time

It's plagued generations of kids...and now a world class athlete.

24 Things Way Worse Than The World Ending

The end of times on Dec. 21, 2012, isn't the worst-case scenario. It could be way worse.

Chris Paul's Son Didn't Believe That His Dad Dunked

Not convinced that the old man could actually get up like that.

The Weird And Wonderful First Tweets Of Jake Tapper

CNN's newest hire, one of the most followed reporters in Washington, at his most Tapper-y. From 2009.

Built To Last And Other Links

Nine homes that are considered apocalypse-ready.

If The World Ends, Which Celebrity Will You Be Most Sad About Not Ever Sleeping With?

We all have our "hall passes" – but what if the world ends and you never get to use it? Who do you most wish you still had a chance with?

21 Awesome Vintage Photos Of Celebrities Eating

Only Elizabeth Taylor and Goldie Hawn could make hamburgers look so incredibly glam.

Instagram Could Speak To Us In English, If It Wanted To

So could Facebook, Twitter, Google, and every other website we use on a daily basis.

Lost Interest

Doc, I feel like I had “the one” and I know I made a mistake with the maintenance, but looking back, I really have to wonder what I could have done to make it better. I have two questions. How do you ever keep things exciting and keep her Interest…

25 Perfectly Timed Cat Photos

With a lot of patience and a bit of luck, anyone with a camera can catch a cat's true nature. Here are 25 times that's happened in a particularly exceptional fashion.

The 17 Coolest Fan-Created Logos For The New Orleans Pelicans

There were many doubters when it was announced the NBA's New Orleans Hornets were planning on changing their name to the Pelicans, but if these fan-created logos are any indication, it may end up being pretty cool.

PAC Already Campaigning For Booker's Senate Run

An email blast to 75,000 people across the country on the day the Newark Mayor says he's "exploring" a run in 2014. "Cory Booker is running for Senate."

Simon Cowell Confirms That He's Dating Carmen Electra

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Even Dinosaurs Get Into The Holiday Spirit

Extinction is no excuse to be a Grinch. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science got a little festive this year.

32 Reasons Why The S.S. Coachella Is Way Better Than Regular Coachella

Why would you want to fight your way through unshowered crowds when you could listen to music on the high seas?

Introducing The New Gossip Girl Meme

Spoiler alert: If you don't know who Gossip Girl is – and don't want to know – don't read this.

Coming Out To Grandma

This is really sweet. And now I'm crying.

Baseball Card Vandals Is The Best Use Of Worthless Collectibles

Taking old baseball cards and hilariously ruining them is what makes Baseball Card Vandals so fantastic.

Do You Know How The World Ends?

The Mayans didn't clue us in to how the world would end, but these movies had their own ideas. Can you match the film with the apocalypse?

The 10 Sexiest Christmas Ebooks

I didn't know Christmas erotica was a thing. Apparently, neither did the people who read A Very Naughty Christmas and these other very sexy Christmas ebooks.

Django Unchained

Even when he’s dealing with such traumatic subjects as the holocaust or slavery, Tarantino never forgets to have a good time. It’s in his DNA. Django Unchained is probably the most fun you’ll have at the movies this year, political correctness…

This Baby Orangutan Will Make You Miss Your Mom

Remember when you could cuddle with your mommy anytime you wanted?

19 Future Inventions We'll Never See, Thanks To The Apocalypse

Say your goodbyes to these never-realized-ideas before it's too late. Oh well. Being a human was about to get SO COOL.

Two Ways To DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

If your tree's looking a little... naked, try these ideas before you go out and spend money on decorations.

How To Make The Most Of The Apocalypse

Keep on snacking 'til the world ends. Duh.

37 Colorful And Healthy Winter Salads

These bright salads are guaranteed to make you feel better during a season devoted to foods that are either meat or beige.

Lady Gaga's Most Blatant Contradictions Of 2012

The singer flip-flopped on a lot of issues this year. Does she like hamburgers or hate them? How does she really feel about fur? I'm so confused.

21 Things You'll Never Get To See On TV If The World Ends

Leonardo DiCaprio actually winning an Oscar.

Meet The Doomsday Boom's Rising Star

Tim Ralston is building an empire selling the Crovel, a half-shovel, half-weapon for practical-minded doomsday preppers, spinning the American Dream out of our worst nightmares. In the woods and up the creek with the end times' greatest success story.

Fiscal Cliff Fight Turns To Trash Talk

With actual little movement toward a resolution, the war of words is heating up.

Has Pizza Hut Finally Gone Too Far?

Pizza Hut Singapore has introduced a "Pizza In A Pizza."

11 Celebrities From The '90s Who Resurfaced In 2012

Whether for good or bad, these almost-forgotten celebrities fought the good fight and made their way into our pop-culture brains again.

Why Was This American Olympian Working As An Escort?

Suzy Favor Hamilton, a three-time Olympic track athlete, started working as a $600-an-hour escort in Las Vegas last December.

17 People Who Believed They Could Fly

This one goes out to every kid who ever lowered the hoop in their backyard.

A History Of NASA In Just 6 Images

Guys, we need to talk.

Cee Lo Green Is Now Dressing Like Bowser

He is completely serious about this outfit and you should be, too.

21 Unexpected Gifts That Keep On Giving

Say it with me: No more socks and scented candles! These are much better gifts for those impossible-to-shop-for people on your list.

14 Photos Of People Preparing For The Apocalypse From Around The World

The world is not ending tomorrow, but just the same, people are playing it safe.

Thousands Will Tragically Die As Virgins When The World Ends

The Mayan Apocalypse of 12/21/12 is coming just a little too soon for some.

Mark Cuban Live-Tweeted Passing A Kidney Stone

Kidney stones happen to billionaires, too.

Sources: White House Had A Hand In Booker's Decision

The Obama administration "convinced him to run for Senate" instead of governor, a source tells BuzzFeed. But a primary against Lautenberg would be "an unpleasant episode."

Cat Hates Mario's Jumping Noise

Or perhaps it is just pretending to be Mario.

Fox News Interviews Santa Claus About The "War On Christmas"

Santa recounted a devastating experience "a fews back" where he went to a Christmas party called a "holiday party." He is still recovering.

How Well Do You Know "Love Actually"?

Take this quiz and find out!

Climb Mount Everest From Your Bedroom Tops The Morning Links

An interactive image, comprised of 477 different pictures, gives people a look at the tallest mountain (above sea level) from every point.

15 Kinds Of Animals To Watch For In 2013

These are the up-and-coming stars of the next generation of adorable. Who are your nominees?

Archie Comics Collides With "Glee"

Space and time be damned, Veronica wants to hook up with Finn Hudson.

Excellent Celebrity Photobomb Of The Day

The janitor from Scrubs (Neil Flynn) added his personal touch to this photo of Eric Stonestreet and a fan.

Cory Booker Will Run For Senate, Not Governor

The Newark mayor says he will "finish the work we started" in his second term and "explore the possibility of running for United States Senate in 2014." A source says he's decided to run for Senate.

New Spider Species Builds Decoy Spiders For Survival

Survival of the fittest doesn't always mean physical brawn.

15 Reasons We're All Going To Be Wearing Distressed Jeans In 2013

Then again, the world might also end. I'm not quite sure which fate is worse.

Teen Asks Gabby Douglas To His Prom Via YouTube

A 17-year old boy made a YouTube video to ask Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas to attend his prom with him.

New 'Oz' Movie Poster Features Mysterious Green-faced Witch

Walt Disney Studios has released the latest poster for Sam Raimi's "Oz: The Great and Powerful," a kind of prequel to L. Frank Baum's "The Wizard of Oz." The movie's hardly short on photogenic stars, but "Oz's" new character one-sheet features an…

The 54 Best Animated GIFs Of 2012

This is it: Here is the definitive list of the most amazing GIFs that changed our lives this year.

Future, The Best Rapper Who Rarely Raps

His album Pluto 3D blurs the line between club bangers and heart-crushing, hyperemotional confessionals.

The Most Adorable Fan In The NBA Cheers For The Rockets

She's waving to the fans and chewing on a complimentary T-shirt.

The 18th Cat Of Christmas

The most dapper Christmas gentleman yet.

The 36 Best Political GIFs Of The Year

A look back at the most GIF'd year in the history of the electoral process.

17 Reasons Why The World Can't End Tomorrow

These people make valid points.

See The Naked Portrait Of Aubrey Plaza That's On Display In Her Home

Some weirdo criminal painted it for her while he was in jail.

The Style Transformation Of A Transsexual Punk Rocker

"I'm probably one of the luckiest transsexuals in the world — I have the same size shoe as my wife so I can steal her shoes," says Laura Jane Grace, lead singer of the punk band Against Me!

It's Good To Be MySpace Tom

Traveling the world, counting his money, making people look like idiots on Twitter. Not a bad life.

How Chuck Schumer Learned To Love Guns

The New York Senator writes that he realized a total gun ban was a mistake when he went hunting in Nebraska with Senator Ben Nelson in 2009. Here's a picture of that historic moment.

Anne Hathaway Talks Katie Holmes SNL Skit On Ellen DeGeneres

"It's all done from so much love," says the Les Miserables star about her Grade-A impersonation skills

Man Behind "47 Percent" Video Opens His Own Research Firm

Jimmy Carter's grandson turns his big scoop into a career. He's already taken down another Republican with a hidden-camera video.

16 Pictures Of Miss USA Winning The Miss Universe Contest

On Wednesday night, Miss USA was crowned the new Miss Universe, beating out 88 other women.

Aubrey Plaza's Very Filthy Housewarming Present @

CONAN Highlight: Aubrey brings up a good point: where DO you hang a giant naked portrait of yourself?

Video: Eagle Tries To Steal Baby In Montreal

A golden eagle tries to snatch a baby in Montreal,” and the video goes viral. But it’s faked. Golden Eagle is a scarce visitor in the Montreal area, but the bird in the video is not a Golden Eagle, nor anything else that occurs in the wild in North…

The Nets Got Trolled By Knicks Fans

The Knicks embarrassed their Brooklyn rivals tonight in Madison Square Garden. Maybe the Nets should've tried to sign Jeremy Lin?

Portraits Of Gun Owners In Their Homes

In 2007, Kyle Cassidy published a book called Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes. He asked his subjects a simple question: Why do you own a gun?

Russell Brand Interviews Westboro Baptist Church // Current TV

The controversial Westboro Baptist Church made headlines this week after announcing it would be protesting the funerals of those killed during Friday's

What Chuck Hagel Thinks About Iran

And why hawks don't like him. He favors an opening to the Islamic Republic, and has opposed sanctions.

Anne Hathaway & Samuel L. Jackson Have A 'Funny Or Die' Movie "Sad Off"

Les Miz vs. Django Unchained? Both films hit theaters on Christmas Day, but which film is sadder? The stars discuss!

Chuck Hagel's Defenders Circulate "Facts About Chuck Hagel" Memo

"Chuck Hagel is being misrepresented as anti-Israel and 'soft' on Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah."

False Advertising? The War Z's Launch Raises Questions

Original Story: The War Z is a game that, long before launch, attracted some criticism for how much it resembled the super-popular ArmA II mod DayZ, which is on its way to becoming a standalone game thanks to its success. Similarities in title…

The 13 Dwarves Of "The Hobbit," Force-Ranked For Hotness

The book of The Hobbit made so small an impression on me that until the movie came out I had completely forgotten there were dwarves in it at all. I remember a Hobbit, a birthday party, and a riddle game, and that's it.

14 Things I Need To See In A "Pitch Perfect" Sequel

Pitch Perfect, one of BuzzFeed's favorite movies of the year, might be getting a sequel. Here's my wish list for Pitch Perfect 2: Pitch Perfecter.

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