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December 6, 2012

The Funniest Sports GIFs Of 2012

The laughs. The falls. The images that move slightly to make the jokes funnier.

Sorry Coach, Your Name Is A Bad Word

Congrats "Sonny ****"!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

Exactly how manly is it to watch hot girls walk around in lingerie? This is not a trick question.

Conservatives Tout Black Congressman As Replacement For Jim DeMint

"I've also heard him speak, and he is very eloquent," conservative columnist Matt Lewis argues. A needed trait in making a "moral case for free markets."

Netflix CEO In Trouble With The SEC Over A Facebook Post

A post by Netflix's Reed Hastings looks like it's going to result in legal action from regulators. Perhaps the most expensive Facebook update of all time, brought to you by Netflix, the SEC, and our bizarre legal system.

13 Reasons "American Horror Story" Doesn't Suck This Season

FX's American Horror Story: Asylum has all of season one's craziness without being garbage. Here's why the series is suddenly appointment TV. (Spoilers for season two.)

33 Awesomely Festive Ideas For DIY Garlands

Because decorations (for any occasion) only get better when you put them on a string.

23 Things You'll Never Get Too Old For

Yes, you're old enough to drink, and you'll take that drink with a bowl of mac 'n' cheese.

Martha Stewart Got Salmonella From Handling Too Many Thanksgiving Turkeys

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

17 Gadgets That Are Treating Us Like Dumb Babies

I like useful tech toys as much as the next human, but sometimes I'm also like, "I know how to take care of mySELF, engineers!" You know? Here are some gadgets you shouldn't need if you're a grownup.

‘Papillon’: Thug Life In French Guiana

We don't usually tell you that reading a particular "Classic Trash" selection is mandatory, so let's take it slowly: "youuuuu mussssttttt reaaddddd thissss boookkkkk." Whew. Okay! Now we can talk about it.

Guatemala Rejects McAfee Asylum Bid, He Suffers Possible Heart Attack

GUATEMALA CITY, Dec. 6 (UPI) -- John McAfee, the software designer turned homicide suspect, suffered a possible heart attack Thursday after he was denied asylum in Guatemala.

Snowflake Macro Photography And Other Links

Russian photographer Andrew Osokin shows off the delicate composition of individual flakes of snow.

Chemists Discover Secret To Delicious Boxed Wine

Or at least, boxed wine that isn't terrible.

Describing Colors To Blind People

Awesome blind person Tommy Edison talks about what colors mean to him. Here's that.

What Is Metadata?

This is how Vice magazine accidentally released John McAfee's whereabouts.

Girard-Perregaux: Hawk

We're in Miami for Art Basel and discovered some amazing art - for your wrist, not your wall.

Tom Hardy Workout

With The Dark Knight Rises out on DVD today, we're taking a look at how skinny Hardy transformed into Bane.

BUZZNET Excluisve: Amanda Brown Revelas Her Plans Beyond 'The Voice' (VIDEO) On We've Got You Covered's Blog

The Voice's result show last night left Adam Levine without a team after soulful rocker Amanda Brown was voted off. She was known for taking risks and delivering powerful performances, such as her killer rendition of White Snake's "Here I Go Again…

Why Is Hailie Scott Mathers Hating On Taylor Swift On Patty's Blog

Remember Hailie Jade Scott Mathers - you know, Eminem's daughter whom he would occasionally feature in his songs and rap about? Well, Little Hailie Jade isn't so little anymore! The 16-year-old is in high school, has a Twitter account and LOVES One…

BUZZNET Exclusive: Cassadee Pope's Picks For Warped Tour 2013 (VIDEO) On We've Got You Covered's Blog

As you all know, Cassadee Pope has been deep in the music scene for years as the front woman of the pop-punk band Hey Monday. Hey Monday spend a few summers’ playing the Vans Warped Tour gaining a solid fan base and learning how to sustain such a… Warped Tour will begin

Mike Tyson: I Caught Brad Pitt Having Sex With My Wife Robin Givens

The heavyweight champ admits that he once walked in on his now ex, Robin Givens, having sex with the heartthrob

Evening Of Masquerade - Bars - San Francisco

The same guys behind Le Diner (that one giant party where half the city dresses up like Sean Combs) are starting a brand-new event next month that lets you wear white and (get this) black. Plus there's gonna be Flour + Water catered eats, and a…

Ski Chalet @ Haven - Bars - Midtown West

Rooftop drinking can be hard to come by in the Winter, unless you have one of those cool Hoth coats with the wool hood and know how to disable the alarm on the door in your building. Enter the noble souls at Haven, who're introducing the tented Ski…

The Fiscal Cliff Fight Night: The Right Puts On The Gloves To Fight Their Own

Just 24 hours after John Boehner put an offer on the table, the tea party is threatening to throw him overboard. Why? For proposing a budget plan that tea party Republicans say is too much of a concession because it would raise $800 billion in…

Why Mitt Romney Feels Like He Just Got Dumped

Dr. Helen Fisher explains the brain science behind Mitt Romney’s depression

Tommy Chong On The Growing Pro-pot Movement

Cenk Uygur talks to actor, podcaster and longtime pro-pot activist Tommy Chong about the recent legalization of marijuana in two states and whether other parts of the country will follow suit. “It’s going to empty the jails, and we’re probably going…

Watch Glamorous Cat Fights On A Fashion Shoot

It's a video/GIF spectacular!

'Les Miserables': Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe And Hugh Jackman On 'Harrowing, Emotional Experience' Filming The Musical

This story first appeared in the Dec. 14 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

CBS CEO On Angus T. Jones, Ratings: Leslie Moonves Addresses Controversy

NEW YORK -- CBS Corp. president and CEO Leslie Moonves on Tuesday again touted his company's growing retransmission-fee revenue and new licensing money from Netflix, while arguing that weaker ratings for the new TV season are due mostly to special…

Russian Foreign Ministry Blasts U.S. For Human Rights Measure

"Obviously, US passage of the 'Magnitsky Law' will adversely affect the prospects of bilateral cooperation."

50 Perfect Presents For Pampered Pets

Happy holidays for the most treasured members of the family.

The Most Adventurous Weave On The Internet

Meet the star of the weirdest and also best Tumblr.

First Official Image From "The Hobbit" Of Legolas

His elf eyes can see into my soul, they're so blue and dreamy. Um, I mean, Orlando Bloom looks OK I guess.

The 6 Members Who Should Fear Jim DeMint

The non-agression pact is over.

How To Make A Cat-Proof Christmas Tree

Super easy and practical!

Oh Hey, Will Ferrell's Mustache

Nice to see you on this face.

The Triumph Of Bud Light Platinum, Millennial Party Fuel

Tastes weird, more filling, sells like crazy.

Why Do People Hate Anne Hathaway?

Her career may be on the rise, but public opinion of Anne Hathaway is at an all-time low. Why all the hate?

John McAfee Rushed To Hospital Day After Arrest

The anti-virus software millionaire and "person of interest" in a Belize murder case reportedly had two mild heart attacks.

A Vikings Player Wants Fans To Get Wasted Before Coming To The Game

This is hilarious and maybe reprehensible.

Kickstarter Pitches Need To Become More Open, Honest, And Detailed

2012 might very well end up being the Year of the Kickstarter. Particularly since Double Fine managed to raise in excess of $3.3 million earlier this year, many developers have turned to the crowdfunding site to get the money needed to create their…

Confession: I'm Totally In (Friend) Love With You

Artist Yumi Sakugawa created this poignant illustration of how it feels to be in platonic love with a friend. We've all been there, right?

9 Movies You Probably Forgot Josh Hutcherson Was In

Josh actually had a very successful child-actor career before he played Peeta in The Hunger Games and melted our hearts.

Royal Hospital Photographers Unconcerned By Pregnant Kate Middleton's "Wussy Hangover"

Three separate photographers said waiting outside the hospital for her or anyone else of mild importance to appear was torturous.

The 23 Absolute Best Quotes To Boost Your Creativity

Stuck in a creative rut? Listen to these guys. They know what they are talking about.

Ross Burton Death - Remembering Ross Burton

Of Oprah’s famed favorites, perhaps one of her most vital was key makeup artist, Ross Burton. Sadly, the Emmy-nominated cosmetics connoisseur passed away today. The Michigan native commenced his career with the goal of becoming an actor (the camera…

Please Shut Up, Bret Easton Ellis!

Bret, you've become Twitter's saddest troll. Your fans are dying inside.

47 Unexpected Things To Do With Cookie Cutters

They just might be the most versatile tools in your kitchen. Not to mention the cutest.

The 40 Most Influential Corgis Of 2012

This is basically the only end-of-the-year list you need to see.

Who Looked The WEIRDEST At The "Les Mis" Premiere?

It was like one big weird-off between Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, and Samantha Barks. I don't understand.

Jim DeMint, Leaving The Senate, Can Use The Money

The South Carolina Senator is one of the few non-millionaires in the millionaire's club, with two 30-year mortgages listed totaling between $350,000 and $750,000 in debt and has almost no other financial assets besides two retirement accounts worth less than $15,000 each. He's leaving for the Senate for the Heritage Foundation, whose current president makes more than $1 million.

The Best Food Inventions Of The Year

It was a watershed year for innovative "food products" all around the world.

Two Fishermen Suspected Of Resorting To Cannibalism After Getting Lost On A Trip In Siberia

Alexander Abdullaev, 37, and Alexei Gradulenko, 35, were plucked to safety by a rescue helicopter having survived temperatures lower than minus 30C three months after embarking on their fishing trip.

15 Most Absurd Pieces Of Jewelry From Shaq's Gothic New Zales Collection

Shaq likes three things: basketballs, dungeons, and over-priced accessories.

Cheering Up Hollywood’s Least Valuable Actors

Good morning! How are our little champs doing today? Did you have a good breakfast? Orange juice, coffee, pastries, and whatever else you wanted probably? (Super strong bloody mary?) That’s great. Really, really great. I imagine at this point you’ve…

Iran State TV Questions Queen Elizabeth's Legitimacy

An inexplicable article on the Iranian state television website. "But the entire royal family is decidedly German."

The Amazing Reformation Of Mitt And Ann Romney

"Gone are the minute-by-minute schedules and the swarm of Secret Service agents. There’s no aide to make his peanut-butter-and-honey sandwiches. Romney hangs around the house, sometimes alone, pecking away at his iPad and e-mailing his CEO buddies… —"A detached Romney tends wounds in seclusion after failed White House bid," Washington Post

Take A Tour Of The New Myspace

It's really pretty and seems pretty well-thought-out, but would anyone actually use it?

Technology And The Times Crossword

Which figures from the tech world are cool enough to make an appearance in The New York Times crossword?

Taxidermied Vampiric Deer

Just what it says on the tin. The only thing that would make this better would be a whole line of vampire animals. Like Bunnicula!

Top 1 BuzzFeed Office Prank Of The Day

Brian has been a Grumpy Gusington all season long - so we decided to brighten his day with some holiday cheer!

Andrew Garfield Proves He Is An Intellectual

The actor picked up a few books from the library yesterday and turns out he reads pretty interesting stuff and also looks good in a white t-shirt.

Mormon Church: Sexuality Is Not A Choice

With a new website reaching out to gays, the church makes its most definitive statement yet that people don't choose their sexuality. Gay "lifestyle," it says, is still a sin, though.

16 Reasons You Should Never Be Afraid To Fail

These guys are all legends partly BECAUSE they were willing to fail way more than anyone else.

WATCH: An Epic Supercut Of Every Movie From 2012

Was 2012 a good year for film? Refresh your memory with this super cut of every movie from this year.

A Rap Genius Interview

Mahbod Moghadam is one of the three guys behind Rap Genius, the "Wikipedia-like" site for rap lyrics that recently got $15 million of investment money. I met Mahbod (on the left) through the internet the other day, and emailed him these questions… Mahbod, it was nice to meet you, and thanks for the wine and guacamole. Guac it out homie! Thank you for chillin' with me. Yesterday when I came over to the Rap Genius HQ because of a joke someone else made on Twitter, you were doing yoga to YouTube…

23 Best Music Videos Of 2012

The most innovative, clever, beautiful, and bonkers clips of the year.

Medical Marijuana Advocate On CNN: "I'm 4-5 Times Legal Pot Limit Now"

High on cable. Cannabis Action Coalition's Steve Sarich opposes a Washington State law against driving while stoned.

Men! Hate Hanging Out With Women After Sex?

Boy-oh-boy, does Axe have the product for you.

Syrian Toddlers Brandish Machine Guns In Rebel Video

A group of little boys hold "Free Syrian Army" flags and guns bigger than they are.

12 Days Of Grumpy Cat Christmas

The Grinch has nothing on this cat. One photo a day for the Scrooge in your life.

2012: A Retrospective In Animated GIFs

It's been said that 2012 was the year of the animated GIF, so let's see if we can sum up the whole year in GIFs.

NFL Commissioner Gets His Own Heroic Time Magazine Cover

He's "protecting the game he loves." Oh, so that's what he's been doing.

See The Entire Cast Of "Freaks And Geeks" Reunited

It appears in the aforementioned Vanity Fair Comedy Issue, which just so happens to be guest-edited by the show's creator Judd Apatow.

The Beauty Of Madagascar Tops The Morning Links

If this island isn't on your bucket list, it should be.

The Most Important Presentation Of The Year

This is really important stuff.

There's Something Wrong With This Rube Goldberg Machine

See how long it takes you to notice.

Twitter Reacts To The Great Seattle Space Needle Smokeout

Blurry photos and contact highs. Sounds like any other party.

Clinton Donor Produced Tribute That Prompted 2016 Chatter

The film was solicited and funded privately by Haim Saban without Secretary Clinton's knowledge. Director Richard Kaufman says it had nothing to do with 2016.

16 Photos Of People Smoking Weed At The Space Needle

Washington legalized possession at midnight! And the Space Needle became Stoner HQ.

Liam Neeson Always Needs To Have The Last Word

This supercut from Slacktory shows Liam's obsession with getting the last word (especially if it's threatening to beat someone up).

Conservative Firebrand Jim DeMint Bolts Senate To Lead Heritage Foundation

Longtime conservative agitator may now be bigger problem for Republican leaders on the outside.

What Happened To Rose McGowan?

The former bombshell red-head is looking...different.

Danny DeVito On His Marriage To Rhea Perlman: "We're Working On It"

Just when you thought love was completely dead, a glimmer of hope arrives.

25 Ways to Make Better Holiday Cookies

Easily avoid some common mistakes to make your cookies turn out perfectly.

Demi Moore's Midlife Crisis Continues

She may be 50, but she's still young at heart. The actress was spotted letting loose at a Chanel beach party in Miami. Also, who knew she was friends with Lenny Kravitz?

Why You Shouldn't Headbutt A Football Player If You're Not Wearing A Helmet

Ohio State assistant coach and former New England Patriot star Mike Vrabel got a little too fired up before the Ohio State–Michigan game.

Lindsay Lohan Has Resurfaced, Is Maybe Stalking The Wanted

She was seen backstage at Jingle Ball last night in Philadelphia, in her first appearance since her bar brawl. The brawl where she was apparently fighting over Max George from The Wanted, who was performing at the concert. Possible stage-five clinger alert.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" First Trailer Just Dropped

Lava and lens flares and explosions and cliff-jumping and Benedict Cumberbatch narrating!!! Watch it. Watch it now.

Colin Farrell Is Back On His White Stallion Again

Not quite as glorious as the last time, but still good!

The First And Cutest Same-Sex Couple To Get Married In Seattle

Washington's new marriage law took effect at 12:01 Thursday morning.

Tracy Morgan Reads "Twas The Night Before Christmas" With Jimmy Fallon

Actually, he does more complaining about the holidays than actual reading. Still, it's good 'ol Tracy Morgan at his finest.

Kate Middleton Left The Hospital

How much time do you think the palace put into thinking about what color flowers she should exit with?

Syria Military Prepares Chemical Weapons, American Officials Say

Military awaiting Assad's orders to attack rebels.

The Most Homophobic Twitter Responses To #YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf

Another day, another hashtag, another onslaught of anti-gay bigotry.

One-A-Day Gift Guide: Beautiful Little Speakers

A taste of audiophile sound. Or just a huge upgrade from terrible laptop speakers.

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