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December 7, 2012

The Most Retweeted Tweets Of The Media

According to the Twitter analytics website Favstar, these are the most retweeted tweets of some of the biggest news organizations.

20 Heartbreaking Photos Of The Devastation In The Philippines

Supertyphoon Bopha slammed into the chain of islands. (Warning: graphic content!) The death toll currently stands at 500, with over 400 missing and 310,000 displaced.

Here's A Parrot Driving A Little Buggy

First it was dogs, and now it's birds. Humans, we'd better step up our game before we're replaced as the dominant species on the planet.

"War On Men" Author Says Women Love Her Work

Her piece claiming "women aren’t women anymore" has gotten a lot of positive comments from "women in the media," says Suzanne Venker on Live.

10 Mormons React To The Church's Shift On Sexuality

Both gay and straight members of the Church and those raised Mormon shared their thoughts with BuzzFeed on what the change means to them and their community. "What remains to be seen is whether this will finally filter down to the actual members," one said.

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