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December 7, 2012

Blood Ecology: Tokyo Jungle And The Apocalypse From

To understand why this is unusual, we need to look at the genre of apocalyptic doomsday stories itself. Apocalyptic doomsday stories often serve as present-day morality plays. Mainstream culture has trended toward a secular, scientific basis rather…

Republican Congressman's Excuse For Not Extending The Middle-Class Tax Cuts

Rep. John Duncan (R-TN) admits that he won't extend middle-class tax cuts in order to keep control of the floor out of the hands of Democrats.

Jacintha Saldanha: Family's Grief At 'Suicide' Of Nurse Who Transferred DJs' Hoax Kate Middleton Hospital Call

The body of Jacintha Saldanha was found at an address yards away from King Edward VII Hospital, where she worked, just before 9.30am today.

Jacintha Saldanha, Nurse Who Fell For Kate Middleton Prank Phone Call Commits Suicide

A hospital nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, who fell victim to a prank call to Kate Middleton's hospital room appears to have killed herself just yards away from the hospital where she worked, the Daily Mail reported.

24 Moving Photos From The 71st Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Veterans of the bombing gathered today in Hawaii to remember the 2,400 Americans who lost their lives in the attack 71 years ago.

The Best And Worst Ideas For Upcoming TV Adaptations Of Movies

Bravo has heard our cries and is planning a series based on 1992 camp classic Death Becomes Her. Sadly, not all adaptation ideas are created equal.

Why The New YouTube Design Will Drive You Insane

It makes it extremely hard to see into the past. And isn't that a big part of what YouTube is for?

Heartbreaking Photos Of The Lead Poisoning Outbreak In Nigeria

Gold mining in Nigeria has created a devastating byproduct of lead dust, responsible for hundreds of children's deaths.

New Baby Hippo Poses For Adorable Photos

He was just born at the Berlin Zoo.

37 Reasons Why Staying In Is The Best

Why go out to a stuffy, crowded bar when you can stay home, take off your clothes, and consume a pizza and an entire bottle of wine?

50 Tiny And Adorable DIY Stocking Stuffers

There's only so much you can fit into one stocking. You could also give many of these as party favors or use them as advent calendar gifts.

Nick Nolte Hit The Town Looking As Devilishly Handsome As Ever

Wearing bright pink pants and what looks like a filthy jacket, former Sexiest Man Alive Nick Nolte seems to just not care anymore.

10 Most Popular Tech Stories This Week

One way to figure out the best tech stories of the week: looking at the stuff people are saving with Pocket, the web's biggest read-later service. These are the 10 most-saved tech stories of the week.

So, 2012 Was A Terrible Year For Gluten

The vast majority of the population has no medical reason to shun gluten other than a seemingly fancy way of going "low-carb." Because it's not like Atkins is still cool.

The Cast Of "Now And Then": Then And Now

It's been seventeen years since Thora Birch stuffed her bra with pudding.

Santa Claus Told A Little Kid The Toronto Maple Leafs Suck

Santa must not know the Leafs are currently undefeated this season.

All The Middle Earth Maps Your Cartographer Heart Desires

Everyone knows it isn't a proper fantasy setting without detailed maps of fictional locations. ThinkGeek has you covered whether you're a fan of the classic or prefer Dwarven map-making,

Rebel Wilson Makes A Pretty Great Mermaid

The photos and videos are part of The New York Times Hollywood Heroines piece.

"Star Wars" Was Based On A True Story

A galaxy far, far away looks awfully familiar. In Star Wars And History, historical scholars compare Lucas's universe to our own.

Santa Plays The Sax For A Beluga Whale

The spirit of Christmas personified.

Fantasy Football Dos And Don'ts Week 14

Don't get put in a headlock of fantasy pain! Heed these tips!

Cory Booker Reveals Difficulties Of SNAP Challenge In Video

Critics attack Newark mayor Cory Booker and Michael Strahan for taking on food stamp challenge

Meet The Albanian Bear, A 13-Year Old With 22 Championship Belts

Reshat Mati is such a badass at age 13 that adults are calling him "The Albanian Bear." Undefeated in kickboxing, undefeated in MMA, 22 championship belts!

The Absolute Best Photo Of A Gay Couple Getting Married In Washington State

These two have become the faces of gay marriage in Washington state. They are my everything.

Anderson Cooper Owns One Pair Of Jeans That He Washes "Maybe Twice In Six Months"

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Try Not To Cry At This "30 Rock" Photo

We miss the TGS crew already.

20 Heartbreaking Photos Of The Devastation In The Philippines

Supertyphoon Bopha slammed into the chain of islands. (Warning: graphic content!) The death toll currently stands at 500, with over 400 missing and 310,000 displaced.

40 Ways Beyoncé Ran The World In 2012

Oh, you thought this wasn't Beyoncé's year? WRONG. Every year is Beyoncé's year.

9 Passages From Lena Dunham's Book Proposal Illustrated By Her Instagrams

Lena Dunham submitted a 66-page proposal for an "advice book," which was then purchased by Random House for $3.7 million. Here are some select passages overlayed on her Instagram photos.

The Seventh Cat Of Christmas

The most adorable tree ornament yet.

Obtainium Aluminum Wallet - Own

Enter the aircraft grade, anodized Obtainium wallet. Machined to the hard, smooth dimensions of an old BlackBerry sleeve, this aluminum billfold is designed for quick access to its contents with or without having to open it.

Kristen Wiig Joins Anchorman 2 Cast As Steve Carell's Love Interest

When the internet found out a sequel to Anchorman was happening, the response was nearly Arrested Developian. And it’s about to get positively bacon-esque when Kristen Wiig joins the cast as Brick Tamlan’s love interest.

The Craziest Man In Technology Through The Years

John McAfee, from high school student to grizzled fugitive. A photo timeline of the antivirus pioneer gone rogue.

17 Uncomfortable Moments Under The Mistletoe

Prepare to have all your romantic mistletoe fantasies destroyed.

We Are All This Cat Going In Circles

Do you ever feel like you're not getting anywhere? Like you're just repeating your mistakes, and finding yourself right back where you started every single time? This cat can relate.

24 Clever Things To Do With Wine Glasses

Get inspired for your next dinner party. Hopefully your guests will notice your impressive creativity before the wine really starts flowing.

The Most Retweeted Tweets Of The Media

According to the Twitter analytics website Favstar, these are the most retweeted tweets of some of the biggest news organizations.

10 Best Ways To Spell Hanukkah

There's really no wrong way to spell Hanukkah. Might as well get creative!

Teenage Lena Dunham Threw An Amazing Vegan Dinner Party

In 2003, and The New York Times was ON IT.

Hyper Detailed Hand-Drawn Map Of NYC And Other Links

Jenni Sparks lovingly recreated the five boroughs, down to individual buildings and landmarks.

Senator Asks MTV To Cancel "Buck Wild"

Joe Manchin says the show stereotypes West Virginians in an unflattering way. He's probably right.

101 Bite-Size Party Foods

A comprehensive guide to the best part of the holidays.

Eight Nights Of Latkes At Kutsher's

Things kick off strong with this joint topped with "pastrami smoked duck", pear butter, and sour cherry.

32 Perfect Fall Outfits

If you're sick of the sweater/jeans/boots combo you wear every day, freshen up your chilly-weather wardrobe with these ideas.

Nurse Jacintha Saldanha 'Suicide': Australian DJs Mel Greig And Christian Michael Taken Off Air Amid Global Revulsion At 'Sick Prank'

'SCA and the hosts have decided that they will not return to their radio show, until further notice out of respect for what can only be described as a tragedy.'

"War On Men" Author Says Women Love Her Work

Her piece claiming "women aren’t women anymore" has gotten a lot of positive comments from "women in the media," says Suzanne Venker on Live.

23 Company Holiday Party Blunders To Avoid

Escape with your dignity and employment status still intact.

Instagrams Of The Netherlands' "Black Pete" Christmas Tradition

The Netherlands's holiday celebrations include dressing up as Zwarte Piet, St. Nick's servant.

Filipino Delegate Makes Emotional Plea For Action On Climate Change

Naderev Saño fights tears at the final session of a climate change conference. "If not us, then who? If not now, then when?"

Here's A Parrot Driving A Little Buggy

First it was dogs, and now it's birds. Humans, we'd better step up our game before we're replaced as the dominant species on the planet.

The Only Liquid Worth Talking About

Let's put eggnog in everything ever.

Jurassic Prankster Runs Amok, Is Wonderful

Allosaurus, what are you doing? Eating fast food and ding dong ditching is so beneath you!

Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Spend Second Night Together

The 18-year-old One Direction star has reportedly been sleeping over with Swift at the Greenwich Hotel

LeAnn Rimes Wants Own Kids With Eddie Cibrian

Brandi Glanville may think she's not equipped to look after children, but the singer says she "would love to be a mom"

"Made In The USA" Is Back, Baby

Earlier this morning in a post about Apple manufacturing their products in the US, I wrote "look for this "made in the USA" thing to turn into a trend". Well, Made in the USA is already emerging as a trend in the media. On Tuesday, Farhad Manjoo…

Jacintha Saldanha: 'Our Beloved Jacintha'

The body of Jacintha Saldanha was found at an address yards away from King Edward VII Hospital, where she worked, just before 9.30am today.

Famous Historical Photos Turned Into Selfies

The iconic Times Square V-J Day "Kiss" shot is brilliant. The images were created for the Cape Times, a South African newspaper, by advertising agency Low Cape Town.

Twilight Sparkling Vampire Baby Dolls, From Etsy

Twilight Sparkling Vampire Baby Dolls on sale from Etsy. Thanks to Bean Shanine, you can get your Renesmee-inspired sparkly vampire baby doll.

CeeLo Green Has Gas Problems

Christina Aguilera outed his flatulence issue on Ellen today.

The Lakers Go To The Movies

Pau Gasol cements his legacy as the Likable Laker, Kobe remains a dick.

The 30 Best Photos Of Hillary Clinton From 2012

She drank. She danced. For all we know, she Instagrammed.

The Secrets Of The Internet's Most Beloved Viral Marketer

Matthew Inman's site, The Oatmeal, is one of the biggest comics on the Web. Why the "envy of nearly every cartoonist" is suddenly under siege.

10 Mormons React To The Church's Shift On Sexuality

Both gay and straight members of the Church and those raised Mormon shared their thoughts with BuzzFeed on what the change means to them and their community. "What remains to be seen is whether this will finally filter down to the actual members," one said.

Meet The Dog And The Man Behind This Year's Most Heartwarming Rescue Story

Billy, the wonderful dog who was rescued from a puppy mill by his person, Adam, is hanging out and taking questions live right here. Go check 'em out!

Here's A "Gangnam Style" For Christmas

As it turns out, it sounds pretty good mashed up with Wham's "Last Christmas."

The Complete User's Guide To Playing Dreidel

It's important to know how to play the best game of the holiday season.

Psy Allegedly Rapped "Kill Those Fucking Yankees" In 2004

Eight years before "Gangnam Style," Psy helped cover a song called "Dear American" at an anti-U.S. protest, multiple reports indicate.

10 Adorably Shitty Versions Of Classic Paintings

Reddit artist extraordinaire Shitty_Watercolour has put together a very awesome album of paintings based some very famous works of art.

NFL "Legend" Bernie Kosar Went On The Radio Super Drunk

The Cleveland sports legend got wasted and then called into a local radio show for his typical guest spot. It was a mistake.

The Most-Documented Celebrity Pregnancies Of 2012

Kate Middleton and the cast of Teen Mom have something in common. They generated some of the most pregnancy speculation of any celebs this year, as measured by mentions on tabloid covers.

Awesome Infographic Breaks Down Kobe Bryant's 30,000 Career Points

This week Kobe Bryant became the fifth player in NBA history to score 30,000 points in his career.

Liv Tyler Picks A Winner

At the New York premiere of The Hobbit.

17 Things That All New Yorkers Fear

Hearing the phrase, "Excuse me do you have a minute for..."

Breaking: Sophia Bush Got Bangs

Move over, Kate Middleton, there is another girl with bangs now. Not including the other 17,057,204 girls with bangs.

7 DIY Treats You Won't Be Able To Stop Eating

Just try to make some ancho chili-cinnamon bark and not eat the whole darn pan before it's out of your kitchen.

21 Nightmare-Inducing Dummy Headshots

Forever staring into your soul.

The NFL Will Support Jovan Belcher's Daughter Through College

Some good news for a little girl who needs it.

High-Tech Tattoos Monitor Your Health Tops The Morning Links

In the future, ink could help fine-tune your workout or give you early warning about disease.

New "Iron Man 3" Footage In Japanese Teaser

Looks like Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are happily settled into domestic life together! Until, you know, their house gets blown up.

28 Reasons Why Kids Ruin Christmas

'Tis the season to get your festering little monster a giant lump of coal.

Concerned Penguins Make The Best Sound Ever

As if penguins weren't already perfect little birds.

The Obamas Light The National Christmas Tree

And most importantly, Neil Patrick Harris was there!

Spring Break Like A Man

It's December, which means you're probably already planning a winter/spring getaway. But if you're over 22, going to Cancun is no longer acceptable.

Floppy Disk Table - Own

If your apartment isn't already full of out-of-date electronics, the ~2'x2' black steel Floppy Disk Table should fill the void, being that it's basically an enormous ode to that wondrous data storage device with legs, something the original severely…

Acting Legend Asks Fox News Producer, "Can I Piss On You?"

Emmy winner Ed Asner had some fun with a Fox News producer who was confronting him about an animated video the actor narrated on behalf of the California Federation of Teachers.

See The White House Christmas Card

Starring Bo, the administration's vessel of holiday glee.

Can I Refriend My Ex On Facebook?

Noooooooooooooooo. NO. No.

Amy Poehler's Advice Is Still Better Than Anyone Else's

In this episode of Ask Amy, Amy advises people on how to get guys. Hint: you have to let go, and love yourself first.

Nurse At Kate Middleton's Hospital Found Dead After Prank [Updated]

After being pranked by Australian DJs, she may have committed suicide.

Now You Can Play Portal On Your Graphing Calculator

It's actually Portal Prelude, a side-scrolling Portal fan game similar to this Flash version. Special calc version bonus: less motion sickness!

The Best Ever Explanation For How A Baby Is Made

Ohhhh. It all makes sense now.

Who Was Voted Off The X Factor USA Results Show?

The X Factor results show for the quarterfinals is finally over and the top 4 contestants moving on to the semifinals next week have been announced! Who was

Florida Officials Consider Releasing Genetically Modified Non-biting Mosquitoes In Battle Against Dengue Fever

Mosquito control officials are waiting for the federal government to sign off on the experiment that would be the first of its kind in the U.S. if approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Capital H.S., Charleston, W.Va., Students Get Song Policy Change

CHARLESTON, W.Va., Dec. 6 (UPI) -- A Charleston, W.Va., high school will no longer require students to stand during Friday morning pledges and songs, its principal said.

Gerard Butler's Playing For Keeps Zero Percent On RottenTomatoes

For the past few years, I’ve been convinced that Gerard Butler, Clive Owen, and Anna Faris are all in a contest to see which super-likable actor can ruin their career by choosing horrible projects the fastest. Gerard Butler may have just taken a…

Anyone Care That Gisele Had A Baby Girl?

Or no, because she's just one of many child-bearing celebs who have now been rendered irrelevant by Kate Middleton's pregnancy?

A Weirdly Sad Interview With The Head Of Google+

"I made one tweet and was asked not to do that again by my boss," admitted Vic Gundotra Asked by the interviewer to play a word association game, Gundotra was evidently "unable to come up with a single word to associate with 'Twitter' and 'Facebook.'"

The Most Sexist Beer Stunt Of The Year

An Australian brand is offering "drinkers’ wives and girlfriends a night off from ironing."

Top Democratic Governor Promises Balanced Budgets And Progressive Values

The new chair of the Democratic Governors Association stresses marriage equality and green energy. An endorsement for Cory Booker.

Michael Bolton Once Had An Instructional Softball Video

Best know for anthemic power love ballads, Michael Bolton also once expressed his love for softball in the video "Michael Bolton's Winning Softball".

David Axelrod Shaves His Mustache On Live Television

Obama's top advisor made good on a promise to remove his 40-year-old mustache on the set of MSNBC's Morning Joe after a bet with host Joe Scarborough and a donation from Donald Trump helped raise over $1,000,000 to cure epilepsy.

How To Fry Foods

Follow these easy tips for perfectly fried latkes, doughnuts, fritters and other foods this Hanukkah

Nike Air Jordan XX8 - Style

Modeled after the classic combat boot, this 28th installment in the Air Jordan umptrilogy offers two distinctive looks with a slide of its signature zipper: 1. A sleek, peeled-down modern aesthetic, and 2. A cruder, zipped-above-the-ankle basketgoth…

Jay-Z Meets Explains Who He Is To Old Lady On Subway

Caught on film! While filming a mini-doc, Hova encounters a lady on the subway who's clueless about who he is

Demi Moore's Bizarre Behaviour As She Parties With Lenny Kravitz

The 50-year-old actress played up to the photographers present at the Chanel Beachside Barbecue held at Soho Beach House Miami, leaving friends including Kravitz and George Clooney's girlfriend Stacy Keibler bemused by her antics.

Gretchen Molannen With Debilitating Sexual Arousal Disorder Commits Suicide

Agony: Gretchen Molannen, 39, pictured on her Facebook page wearing a mask, committed suicide on December 1 because of a debilitating condition which caused her to have repeated, uncontrollable orgasms

Good Grief! A Clinical Diagnosis Of Republicans Who Can’t Deal With Losing

It’s been a month since Election Day, but grief takes time. Jennifer Granholm explores the five stages of GOP grief — denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, finally, acceptance — and where various Republicans are in the grieving process.

41 Dogs Celebrating Hanukkah

These pups are all ready for 8 nights of lighting candles, playing dreidel and eating latkes.

Anderson Cooper Goes Blind From Sunburn

The talk-show host explained that exposure to the sun caused him to temporarily lose his sight

The Best Photos Of 2012

My favorite end-of-the-year lists are always the photos. Here are a few that have made their way online so far; I'll be updating this list throughout the month so send me your lists.

Stephen Colbert To America: I'm "Honored" And Ready To Serve In The US Senate // Current TV

Stephen Colbert has his opening. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), the tea party icon, announced Thursday that he will retire from the US Senate in January, leaving

The Phoenix Coyotes Are Changing Names

In surprisingly non-lockout NHL news, the Phoenix Coyotes are considering a name and slogan change for the new NHL season. You know, whenever THAT happens.

Ashton Kutcher Looks The Spitting Image Of Steve Jobs As Official Photo Of Him As Apple Boss Is Released

Earlier this year he was spotted filming scenes in character as late Apple founder Steve Jobs, revealing snippets of just how alike he is to the tech wizard.

My Grandpa's Cheat Sheet To Remember What I Do For A Living

My grandfather turns 95 this Sunday. Every time I see him, he asks me again what I do for a living. He once asked, “The internet… now that’s on computers?” Anyway, I was at his birthday party this past weekend, and I discovered that he carries…

The "World War Z" Trailer Works Better As A Chanel Ad

Conan O'Brien is still obsessed with Brad Pitt's infamous Chanel ad. From Conan, here's a mash-up with the World War Z trailer.

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