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December 4, 2012

Katt Williams Slap Victim -- Target FIRED ME Over The Incident

11:22 AM PT -- A Target spokesperson confirms Forrest has been fired from the store ... but explains, "His departure was unrelated to the video footage…

Pregnant Holly Madison Hospitalized With Extreme Morning Sickness

Nearly seven months along with a baby girl, the star received medical care Monday

Mitt Romney Hits Costco -- Buys Toy Car (Manufactured In China)

Mitt Romney went on a MASSIVE (and fiscally responsible) shopping spree at a Costco near his home in La Jolla, CA this week ... stocking up on all sorts…

The New Orleans Hornets Will Change Their Name To The Pelicans And We Made A New Logo For Them

We took the liberty of mocking up a new, pelican-centric visual identity for the team.

9 Celebrity Cats Immortalized In Nail Art

The Internet's two favorite passions joined as one.

Rajon Rondo Spent His NBA Suspension In Mexico

The escapades of Rajon Rondo.

George Takei Had Lunch With Donald Trump

Ohhh myyyy. Is The Donald finally softening his stance on gay marriage?

10 Disturbing Covers From Vintage French Satire Magazine

Hara Kiri, subtitled "stupid and vicious magazine," certainly pushed the taste envelope. Warning: fake gross and violent images ahead.

10 Things Not To Do When Meeting Your Internet Friends IRL

The transition from online to in person can be rough, especially when you can't save face with a well-placed emoticon. Here are 10 DON'TS for those first real-life encounters.

30 Most Disturbing Face Swaps Of 2012

Who doesn't love a good face swap? Here are the best ones from the past year.

Video Proof That Beyonce Didn't Use A Surrogate For Blue Ivy

Ever since I first heard the conspiracy rumors that Beyonce faked her pregnancy and used a secret surrogate mother to house Blue Ivy, I followed them religiously. As a real American, I obviously worshipped the ground Beyonce walked on. But that…

A Conversation With The Internet's Worst, And Proudest, Douche Bag

Hunter Moore, creator of the revenge porn site IsAnyoneUp, is launching a new site that he says will make you "question if you will ever want to have kids." Here's a simple question: Why?

The Fault In Our Stars, John Green

If you’re wondering why sales of young-adult books are up, even with all the challenges the publishing industry is facing, it’s because of novels like this one. The Fault in Our Stars is about teenagers who happen to have cancer, but it’s not a…

Inevitability Rears Its Head As Call Of Duty Sales May Be Lower Than Usual

The videogame industry lacks any single, reliable sales tracker, particularly when accounting for digital sales, which is absolutely crucial for getting a full picture of the industry. Despite this, Call of Duty is widely accepted as the dominant…

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers — Winter Premiere — Season 3B

Happy Tuesday, Pretty Little Liars fans! We’re exactly five weeks from the Jan. 8 winter premiere, but because we at hate waiting just as much as you do, we’re teasing five of our favorite surprise moments from the episode — which…

VIDEO: Honest Trailer For The Dark Knight Rises

ScreenJunkies seems to have a good thing going with their “Honest Trailers” series, and their latest coincides with today’s DVD release of The Dark Knight Rises (see our guide to this week’s DVD releases). In keeping with the sheer number of…

Why A Big-Time Big Ten Coach Would Defect To Arkansas

Bret Bielema is leaving Wisconsin on the doorstep of its third consecutive Rose Bowl for Arkansas, which has been in the BCS once. Didn't he know the Big Ten just added Maryland?!?!?

Quiz: What Celebrity Tweeted This?

2012 was a great year for truly weird celebrity tweets. How well do you know your celebrity tweeters?

20 Examples That Spencer's Gifts Hates Women

Tell us how you really feel. You will never see a more wretched hive of fedoras and misogyny.

How To Exercise With Your Cat

It's actually really easy - you just need one of those cats who is, like, all about getting things done and improving herself and whatever. And a treadmill.

8 Photos Of Zac Efron Looking Hot In The Philippines

He was visiting Misibis Bay and...yeah, he's perfect.

Anderson Cooper On Going Blind For 36 Hours (Video)

Anderson Cooper lost his vision -- and lived to tell the tale. The CNN newsman went temporarily blind -- for 36 hours -- last week while on assignment for CBS' 60 Minutes in Portugal. Cooper relayed the experience on his daytime talk show Tuesday, with Christie Brinkley alongside him as guest co-host.

Renting Vs. Buying A Home: Which Makes More Sense?

One way to tell whether it’s better to rent or buy is by checking the price-to-rent ratio (or P/R ratio). This number gives you a rough idea whether homes in your area are fairly priced. Figuring a P/R ratio isn’t tough. All you do is:

Carine Felizardo Is Miss BumBum Brasil 2012 [66 PHOTOS]

Back in October, we showed you the women of Miss Bumbum Brazil. And now there’s a winner. Congratulations to Carline Felizardo who represented her Brazilian state of Para to beat out representatives from the countries’ other 26 states to become Miss…

Jovan Belcher Murder/suicide: The NFL Has A Serious Domestic Violence Problem.

Crime is Slate’s new crime blog. Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter @slatecrime. On Saturday, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins to death. Then he drove to the Chiefs’ practice facility,…

Irony Is Wonderful, Terrific, Fantastic!

An op-ed appeared in The Times a couple of weeks ago, called "How to Live Without Irony," and it tore around the Internets like a brush fire. In this essay Christy Wampole, an assistant French professor at Princeton, complained and complained about…

Hilary Duff Wears Size 26 Skinny Jeans 8 Months After Baby

"It's paying off" the new mom tweeted off her post-pregnancy workouts

IOC Bans India From The Olympics

It may be time to add more people to the Independent Olympic Athletes.

Check Out Crate & Barrel's "Beggar Wallet"

"Inspired by the iconic blue and white coffee cup often seen in the hands of New York City panhandlers."

Cringe Inducing Suspension Wedding And Other Links

To each their own on their special day?

All The Fake Royal Baby Twitter Feeds Are Royally Disappointing

The competition to become the go-to parody account for Kate Middleton's unborn child is getting uncomfortably fierce. Do we really need to make "Kate doesn't eat solid food" jokes when she's laid up in the hospital?

Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Totally Hooked Up Last Night

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Tyra Banks News - Tyra Banks Stuns In Gold On 'Cosmopolitan' Cover, Talks Positive Body Image

Tyra Banks isn't perfect -- she's flawsome. The supermodel dazzles on the cover of Armenia's Cosmopolitan this month. Donning a gold hip-hugging bandage dress, the sexy America's Top Model host s …

New York Post Cover Shows Ki Suk Han, Man Run Over By Subway Train, Moments Before Death

The cover of Tuesday's New York Post — which shows a man moments before he was fatally struck by a subway train —is sparking outrage from readers.

38 Clever Christmas Food Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Christmas doesn't have to be the most stressful holiday of the year. You're totally allowed to take shortcuts, especially if you're playing host.

Congress Hearing On Vaccines Is A Farce Of Dangerous Antivax Nonsense.

[Note from the author: This is not my first vaccine rodeo, and I expect some interesting remarks in the comments section. As always, I have copiously linked key phrases in this article to more information backing up my claims. Please read them…

Ric Flair's Wife Files For Legal Separation -- You're A Dirty Cheater ... This Marriage Is Over!!

Ric Flair's latest marriage has officially hit the mat -- his fourth wife has filed for legal separation ... claiming the legendary pro wrestler was as…

J.P. Rosenbaum & Ashley Hebert Wedding Details — Dress, Cake & More

Ashley’s wedding to J.P. was anything but ordinary, according to a new report! In fact, their Dec. 1 ceremony in Pasadena, California was romantic, tender and intimate from the dress to the c...

6 Mental Conditions That Could Be Mistaken For Superpowers

So, in the interest of karmic rebalancing, I've identified a number of rare mental conditions that, when looked at in a slightly different light, appear to be less a cause for mockery and more a cause for envy, because they're pretty clearly perfect…

40 DIY Home Decor Ideas That Aren't Just For Christmas

The holidays are so ephemeral. These stylish decorating ideas are festive, yet they also work beyond the month of December.

The Best And Worst In College Bowl Gift Baskets

Proof that Matt Barkley should have gone pro last year.

Exploding Soda Commercial Has Coke, Pepsi Nervous

The spot was banned in the UK because it "denigrated the bottled drinks market." No matter, it's gone viral on YouTube.

Mr. Burns Explains The Fiscal Cliff

It's something like this.

A-Z Guide To Fried Foods

Hanukkah's answer to the Advent calendar is finally here.

Awkward Romance Novel Excerpts

The latest viral buzz from

Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kim Zolciak Is Out Of Her Pregnant Mind

She’s barely even been on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and I’ve already had more than enough of Kim Zolciak. I’d never seen past seasons of the show, so all I knew about her was that she had a shitty wig and a reputation for drama,…

The Olsen Twins Are Selling A $55,000 Backpack

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are selling 12 backpacks, made of crocodile skin and encrusted with prescription pills (fun fact: Mary Kate was dating Heath Ledger when he overdosed on prescription pills in 2008), as part of their clothing and accessory…

Look At This Instagram

The best Instagram parody yet. And maybe the best Nickelback parody too?

Sprig & Sprout - Food - Glover Park

Only an idiot would need directions on how to eat (duh, it's: bite, swallow, chew -- wait no...bite, chew, swallow. Yeah: bite, chew, swallow). But do you know how to eat well? Enter Sprig & Sprout, which serves up fast casual Vietnamese in a space…

Literary Fashions For Serious Book Nerds

We don’t cover too much fashion here at Flavorpill, but we do very much enjoy new ways to express our lit-nerdiness, whether it’s people dressed up as literal books or fashion designers inspired by literature. Recently, we saw a dress that might be…

The Confessions Of A Sniper: A Rebel Gunman In Aleppo And His Conscience

The sharpshooter had been a zealous convert to the cause of overthrowing Bashar Assad but one fateful and tragic assignment has unsettled his soul

Letterman, Led Zeppelin Celebrated At Kennedy Center Honors

The late-night host, the legendary rock band, a Hollywood actor, a ballerina and a bluesman took the stage last night

27 Christmas Decorations That Will Haunt Your Dreams

If these can see you while your sleeping you're in some serious trouble.

9 Things Millennials Were Accused Of Ruining In 2012

This year, the 18 to 30 set was blamed for destroying everything from the military to the beef industry. And just about everything else.

Papa John's Obamacare Stance Costs Company Its Reputation

Turns out nobody wants a side of politics with their pizza. The opinion of Papa John's among recent casual diners dropped precipitously after CEO John Schnatter's public comments about Obamacare, according to a new study from YouGov BrandIndex,…

25 Biggest Celebrity Scandals Of 2012

This year was slow in sex tapes, but heavy in arrests. Let's reminisce about this year's celebrity hullabaloos.

Little Boy Adorably Crashes CNN Segment

4-year-old Gavin is THE BEST. Also totally distracting from his mom and sister, who are advocating for gender-neutral toy marketing.

Dear Prudence: My Friend Is Being Abused By Her Husband.

Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence, is on weekly to chat live with readers. An edited transcript of the chat is below. (Sign up here to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. Read Prudie’s Slate columns here. Send…

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: Tuesday Morning Hotel Departure!

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles leave her downtown hotel within minutes of each other on Tuesday morning (December 4) in New York City.

Jovan Belcher & Kasandra Perkins — Trey Songz Affair Lead To Shooting

Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher murdered his 22-year-old girlfriend Kasandra Perkins after reportedly assuming she was having an affair with R&B singer Trey Songz. After shooting the mother of his child dead, Jovan drove to Arrowhead stadium…

Rob Kardashian Claims Rita Ora Cheated On Him With '20 Dudes'

In the words of Rita Ora, "R.I.P" to her relationship with Rob Kardashian. But the reality star is not letting the split go peacefully. On Monday morning, Kardashian lit up his Twitter page with the outrageous claim that the British singer, who he…

Colorado's John Hickenlooper Set To Take Leadership Role

The top three posts at the Democratic Governors Association are set. The group is meeting in Los Angeles for their annual conference to make Vermont's Shumlin chairman, as O'Malley steps a rung down to focus on 2016.

25 Reasons Why "Home Alone 2" Is Way Better Than The Original

Would you rather be stuck at home or lost in New York with your dad's credit card?

3 Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies Worth Baking

Is stupid old wheat keeping you out of the cookie jar? Not anymore!

Anne Hathaway Goes Punk For "Glamour"

She's just being Miley.

Every Episode Of "The View" Ever

The closed caption operator has had enough of this crap. (H/T HUFFPOST)

The Amazing New Gaming Console That Doesn't Really Exist

It's got an amazing selection of games and a thriving social network, not to mention that it's free. But the most interesting new console in years doesn't even have hardware.

Grumpy Cat And Falcor From "The NeverEnding Story" Had A Lovechild

Grumcor or Falumpy? Either way, this will be the most adorable abomination against nature you see today.

Annals Of Washington Shamelessness: Republican Policy Committee

Flip-flopping Republican group hits Harry Reid for flip-flopping. All in a day's work on the Hill.

Meet Corgnelius, The Cutest Corgi Ever

He's got everything: sweet clothes, a charming smile, and (of course) an adorable corgi butt.

Andrei Kirilenko: Economist Or NBA Weirdo?

The world isn't big enough for one Andrei Kirilenko. But can you tell the difference between famed economist Kirilenko and famed weird NBA player Kirilenko?

Hakkasan - Bars - Downtown - Thrillist San Francisco

Not just how you'd phonetically spell out a particularly bad sneeze, Hakkasan is also the SF edition of the lauded, high-end Chinese establishments already in New York, London, Vegas, and Dubai.

Shaman - Food - West Town - Thrillist Chicago

No longer simply just your World of Warcraft go-to for nature and elemental magics, Shaman's a new outpost from the Chilam Balam folks bringing their brand of Mexican-influenced small plates southward to a funky dive sporting an orange glow courtesy…

Dizzying Photos From Insane Vantage Points

Cool vantage points, would have been nice to know where photos is taken. Some is hard to watch feel dizzy. Good job!

Decembeaver: It's Like Movember, Only For Women, And For Pubic Hair.

So we’ve made it through Movember, that silly month in which men on your Facebook wall grow out their mustaches “for cancer.” (Because one cannot simply donate to groups like the American Cancer Society—a stunt must be involved.) Now it’s the…

Queen Of Etsy With Rachel Leigh Cook, Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Tracey Gold From Funny Or Die, Rachael Leigh Cook, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tracey Gold, Lauren Lapkus, Drew Tarver, Mike Mitchell, Alex Fernie, Brett W. Bachman, And Christin Trogan

Etsy is run by a maniacal queen named Ellie Harper (Rachel Leigh Cook). After Maggie Chester (Tracey Gold) is attacked by the Queen of Etsy, FBI Agent Michael Peck (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) investigates.

Grimes And The Internet Apocalypse

Claire Boucher makes truly futuristic — and incredibly emotional — music about growing up with social media.

The Eight-Minute Tribute Video That Convinced David Remnick Hillary Clinton Is Running For President

Obama weighs in: "A lot's been said about our personal relationship, and here's what I've become a great friend."

Brent Bozell Threatens Republicans Who Vote For Boehner Proposal

"The Republican Party has now surrendered its principles and is in full retreat," says the conservative activist. The solution? Fund the Tea Party.

Grumpy Cat Has The Worst Monday Ever

BuzzFeed's newest hotshot hire isn't really working out.

FreedomWorks Also Lost Their Director Of Campaigns

Brendan Steinhauser leaving for a job in Texas.

8 Child-Rearing Tips For Will And Kate From Monarchs Of The Past

A look back at the childhoods of British monarchs offers some lessons for raising the royal baby-to-be: For instance, teasing is a bad idea, but tadpoles on toast are fine.

The Golfer Who Wouldn't Let Two Bum Hearts Kill His Dream

Thirty-three-year-old journeyman Erik Compton survived Q-School and secured his PGA Tour card for the second year running. This is how you beat long odds.

Republican Comeback Plan May Focus On Education

The message: "We do care about people, not just the wealthy,” says an aide. It's all about the children!

Mitt Romney Goes To Costco

The undercover former presidential candidate was spotted shopping at Costco in La Jolla by TMZ. He's pulling a Biden!

Coco Laurent - Food - Downtown - Thrillist Los Angeles

From the dude behind Crocker Club, Coco Laurent's a totally legit Parisian bar and bistro (seriously, the chef is an expat and he's seen Ratatouille, like, three times) with a massive 7000sqft floorplan decked with handmade chandeliers flown in from…

Masturbation Contest In China Held To Celebrate Safe Sex On World AIDS Day (NSFW VIDEO)

It's tempting to say everyone in this contest is a loser -- no matter who finishes first. However, the organizers of China's first World AIDS Day Masturbation Contest say they're just celebrating HIV risk-free sexual freedom, according to…

Florida’s Voting Fiasco

In the end, President Obama won enough electoral votes elsewhere for Florida’s tally not to affect the result. And a good thing, too, because the final numbers didn’t come out in the Sunshine Sate for four days. On Saturday, Nov. 10, the Associated…

The 10 Most Horrible Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

The way you get popular on Twitter seems about the same way you get popular in real life: Be funny and interesting and know the right people. Still, the Internet thinks you can get there without actually being, you know, followable. Here's how (not) to do it!

Nick Lachey Accuser -- He Choked Me And Called My Wife A B*tch

Nick Lachey isn't just a heckler ... he CHOKED a San Diego Chargers fan at Qualcomm Stadium on Sunday and called the guy's wife a "f**king b*tch" ... this…

"The Walking Dead" Season 3 Recapped In Memes

Roam free, young Carl. SPOILERS, obviously.

Meet Tinker, The Salvation Army Mini-Horse

He's a tiny horse with a bell that collects donations for the less-fortunate, truly amazing.

Taylor Swift Ruins Everything

Why do you do this to us, Taylor? WHY?

What Will The Royal Baby Look Like?

The best and worst of Kate Middleton and Prince William's digitally rendered offspring.

Dane DeHaan Cast As Harry Osborn In "Spider-Man" Sequel

Wait, who? It was announced today that DeHaan will be joining the cast for the yet unnamed sequel starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Amazing Photos Of Super Typhoon Botha Gathering Strength

Botha went from “Typhoon” status to “Super Typhoon” with sustained winds of over 160 mph. It's expected to make landfall in Philippines for a second time with the intensity of a category 2 hurricane.

Egyptian Protesters Clash With Riot Police Outside Presidential Palace

Thousands continue to demonstrate against President Morsi's assumption of expanded powers. Police have fired tear gas into the crowd, and Morsi has reportedly fled the palace.

Lindsay Lohan Owes $230K In Unpaid Taxes, Report

According to TMZ, Lilo's bank accounts have been seized by the IRS to alleviate her almost quarter-million-dollar debt

Anderson Cooper Has An Eye Patch

Cooper posted this photo on Twitter, saying he was temporarily blinded by UV light bouncing off water. Don't worry, he'll explain everything later on Anderson Live. What a tease!

LOL! Chelsea Handler Wears Christina Aguilera Bodysuit To Surprise Blake Shelton

"Happy Christmas to me!" the Voice mentor said upon seeing the talk show host in fishnets and leather

Photo Of The Boys Of "Parks And Rec" With The Indianapolis Colts

Maybe it's Ron's perfect posture, or Aziz's slightly spacey face, but whatever it is this photo is great.

Film Gets Young Women To Speak Up About Sex

"I always felt really, really guilty about it, but I kept doing it. So really, how guilty can you feel?"

19 Lessons Learned From Amanda Bynes' Year Of Bad Decisions

So many poor choices, so little time.

Gillian Jacobs: Then And Now

The gorgeous Community actress at one point wore giant glasses and was still adorable.

New York Post Publishes Horrifying Cover Of Man About To Die On Subway Tracks

The New York Post ran a cover this morning of a man seconds before he was hit by a subway. Many are outraged that nothing was done to help him.

10 Commandments Of Awesome Hot Chocolate

Back away from the cocoa powder. It's only bringing you down.

Amazing Transparant Frogs Top The Morning Links

Does this make them "glasshoppers"?

Christopher Meloni Mustache Update: The 'Stache Is In Full Effect

And since it's now December and "Movember" is over, it seems like the true thing.

Grizzly Bear Is The "Frasier" Of Rock Music

It's kind of an intuitive thing, but yes, they are.

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Photos

After months -- well, years -- of speculation (and okay, hoping!), Kate Middleton and Prince William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge o

Zachary Quinto Embraces His "Killer" Eyebrows

As pointed out by Conan last night, his brows alone could (probably) kill a man.

Blake Page: Why I Don't Want To Be A West Point Graduate

The title West Point Graduate carries a great deal of weight in this world. Those who earn it are given a "golden ticket" and wear a "ring of power" which will certainly carry them to successful careers with doors flung open in the military, in…

Royal Twins: If Kate And William Have Twins, Which One Would Be King Or Queen?

The world is still trying to come to grips with the fact that everyone's favorite royal couple is expecting a baby, but already attention has shifted to whether that unborn child will one day ascend to the throne of England. (Short answer: Quite…

The Walking Dead Review: Season 3 Episode 8 Made To Suffer Recap

“It now is a weird and silly thing on the part of The Walking Dead writers, as they are indeed in the habit of killing off their current black, male character once a new black, male character is introduced,” writes Eric Goldman of IGN. “I’d seen…

Barefoot NYC Man Isn't Homeless

(Newser) – Looks like Jeffrey Hillman's problems are a lot more complicated than mere shoelessness: The 54-year-old panhandler given new shoes by an NYPD officer and seen barefoot again days later…

Cleveland Browns Analysts Have Nothing To Do At This Point But Laugh About Penises

Cleveland continues to entertain itself, because the pro sports teams sure won't do it.

When The Cops Want Your Username

California is demanding usernames from 73,000 registered sex offenders. Are sex offenders a special case — or is this a new, Facebook-driven vision of online identity starting to spread?

8 Controversial Cookie Ads

In honor of National Cookie Day, today. One of the ads is NSFW.

50 Quilts To Eye, Create, Or Buy

Forget old lady quilting stereotypes. Nowadays, these blankets are all kinds of hip, quirky, and modern — ideal for snuggling or decorating a wall.

Justin Timberlake's Child Pageant Days

Step aside, Honey Boo Boo.

The Third Man - Bars - Alphabet City

Named after the best Orson Welles movie to ever have a score entirely performed with a zither (look it up!), The Third Man is the cocktaily creation of the team behind neighboring Edi & The Wolf. They've created a roster of "chef-driven" drinks to…

New York Film Critics: A Perfect Score For 'Zero Dark Thirty'

Zero Dark Thirty, the scrupulous docudrama about one CIA analyst’s search for Osama bin Laden, was named Best Film by this venerable group of 33 reviewers (including me) for Gotham-based newspapers, magazines and web sites, which also cited ZDT’s…

Hilary Duff Weight Loss: Actress Back In Her Size 26 Jeans After Giving Birth (PHOTO)

Eight months after giving birth, Hilary Duff is back in her skinny jeans.

London Fletcher Is Your New Favorite Football Player

This man should be required to wear a microphone at all times. Thankfully he was wearing one for Monday Night Football, because he's hilarious and insane.

Millie Mackintosh's Best Christmas Gifts To Give Your Girlfriend

Not a fan of traipsing through House of Fraser like some kind of face-care foreigner for your girlfriend's Xmas gift? Fear not, Millie Mackintosh is here to help.

Art Basel Guide - Entertainment

Why You Care: The usually beach-only Deco Bikes are coming over the bridge for you to pedal to five different murals. Plus, both the stations and murals have phone-scannable QR codes so you can pretend like you actually knew things about the… The Deets: Bike stations located at Wood Tavern and across from Art Miami in Midtown.

Tree Tents - Home + Gadgets

Developed under the Fern Gullyian philosophy that "forests are our future", Tree Tents are sustainable, aluminum & wooden framed spherical shelters (skinned in waterproof canvas) that can be rigged up in tree branches.

The Bizarre Architectural Remains Of World’s Fairs

World’s Fairs are to technology and innovation what the Olympics are to sport and the human spirit. An extravagant public exhibition that — believe it or not — still takes place today (the next one is in Milan in 2015), the international fairs are…

How U.S. Firms Like Google And Amazon Minimize Their European Taxes

Some tax 'loopholes' are legal, but could nonetheless hurt firms’ image with consumers.

14 Babies Who Don't Want To Go To Your Ugly Sweater Party

They'll follow your stupid rules and wear the damn sweaters. But they aren't going to like it.

The Ultimate 2012 Playlist

Catch up on all of the year's best music with this 11-hour megamix.

Kobe Bryant Is A Dick: Part 9,382

After the Lakers' Sunday night loss to the Magic, Kobe once again took the opportunity to talk to reporters about his teammate, Pau Gasol.

Octomom -- I'm Going To The AVN Awards!

Octomom is so excited her solo porn tape got nominated for four AVN Awards, she plans on going to the ceremony in Las Vegas ... and she expects to go home…

Israel: Will Netanyahu’s Settlement Plan Doom Two-State Solution?

If the U.N. has moved to declare Palestine is a state, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu then has a few things to say — and do — about that. The 1.6 million Palestinians living on the Gaza Strip are already separated by 40 km (25 miles) from…

'Walking Dead' Season 3 Midseason Finale Ratings

October's premiere scored 10.9 million total viewers, making it the highest-rated episode in series history, up more than 50 percent from its record-breaking season two premiere. The episode previously stood as the biggest telecast for any drama…

A Future Without War? It’s More Likely Than You Think

Norwegian researchers predict that the world could see the number of wars halve by 2050. But the outlook is not rosy for everyone.

Can Afghanistan Sort Out Its Cross-Border Water Issues?

Water is a critical issue in Afghanistan — and for countries like Iran and Pakistan that are dependent on four of the five river basins that flow out of Afghanistan to irrigate their territories. Meanwhile, though the Afghans currently have enough…

10 Awesome Photos Of Hawaii's Volcano Spewing Lava Into The Ocean

On Nov. 23, 2012, lava from the Kilauea volcano met the sea for the first time in 11 months. And it looked pretty cool.

15 Of The Most Horrifying Holiday Decorations

Untangle your holiday lights, slip into a cozy sweater, and dust off your menorah: it’s the time of year when people channel their inner Clark Griswold and go wild decorating their homes. We love to partake in some homey holiday cheer, but sometimes…

Nick Lachey KICKED OUT Of NFL Game ... For Talking Smack

2:15 PM PT -- Lachey has issued a statement about the situation on Twitter ... saying, "For the record, i was not kicked out of the chargers game for…

Animal Crossing Apocalypse: After The End Of The Wild World From

We pick up the pieces as we explore how even a non-violent game world can end.

And Now Rihanna’s In Her Underwear With Chris Brown In Case The Other Instagrams Weren’t Clear

Because these two really want everyone to know they’re fucking without just tweeting, “Hey, we’re fucking,” Rihanna and Chris Brown have another super-subtle Instagram, only this time around he posted it on his fuckyopictures (Yup.) account with the…

Nope, You Can't Actually See Your "Biggest Stalker" On Facebook

A viral guide to revealing your Facebook stalkers with a simple browser trick isn't true, says the company. So what the hell does it do?

Disney Loses Appeal Of Massive $319 Million 'Millionaire' Verdict

The largest verdict in a profits case in Hollywood history has been upheld on appeal. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeal on Monday denied the Walt Disney Co.'s request for a new trial of its $319 million loss to the producer of the former hit ABC series Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Blake Shelton Brings Comedy, R-Rated Claymation To Christmas Special

Blake Shelton’s Not-So-Family Christmas Special premieres on NBC Monday night, and while there is some of the irreverent material implicitly promised by the title, viewers will also get plenty of traditional caroling from the country star and his… Maybe not. “How f---in’ old do you think I am?” Shelton barks, suddenly making his questioner feel very f---in’ old indeed.

Found: Alana Blanchard (32 Photos) :

Alana Blanchard has quickly become one of the most recognized surfers in the world. Just about every photo she takes is dripping with internet gold. Alana's not only the proud owner of a world-class tush, she's also really good at her job.

Marvin Gaye's Son Blasts Lenny Kravitz-Led Biopic

What's going on? Not much, just Marvin Gaye's son expressing his displeasure at the recent news that his father's life is being turned into a biopic starring Lenny Kravitz.

Kate Middleton Pregnant - Jean Paul Gaultier New Line

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is pregnant with her first child with Prince William. {ABC News}

Family Mad After Dolphin Bites Girl At SeaWorld

(Newser) – An Atlanta family is at odds with SeaWorld today after a playful dolphin leaped up and bit the family's 8-year-old girl on the hand, CNN reports. The Thomases say they posted a video of Jillian…

Joe Jonas Is Dating Someone Named Blanda Eggenschwiler

I feel like Joe Jonas is punking us right now, because according to the internet, he is really and truly dating someone named Blanda Eggenschwiler. BLANDA. EGGENGSCHWILER. Honestly, he’s just making things too easy for me at this point. Blanda is…

Annie Award Nominations 2012: Disney/Pixar Lead Best Picture Contenders

Disney/Pixar’s Brave, DreamWorks Animation’s Rise of the Guardians, and Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph all received the most nominations—ten each—in the feature categories for the 40th Annual Annie Awards for animation. Close behind are Focus/LAIKA’s…

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask And The Clockwork Apocalypse From

The rating generated a lot of buzz about the maturation of the Zelda series, and that buzz was especially voluminous because Twilight Princess followed after the bright, cel-shaded visuals in Wind Waker (which generated a lot of criticism for being…

Shania Twain, 47, Stuns In A Jeweled Catsuit During First Concert In 8 Years (PHOTOS)

Shania Twain made her concert comeback yesterday, ending her eight-year hiatus to perform a sold out show in Las Vegas. The audience gave her a standing ovation as soon as she cruised onto the stage on a motorcycle. And, we have to say, she looked…

Prince William Leaves Hospital After Kate’s Pregnancy News

Prince William leaves King Edward VII Hospital after his wife Kate Middleton‘s pregnancy was announced on Monday evening (December 3) in London, England.

Get Your First Good Look At ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 3

After a ridiculously sparse teaser trailer just a few weeks ago, we’ve finally gotten our first glimpse at Season 3 of Game of Thrones — and from the looks of things, it’s going to be at least as epic as usual, and perhaps even more so. “This is the…

Das Racist Breaks Up, Devastating Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bells Everywhere

The duo recorded several songs for a new record before its split.

This Dreaming English Bulldog Puppy Is Just Too Much

Oh my god, just wait for that little arm to wiggle!

Teen Mom Prioritizes Ke$ha Concert Over Court Orders

Wake up in my cell feelin' like P. Diddy.

The 10 Albums You Need To Hear In December

December is traditionally a pretty dire month for album releases, and this year is no exception — but still, having said that, there’s enough noteworthy records dropping over the next four weeks to at least make our regular monthly “Albums You Need…

10 Famous Writers On How To Read

Recently, we came across Kurt Vonnegut’s term paper assignment for his 1965 “Form of Fiction” course at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, recently reprinted in Kurt Vonnegut: Letters, edited by Dan Wakefield. Needless to say, the assignment is almost a…

New York Film Critics Circle Awards 2012 Winners Announced

Kathryn Bigelow has awards season in her scope. The Oscar-winner took home best picture and best director awards from the New York Film Critics Circle on Monday for her film Zero Dark Thirty, which details the decade-long manhunt for Osama bin Laden.

Nicole Scherzinger Shines On 'X Factor' U.K.

It hasn't been a banner year for The X Factor U.K. The series, whose performance show airs on Saturday nights, has been averaging eight million viewers, a significant drop from the 14 million of 2010 -- Simon Cowell's last year as a judge. As for…

Florida Disqualifies Christian Slater's Election Day Vote

Christian Slater, who chronicled on Twitter his hours-long wait to vote in Florida on Election Day, took to the social media platform Friday to reveal the ballot he’d cast was rejected. Slater posted a letter on Twitter from Miami-Dade County, which said the provisional ballot he’d cast had not been counted because the signature on the ballot did not match the one on his voter registration records. The letter was addressed to…

'Army Wives' Season 7 Spoilers: Ashanti, Torrey DeVitto, Elle McLemore Join The Cast

Ashanti, Torrey DeVitto and Elle McLemore are reporting for duty on Army Wives. The trio have booked series regular roles on the upcoming seventh season of the Lifetime drama, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Sundance 2013: Festival Unveils 2 Star-Studded Noncompetition Categories

The highly anticipated Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS, will close the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, organizers announced Monday afternoon.

'Walking Dead': Tyreese's Group

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Sunday's Walking Dead midseason finale and the comic series the drama is based on.] Sunday's midseason finale of AMC's The Walking Dead marked the debut of comic book fan favorite Tyreese, who fled to safety at the prison, where Carl rescued them from a walker attack and led them to safety -- and subsequently locked them up in a…

Why Soccer Threatens The NHL

Meanwhile in the north part of North America, the MLS added a team in the very heart of ice hockey this year, the Montreal Impact. It’s the third MLS team in Canada, and the new boys drew crowds of 60,000 plus at the Olympic Stadium before moving…

Wendy Williams Gets Naked For PETA

Talk show host Wendy Williams is the latest celebrity to bare all for a cause. Earlier this week the star (fully clothed) unveiled her "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign in Times Square in New York City.

10 Things The Fast Food Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

Think your Big Mac was flipped by a teenager just looking for some pocket change?

Weekend Box Office: 'Killing Them Softly' Opens Quietly While 'Twilight' Maintains Lead

Directed by Andrew Dominik ("Chopper"), "Killing Them Softly" has been well-received by critics, but heavily panned by audiences. The movie earned an uncommon F CinemaScore from those that saw it, and brought in $7 million for its opening weekend.…

Christopher Krumm Attacked Father James Krumm With Bow And Arrow, Stabbed Heidi Arnold

CASPER, Wyo. -- Gravely wounded by an arrow fired into his head, a Wyoming college instructor still managed to wrestle with his 25-year-old son who carried out the attack and give his students time to flee the classroom, say police who hailed the…

NBC News Denies Report Matt Lauer Could Be Fired Over 'Today' Ratings

Radar reported that Alexandra Wallace, the newly installed executive overseeing the troubled morning show, had informed her bosses that she might have to fire Matt Lauer if ratings for the show continue to lag behind "Good Morning America." It was…

125-Mile Traffic Jam In Russia Keeps Drivers Stuck For Three Days (VIDEO)

Traffic in Los Angeles and New York City pales in comparison to the 125-mile backup in Russia over the weekend.

Kid Rock To Obama: 'No Hard Feelings' Over Election Victory

Kid Rock isn't one to hold a grudge. The performer and Mitt Romney supporter was gracious in defeat when he ran into Barack Obama, whose reelection bid Rock vehemently opposed.

Chris Pine: ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Official Poster!

Check out the first official poster for Chris Pine‘s highly anticipated film Star Trek Into Darkness featuring Benedict Cumberbatch!

John Travolta Sued By Alleged Gay Lover -- I Never Agreed To Keep Secrets

A former pilot who claims to have had a secret gay relationship with John Travolta is suing the actor ... claiming he NEVER signed a confidentiality…

Palace Confirms: William, Kate Pregnant

(Newser) – It's not a rumor this time: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting. Buckingham Palace and Clarence House announced Kate Middleton's pregnancy, which is in its "very early…

Lindsay Lohan's Accounts Seized By IRS

According to TMZ, the IRS seized all of Lohans bank accounts after her tax problems became so extreme--to the tune of $233,904 in outstanding debts--they will no longer wait for the Liz & Dick actress to pay up.

One-A-Day Gift Guide: The $25 Gadget Cleanse

Your gadgets are covered in microbes, and your screens are smeared with grease. An ultra-basic care package for your germaphobic friends and family.

Creepy Horse Head Mask Mentos Commercial

Three guys playing basketball. They need a fourth.

13 Best Twitter Reactions To The Ugly New Air Jordans

Nike released ugly shoes. Twitter responded.

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