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December 10, 2012

Matt Selman, The Writer Of Last Night's Episode Of The Simpsons, Explains The A.V. Club Cameo

We here at The A.V. Club continue to bask in the afterglow of our unexpected cameo in last night’s episode of The Simpsons. But how did it come about? How did a reference to our humble publication end up in this most venerable, beloved and…

ESPN President Orders Producers To Cut Back On Tebow Coverage

ESPN president John Skipper has told producers that the cable giant needs to spend less time talking about Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow.

Miley Cyrus Wore Bondage Gear During The ‘Christmas Creampies’ Concert. These Are Facts.

I’m going to start by setting aside the fact that there exists such a thing as a ‘Christmas Creampies’ concert that somehow doesn’t star Kim Kardashian and an entire NFL offensive line *snaps off latex gloves*. That said, here’s Miley Cyrus still…

Megan Fox: Stepson Kassius Is "Indifferent" To Baby Noah

"Kash is a little indifferent," the This Is 40 star says of Noah's stepbrother. "He's not experiencing any sort of jealousy or competitiveness, but he's not excited because he just wants to go play video games."

Straight Girls Respond To "Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends" From Alison Becker, Erin Gibson, Funny Or Die, Lilan Bowden, Joselynhughes, Jessica Jean Jardine, And BoTown Sound

Straight girls respond to lesbians who responded to straight guys who responded to gay guys' "Gay Guys Will Marry Your Girlfriend."

The Surprising Origin Of The Cat Who Wants To Buy A Boat

This must have been what it felt like when they finally discovered the IRL nurse and sailor from that iconic World War II kissing photo. Except, like, for nerdy Internet types?

30 Insanely Easy Ways To Improve Your Kitchen

So you'll spend less time cleaning, organizing, and searching, and more time nomming.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Kenya Moore Has Some Balls

Kenya Moore has been spending this vacation asking Walter to propose while she flirts with the husbands of the other Housewives -- girl has got some BALLS.

'Arrested Development' Return Headed To Netflix Canada

TORONTO – The Arrested Development reboot is coming north to stream on Netflix Canada, after all. “With the excitement surrounding the return of Arrested Development, we are thrilled to premiere the new season of the show in Canada at the same time as we launch it in the U.S.,” said Ted Sarandos, chief content officer at Netflix, in a statement…

Was He Doing His Christmas Shopping? Well-Dressed Monkey In A Winter Coat And Diapers Escapes Car And Heads To Ikea

Shoppers at Ikea in Toronto were astounded when a small monkey dressed in a stylish coat and diapers appeared in the parking lot.

Now Demi Moore Is Hanging Out With Terry Richardson

After being dumped by her 26-year-old boyfriend, Demi is back on the prowl with creepy Uncle Terry.

Simon Pegg Reenacts Disney Meets "Star Wars"

Princess Leia fit right in. But some of the boys took a while to warm up.

29 Guilty Faces Of Cats In Christmas Trees

For cats, putting a tree in your living room is like setting out a plate of heroin in front of an addict. They simply can't help but climb that sucker.

Snoop Dogg Vs. Santa In A Rap Battle

Snoop plays Moses in this holiday showdown with St. Nick.

Rita Ora's Gnarly Clear Jelly Boots

Remember the jelly sandals of your youth? These are like clear jelly boots.

The Sublime Beauty Of Wikipedia GIFs

A new site randomly extracts moving images from Wikipedia's articles. Forget Tumblr, this is real net art.

23 Images That Tell The Legendary Tale Of Bryant "Big Country" Reeves

A long time ago, when goofy white centers ruled the NBA, Bryant Reeves was the goofiest and the whitest.

Channing Tatum Was A Bandwagon Fan For The Steelers Yesterday

In Pittsburgh to film 'Foxcatcher', actor Channing Tatum led Steelers fans in the Terrible Towel Twirl and raved about the town's sports fanfare.

IKEA Monkey Runs Around In Coat Outside Furniture Store In Toronto (PHOTO)

Bed made out of cardboard? Check. Swedish meatballs? Check. Pet monkey? Uh oh.

Detained John McAfee Sells Life Rights For Movie, TV

TORONTO - U.S. anti-virus pioneer John McAfee, recently arrested by Guatemalan police and facing deportation to Belize as part of a murder investigation, has apparently entrusted his life story to Montreal-based TV producer Impact Future Media. Honolulu-based Brian Fitzgerald, who co-founded the TV production shingle with CEO François Garcia, based in Montreal, said he secured the exclusive IP rights to the embattled tech guru’s story.

The 30 Hottest Girls On Instagram You Need To Follow In 2013

Most social sites wish they were as hot as Instagram: in more ways than one. Yes, the popularity of the site has exploded during the mere 2 years since its launch, but as a place exclusively for sharing pics, it’s also a great opportunity to follow…

Cowboys Owner, Player In 'Volcanic' Locker Room Confrontation

The Cowboys have bigger problems now, but a brawl almost erupted between a player and owner/general manager Jerry Jones last week.

Rihanna Is Mad That Chris Brown Is Hanging Out With His Ex-Girlfriend

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

10 Biggest Food Fights Of 2012

Here are the craziest dust-ups that went down this year, from the war on Paula Deen to the anti-grapefruit crusade.

Adorable Teens Are Friending Their Moms On Facebook

Last week Facebook released a study called "How Families Interact On Facebook." The findings are very sweet.

11 Santas Who Might Kill You

Santa Claus: fat, jolly, homicidal. St. Nick is usually a force for good, but every once in a while, Santa (or someone dressed like him) goes on a festive killing spree.

Quiz: Do You Know Your Celebrity Doppelgängers?

Thanks to SNL we know absolutely NO ONE knows the difference between Dylan McDermott or Dermut Mulroney, but what about the rest of them?

Shep Smith: Neil Cavuto Is "Trying To Keep The Truth From You" About The Fiscal Cliff

Cavuto, like a total pro, pretends like it didn't even happen. Something tells us Shep was just joshing.

Yoko Ono Covers Katy Perry's "Firework"

This is almost as uplifting and inspiring as that time Marina Abramović did that Taio Cruz song.

Ada Lovelace Was A Badass

Genius, playboy, daredevil. Google celebrates the innovator's 197th birthday with a lovely doodle.

Iman Shumpert Recorded A Knicks Anthem

There are over 60 games left in the 2012-13 NBA season, so right now is the perfect time to start recording anthems about how your team is unstoppable. Iman Shumpert knows the value of a good anthem, and if anything gets the Knicks to the finals…

The Best Comedy Albums Of 2012

1. Tig Notaro, Live (145 points, 11 votes) Comedians tend to prepare for their albums meticulously, working out material over months and months to get every beat, every joke to where it needs to be. It’s a long, arduous process, and it may never…

Stephen Jackson Fined For Saying Serge Ibaka "Ain't Bout Dis Life"

He tweeted it, then deleted it. If there's been a better Twitter diss, I haven't seen it.

9 Insane Things On Diplo's Concert Rider

The New York Post has a list of demands Diplo has given for his December 30th show with Afrojack. They are crazy.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" Releases Tension Filled Image

Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Pine, and Zachary Quinto are having a staring contest. A sexy, sexy staring contest.

Poll Truthers Now In Charge Of Figuring Out What Went Wrong For Republicans

According to a report in Politico, the RNC has launched an official review committee to figure out what went wrong and what worked in 2012. But during the election, two of its members — former Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer and Republican committeeman Henry Barbour — pushed the narrative that the polls were skewed and Mitt Romney would ultimately prevail.

‘D’ Is For Divorce: Sesame Street Tackles Another Touchy Topic

How do you teach preschoolers about divorce? If you're Sesame Street, the answer is simple: very, very carefully.

8 Bridesmaid Dresses That Don't Suck! (As Modeled By 3 Real Girls!)

My never-ending quest to find bridesmaid dresses that don't suck got a liiiiitle out of hand a few weeks ago, when I called in dozens of bridesmaid dresses and then begged a couple of friends to come over and play dress-up with me. Here are the…

Mumps Outbreak At California College Traced To Unvaccinated Student

A mumps outbreak shows the importance of vaccination — and reveals the standard dose may not be enough.

PICTURES: Whoa! Miley Cyrus Dances With Topless Stripper, Flashes Cleavage In Tiny Cut-Out Top In Shocking Concert

In one of her wildest performances yet, the 20-year-old hits the stage to perform at dubstep DJ Borgore's Saturday concert in Hollywood

Watch Fred Armisen And Bill Hader's Best Unaired Sketch Together

Top sketch 2012. I couldn't love these two more.

DJs Say Middleton Hospital Prank Was "Put Through Every Filter" Before Airing

The prank call that may have led to a nurse’s suicide went through the same vetting process as the station's many other prank calls, said the DJs in a TV interview.

24 Things That Prove Video Games Are All Grown Up

Video games are getting older, and so are you.

Administration Pushes For Lighter Iran Sanctions In Legislative Fight

A version of the Iran sanctions legislation from the administration would give the regime more time. Fewer business would face sanctions.

The Most Beautiful Cotton Candy You May Ever See

It's almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

After Manny Pacquiao Was Knocked Out, The Internet Fired Up A New Meme

If you joined us for the UFC on Fox 6 live discussion on Saturday, then you most likely watched the sad end of the BJ Penn era, after he was outmatched and exhausted by our favorite fighting hipster, Rory MacDonald. But some people believe that the…

Engagement Ring Face-Off: Brad Pitt Vs. Justin Theroux! Who Picked The Better Ring For Jennifer Aniston?

When I put Jennifer Aniston against Angelina Jolie to decided who scored the best engagement ring from Brad Pitt, some of you complained that the competition wasn’t fair, because the ring should suit the person wearing it. Fair enough....

12 Amazing K-Pop Songs From 2012

The breakout hit "Gangnam Style" drew a lot of attention to K-Pop this year, but it wasn't the only awesome song to come out of South Korea. Here are 11 hits you may have missed, and one you probably didn't.

South Carolina Governor: I Won't Appoint A "Placeholder" For Senate

"I rejected the option of a 'placeholder.'"

How To Make The World's Most Expensive Cup Of Coffee

Thailand's new Black Ivory Coffee brew costs $50 per serving. The process is, um, fascinating.

Adorable NFL Gangnam Style Kid Is Adorable

This kid combines "Gangnam Style" and the dougie to great effect.

Spedi Wishes You A Merry Christmas

In keeping with their grand tradition of inviting the paparazzi wherever they go, Heidi and Spencer posed for the cameras with some Christmas trees. I wonder if they even actually bought a tree.

Brunch Goths, Cougars, And Other Eclectic Types From Art Basel Miami

The art world descended upon Miami Beach this weekend for the annual Miami Beach Art Basel festival. WARNING: This post may contain mesh shirts, tribal fanny packs, and mature women in miniskirts, proceed with caution.

24 Absolutely Unexplainable GIFs

2012: the year of the GIF. Some were awesome, but far too many made us question all that is wrong with the Internet. Here, the best of the worst.

33 Artsiest Photos From Art Basel

Why go to Miami to look at art when it's all on Instagram?

Miley Cyrus Wants Everyone To Know She's Skinny And Has Boobs

At least I think that's what she's trying to say with this outfit.

35 Questions From When Gandalf Took Over "The Hobbit" Twitter

As always, Sir Ian McKellan was delightful.

Are These Christmas Horror Movies Real Or Fake?

Can you actually rent "Santa Claws" or is it a Christmas classic yet to be made?

Anti-Drugs Billboard In Liberia

Also, a pro-cannibalism billboard.

27 GIFs That Are So Totally Raven

For Raven Symone's 27th birthday.

Ice-T And Coco Hash Out Their Marital Woes Via Twitter

Ice-T and his wife, Coco are known for their down-to-earth attitude and aversion to the flashiness of Hollywood.  Coco likes to take demure, classy snapshots while wearing dental floss underwear sometimes.  So what?  Ice-T appreciates his woman’s…

Kevin Smith Says He's Retiring After Clerks 3

Kevin Smith says he's retiring after Clerks 3, with commentary from Kevin Smith's biggest hater.

Lindsay Lohan Steals Max George's Sweatshirt After Hookup

As for Lohan's never-ending problems with the law, most recently her Nov. 29 skirmish with another young woman at NYC club Avenue? "I'm sure she's got people around her that know much better than we do," George told Us optimistically. "We're…

Stuffed Animals With Teeth Are The Creepiest Thing

They're called Fugglers. And they will haunt your dreams.

"Star Wars" Christmas Cards

Infinitely better than the infamous Star Wars Christmas Special. So what if this holiday shouldn't actually exist in a in a galaxy sans Jesus? PJ McQuade isn't going to let petty logic get in the way of awesomeness.

For The Friend Who Has Everything, Give The Gift Of Nobility

For $49.99, anybody can become a lord or lady in Scotland.

Cory, Shawn, And Topanga Are Still BFFs

2012 more like 1999, amirite?!

Meet Scuba Santa

This ol' guy was spotted at the Silverton Hotel-Casino's aquarium in Las Vegas.

The 13 Dwarves In The Hobbit, Ranked By Hotness

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about Peter Jackson's new Tolkien trilogy. Let's ignore all of that and talk about The Hobbit's dwarf eye candy.

There's A New Worst Free Throw Ever

Brian Okam, welcome to Internet infamy.

What If Whoopi Goldberg Starred In "Beauty And The Beast"?

There's no need to imagine Whoopi as Belle because IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED today on The View. There are no words.

What Your Trader Joe's Purchase Says About You

Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snack: You consistently display superhuman-seeming levels of self-restraint. While this quality often works in your favor, it has also played a significant factor in the end of several of your long-term romantic…

Shyamalan's "After Earth" Trailer Drops In France

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan. He has a lot of cred to make up for after the universally panned Avatar: The Last Airbender adaptation in 2010.

Horrors Of Methamphetamines By Shows Faces Ravaged By Alleged Drug Abuse (PHOTOS)

A new anti-crystal meth campaign featuring the warped mugshots of alleged repeat users is scary, but is it effective at discouraging drug abuse? Not really, say researchers.

"The Mistletones" Is The Best TV Movie Musical Where Nobody's Lips Matched The Singing

Do not adjust your internet settings — I think Tori Spelling and Tia Mowry might not actually be singing in this movie.

Kim Kardashian's Kitten Mercy Dies

"Kim is so sad," a source tells Us of the reality star, who received the white Persian as a gift from love Kanye West

The Syrian Rebels Have A PlayStation-Powered "Man Cave" Tank

Flat-screen monitors and a video game controller steer this hunk of metal and fire its machine gun.

Restaurants Want To Watch You Tweet

Breaking down the social media fourth wall. Where are we supposed to complain now? THIS WAS OUR SAFE SPACE.

18 Joyful Declarations Of Love From Newlyweds In Seattle

Meet some of the couples who were married on Washington's first day of marriage equality. AKA more pictures that will make you cry.

Here's The Cast Of "Downton Abbey" Riding The Subway

From the Twitter of the Earl of Grantham himself, actor Hugh Bonneville.

Fred Armisen And Carrie Brownstein Bring Portlandia To "The Simpsons"

Last night, Homer Simpson turned into a hipster.

7 Photos Of Filipino Manny Pacquiao Fans Shocked By His Loss

Their native son lost to Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday, spoiling some giant watch parties.

A Very Brony Hannukah

May the Festival of Lights illuminate your clopping.

60 Moments That Gave Me The Chills During Seattle's First Day Of Marriage Equality

Relive one of the most emotionally exhausting days of my life, when 138 couples got married in downtown Seattle on the first day gay marriage was officially legal.

Wintersalt - Entertainment - The Marina

In contention to be a better December festival than that one of the lights, Wintersalt is a brand new, two-day music fest (with dudes from Blink 182 and Beastie Boys) from the same guys who brought you, yep, Summersalt. And after doing some…

The Worst Free Throw Ever, A Title We Can Never Hand Out Again

When you see a video titled “worst free throw ever,” your first thought is probably, “it can’t be worse than X free throw I’ve seen from Y person who is objectively terrible at free throws.” In this example, Y = Shaq, and X = every free throw ever…

Coco Cheated On Ice-T? Actor Slams Wife For Photos With Rapper AP.9, Model Denies Rumors

Ice-T might love Coco, but right now he's pretty mad after photos of his wife getting flirty with another man surfaced online.

Ada Lovelace, World's First Computer Programmer, Celebrated With Google Doodle

"The World's First Computer Programmer," "The Enchantress Of Numbers," "The Founder of Scientific Computing" -- these are just a few monikers for Augusta Ada King nee Byron, Countess of Lovelace, the woman celebrated on Monday's Google Doodle. But…

Grapefruit Is Disgusting. No One Should Eat It, Let Alone Give It As A Holiday Gift.

Happy holidays, and brace yourself for the season’s worst tradition! I speak not of the crass commercialization of Christmas, nor of the unconscionable deceit of hyping children up for Santa’s visit. No, I speak of the annual bombardment of…

Every Single Super Nintendo Game In One eBay Listing

On one hand, this guy is asking for $25,000. On the other, uhhh, look at these pictures?

How To Be Like Beyonce At An Art Show

Queen B hit up Art Basel in Miami this weekend and did it perfectly.

Sweet Brown Popped Up On TV Last Night

An appearance on Watch What Happens Live? Sweet Brown got time for that.

Sleigh Bells Made The Most Underrated Album Of 2012

Reign of Terror is relentlessly morbid but totally life-affirming. It also has a lots of amazing riffs.

Chelsea Clinton Plays It Safe In Panel Appearance

At a nonprofit panel discussion, Clinton keeps to the topic of childhood hunger. Clintonland sought to "not just have it be about Chelsea," a spokeswoman says.

Steakhouse Offers "Women's" Cuts Of Beef

They're smaller and cheaper.

Newspaper Correction Of The Weekend

The Toronto Sun is apparently proofread by Monty Python.

Two-Bit's Retro Arcade - Drink - Lower East Side

Named after the old-timey monetary equivalent of a quarter (which makes one wonder what used to cost 12.5 cents), Two Bit's Retro Arcade tells you exactly what it is and delivers, thanks to 22 rotating games, a pretty serious beverage lineup, and a…

Phorce Bags - Own

Hey you, stop menacingly hovering over that guy posted up at the public power outlet for a second and check out these Phorce Bags, whose integrated, lightweight batteries are capable of juicing a MacBook and three additional USB devices all at the…

Voyager | Voyager, 11 Billion Miles Later

For 33 years, America’s Voyager spacecraft have been flying toward the edges of our solar system. TIME surveys the most notable interstellar scenes captured by the Voyager’s cameras along the way.

The White House Now Has A Pinterest Account

So far they've pinned only one thing: a picture of Bo.

How Mario Lopez Trims His Christmas Tree

My dad and AC Slater seem to have more in common every day.

Tablets During Takeoff: FCC Chair Asks FAA To Allow iPads, Kindles On Airplanes.

Based on no evidence whatsoever, the Federal Aviation Administration for years has required airplane passengers to turn off all electronic devices during takeoff and landing. Let the record show that the long list of people who think this is stupid…

Ikea Monkey: Animal Wearing Coat Gets Loose At Toronto Ikea

A monkey wearing a coat caused quite a stir when it got loose at a Toronto Ikea and was later captured on Sunday afternoon, the CBC reported. Police say the 'smart monkey' escaped from a crate inside a car parked at the store, located around Leslie…

Google Pays Tribute To Ada Lovelace

Ada is often referred to as the first computer programmer, but that’s an arguably inaccurate dumbing-down of her role in computing history. The daughter of Lord Byron — an absentee father who she didn’t know — she was an admirer and collaborator of…

Mitt Romney Attends Pacquaio Marquez Fourth Fight

Mitt Romney was ringside at the fourth fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez Saturday night. The defeated presidential candidate didn’t just watch the fight, he also visited Pacquiao in his dressing room to wish him well. In fact,…

Jenni Rivera Dead: Mexican-American Singer Dies In Plane Crash

Undated file picture of Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera, who died in a plane crash on December 9, 2012 close to Iturbide, Nuevo Leon state, Mexico. The wreckage of a plane carrying star Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera has been found in…

Joseph Loughrey Shoots Kills Son Outside Gun Store

A seven-year-old boy was shot to death when his father’s handgun went off in the parking lot of a western Pennsylvania gun store. The boy, Craig Loughrey, was settling into his safety seat in the back of his father’s car when the gun accidentally…

And Now Back To America’s Royalty: BERTNEY!

I’ve often wondered how they manage to coax Britney Spears onto a red carpet without fried chicken hanging in the background, and today I found out the answer: Jason Trawick arrives to each event with a puppy hidden in his jacket which means every…

Wreckage Of Singer Jenny Rivera's Plane Found

(Newser) – Mexican-American superstar Jenni Rivera appears to have perished along with six other people when their Learjet crashed in mountainous terrain near Monterrey, Mexico, authorities say.…

Sean Faris Rings In The Holidays With New Movie 'Christmas With Holly'

ABC and Hallmark Hall of Fame are bringing some Christmas cheer tonight with the premiere of the original movie Christmas with Holly. Based on the novel by Lisa Kleypas, it tells the story of Mark Nagle (played by Sean Faris, The Vampire Diaries),…

9 Necessary Graphs On Christmas Decorations

What's on your list this year? How about a bar chart that assures your feelings about stringing popcorn together are completely valid?

Jenni Rivera Confirmed Dead After Plane Crash

Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash on Sunday (December 9) in Monterey, Mexico, her father and brother have confirmed on Telemundo.

Swedish Ambassador Crossing Legs Angers Iran President Ahmadinejad

TEHRAN, Dec. 8 (UPI) -- The newly appointed Swedish ambassador to Iran apparently upset the Iranian president by crossing his legs, an Iranian website reported.

President Obama Meets Psy

The President, who once said of Gangnam Style "I think I can do that move," declined to dance during the "Christmas in Washington" concert.

24 People Wearing Stuffed Animals As Clothes

Stuffed animal cruelty is no joke.

Jenni Rivera's Death: Mario Lopez, Pitbull, More React

When a small plane carrying Jenni Rivera went missing on Sunday, stars began to tweet their support and prayers for the Mexican-American singer.

The A.V. Club Was On The Simpsons!

It's okay to have a cow, man.

6 Insane Real-Life Versions Of Video Games

In recent years, video games have morphed from something that you play while sitting down on a couch like a lazy bastard to something that makes you flail around in your living room like a moron. Games are slowly moving out of our monitors and into…

Links! Bill Murray Gets Tasered, The Best Of Judd Apatow, And More From FOD Link Dump

It's Sunday, so that means you have to begrudgingly call your parents. It also means there are links.

Jenni Rivera, Mexican-American Singer, Believed Dead In Plane Crash

Mexico's Secretary of Communications and Transportation, Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, has confirmed that officials found the remains of an airplane that was carrying Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera from Monterrey to Toluca, Mexico.

Intelligence Institute Study Shows Fox News Viewers Have An IQ That Is 20 Points Lower Than The U.S. National Average.

Well that explains it! :) Study shows that the Americans who watch Fox News have an average IQ of 80, whereas the national average is 100. Researchers

'Amour' Named Best Film By Los Angeles Film Critics

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association named Amour, Michael Haneke's French-language drama about an elderly couple facing the end of life, the year's best film on Sunday as the group met to vote its annual awards. The Master emerged in the voting… Emmanuelle Riva, who stars alongside Jean Louis-Trintignant in Amour, tied with Jennifer Lawrence of Silver Linings Playbook for the best actress award.

Kurt Sutter On The Past Season Of Sons Of Anarchy And What Lies Ahead

On whether he still plans to end the show after season seven: “I don’t want to just extend the show for another season for the sake of doing an eighth season. What I don’t want to do is pad and fluff and drag … out that really should be happening in…

Stars Rumored To Have Had Real Sex On-Screen (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

This is going a step beyond method acting. If you're actually doing it -- and by it, we mean having sex on camera -- is it really acting at all?

This Is What Complete Football Annihilation Looks Like

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals 58-0 today. Here are all the Seahawks' touchdowns in one handy supercut.

Alternative Baby-Making Route

When a man loves a woman very, very much, he takes her to a basic gas station or car wash.

If Your GPS Navigated Like Your Idiot Friends

The latest viral buzz from

Of Course Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Are Referred To As 'Haylor"

It’s time for Brangelina, Bennifer, Jelena, and KimYe to move into the Celebrity Couple Nickname Nursing Home and make way for ‘Haylor‘.  Yes, that’s right, it took nearly a month for Taylor Swift and Harry Styles‘ nickname to catch on but it’s here…

One Direction One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson And Zayn Malik Get New Tattoos In New York City (PHOTOS)

The boys from One Direction really do love their ink. Prior to hitting the stage on Friday for Z100’s annual Jingle Ball, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik called on tattoo extraordinaire John Bahel …

Courtney Stodden Courtney Stodden Runs Errands In Leopard Leggings, Super-High Heels (PHOTOS)

Leave it to Courtney Stodden to turn a simple trip to the pharmacy into a fashion show. The 18-year-old teen bride, who shot to fame in 2011 when she married actor Doug Hutchison at the tender age …

The Glunz Tavern - Drink - Old Town

From the family that runs Old Town wine shop House of Glunz, the adjacent tavern first opened in 1888, but, unlike the shop, remained closed post-Prohibition until now. Harkening back to the glory days with no help from Springsteen, they opted for…

SpaceSplitter - Own

Is your roommate a total jerk about ponying up for communal household items? Does he never clean the bathroom even though he looks like the kind of person who probably takes totally gross poos? Try SpaceSplitter, a free site stocked with helpful…

East Side King At Hole In The Wall

The Drag's most iconic bar has teamed up with the Eastside's most lauded food trailer (and the chef from Kome) to form the new East Side King, a trailer-less ramen operation with some serious culinary crown jewels.

Pincho Factory's Brunch - Eat - South Miami

Yes, Pincho Factory has been hellbent on countering your quinoa intake with bacon dogs and frighteningly awesome burgers for two years now, but you had to wait until noon to do the damage. Well that's all over, because they just fired up a…

PSY To Perform At White House As Scheduled After Apologizing For Anti-War Protest

There's still hope of seeing President Obama dance "Gangnam Style," after all.

Notorious B.I.G Autopsy: LAPD Apologizes To Rapper's Family For Early Release

The Los Angeles Police Department has issued an apology to the family of The Notorious B.I.G., after it made the late rapper’s autopsy public without informing his relatives ahead of time.

China To Flatten 700 Mountains To Build A City

Last month China made news with the surprising announcement that a firm in the city of Changsha would attempt to build the world’s tallest skyscraper in 90 days. Now, the country is making headlines with another ambitious challenge — flattening 700…

If You Thought Benghazi Was Bad, Watch Syria

The cat’s out of the bag. During Libya‘s rebellion, the White House OK’ed the arming of rebels fighting the Gaddafi regime to Arab partners in the Gulf, and rumors have abounded ever since over the identity of some of the recipients of weapons sent…

Rift At Tea Party Group Reveals Questions About Movement’s Direction

The messy split this week between Dick Armey and the Tea Party organization FreedomWorks may be a harbinger of things to come. Armey, the former majority leader of the House GOP, left the conservative group with an $8 million payout and a line of…

A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Soundtrack Captures The Holiday Spirit By Not Defining It

By allowing A Charlie Brown Christmas to be soundtracked by the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s accessible yet impressionistic songs, Schulz further left the door open to interpretation. It’s a fool’s errand to attempt to capture the sentiment of a…

The Walking Dead (Nearly) Conquers All

A new feature demystifies television ratings.

“The Fish Guts Displacement”

The Big Bang Theory may not be the most consistent show on TV, but when all the pieces fall into place, it’s an entertaining comedy with plenty of heart. There are a lot of similarities between last week’s episode and “The Fish Guts Displacement,”…

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome

I want Blood & Chrome to be successful. It's a bad time for science fiction on TV. We had over two decades of successful space opera on television, from Star Trek: The Next Generation until the cancellations of Stargate Universe and Caprica, with…

Best Movies Of 2012: 'Zero Dark Thirty,' 'Lincoln,' 'The Avengers' & 33 More

Narrowing down the best movies of 2012 is a more difficult task than you might assume. This year was one of the strongest in recent memory, with well-crafted indies like "Moonrise Kingdom" and "Beasts of the Southern Wild" succeeding alongside major…

Jacintha Saldanha Dead: Nurse Duped By Kate Middleton Prank Call Dies

The nurse who was found dead after answering a prank phone call made to Kate Middleton's hospital has been identified as Jacintha Saldanha. The King Edward VII Hospital, where Saldanha was employed as a nurse, confirmed that Saldanha had worked at…

Tamar Braxton Gets Lady Gaga Boost, Tops iTunes Chart

Lady Gaga broke one of her personal rules to offer a little support to her friend Tamar Braxton. Braxton released her new single "Love & War" on Thursday, receiving an extra promotional push from Lady Gaga through a tweet the singer sent to her fans.

Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

There are two main themes in the talk. First, we're all born with deep natural capacities for creativity and systems of mass education tend to suppress them. Second, it is increasingly urgent to cultivate these capacities -- for personal, economic…

Juan Manuel Marquez Knocks Out Manny Pacquiao In 6th Round

LAS VEGAS — The idea of Manny Pacquiao being knocked out cold was shocking enough. The sight of him face down on the canvas, unresponsive even as bedlam broke out all around him, was positively frightening.

Kanye West's Diamond Teeth: Is He Embarrassed By His Bad Dental Decision? (PHOTOS)

Hey Kanye, how about you give us a smile? We couldn't help but notice that Mr. West keeps an awfully stone cold face in photos, which is strange because he's got plenty to smile about.

Celebrity Sideboob: The Year In Sideboob (PHOTOS)

In 2012, The Huffington Post garnered a fair amount of attention for our dedicated coverage of the phenomenon known as "sideboob."

PHOTOS. Miss France 2013 Est Marine Lorphelin, Miss Bourgogne

DIVERTISSEMENT - Delphine Wespiser, Miss France 2012 a abandonné sa couronne samedi 8 décembre. Depuis le Zénith de Limoges, peu avant minuit, l'Alsacienne a rendu son prestigieux couvre-chef et l'a déposé sur la tête de Marine Lorphelin, 19 ans,…

Kim Kardashian's Cat, Mercy, Dead: Reality Star's Kitten Dies From 'Cancer-Like Virus'

"It broke not only my heart that little Mercy died at only four months old, but Sydney's too," Kim wrote. "Mercy was a gentle and loving kitten and we are all going to miss her so much. Thanks to Sydney for making Mercy's short life one filled with…

Kaggle President Jeremy Howard: Amateurs Beat Specialists In Data-prediction Competitions.

Jeremy Howard founded email company FastMail and the Optimal Decisions Group, which helps insurance companies set premiums. He is now president and chief scientist of Kaggle, which has turned data prediction into sport. Peter Aldhous: Kaggle has…

PSY Anti-American? Protests From His Past Become An Issue In The U.S.

On the eve of his planned performance at a “Christmas in Washington” concert—which President and Michelle Obama are scheduled to attend—the Korean pop sensation PSY is facing renewed attention to past protests of American military involvement…

Crazy-Looking Keyboards That Never Caught On.

No matter what device you are using to read this article, it is almost certainly both many times smaller and many times more powerful than the machines that decoded the Enigma or powered the moon landings. This is Moore’s law in action: For the last…

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Leave Same Hotel Separately!

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Leave Same Hotel Separately!

Taylor Swift – Z100′s Jingle Ball 2012

20+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift performing at Z100′s Jingle Ball 2012…

Jessica Chastain Covers ‘W’ Magazine January 2013

Jessica Chastain exudes glamour on the cover of W magazine‘s January 2013 issue.

Receptionist Who Fell For Royal Family/Kate Middleton Radio Show Prank Found Dead

Sorry for posting twice about the royal family – Please accept these Kate Middleton bikini photos as a token of my apologies. – but right as I hit “Publish” on the potential royal twins, the receptionist who fell for the radio show prank where two…

Stephen Baldwin Blue Steel’d The Shit Out Of His Mugshot

Because “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” is one of those queer commie Bible verses that don’t count, Stephen Baldwin was arrested yesterday after basically failing to file tax returns with the state of New York for the last four…

Man Accidentally Shoots Son Outside Gun Store

(Newser) – A Pennyslvania man accidentally shot and killed his 7-year-old son in a gun store parking lot yesterday, when his pistol went off in his hand, police tell the AP. The boy, Craig…

At The Marrakech Film Festival

This year's Marrakech Film Festival has been happening in Morocco all week. During my time there, I saw only one film, but the festival itself was pretty cinematic. Tons of amazingly photogenic people swanning around, lots of gorgeous scenery,…

The Most Arthouse Film Synopsis Of All Time (Top Of The Lake)

“Top of the Lake” (Australia-New Zealand) — Directed by Jane Campion and Garth Davis, written by Campion and Gerard Lee. A six-hour film in which a pregnant 12-year-old girl stands chest deep in a frozen lake. Stars Elisabeth Moss, Holly Hunter,…

Wendy Williams Slams Beyonce: "She Sounds Like She Has A Fifth Grade Education"

"Excuse me, I just said I was a fan," the host said in reply to a chorus of boos. "But we have to call a spade a spade."

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