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Can You Plan A Honeymoon And Stay Under Budget?

Is your dream honeymoon a nightmare for your budget? Well, at least there’s another way to save money — visit and see if you could save 15% or more on car insurance.

Fill Out A Résumé And We’ll Give You A New Side Hustle

Turn that passion into something much, much more.

Which Dad Is Gonna Accidentally Burn Down The House?

So many fathers who grill out, so many potential fire hazards.

Find Out The Next Guy You Will Bottom For

So many tops, so little time.

Jason Sweeten 3 years ago

Can You Solve The Murder?

This mansion is filled with butlers. Or should I say...SUSPECTS!

Jason Sweeten 3 years ago

How Many More Zubats Until You Quit Pokémon Go?

Every trainer has their breaking point.

Jason Sweeten 3 years ago

What Percent Texan Are You?

If you're a Texan, you say "y'all." It's what you do. If you want to save 15% or more on car insurance, you switch to GEICO. It's what you do.

Can You Guess Which House Isn't Haunted?

Sleep through the night...hopefully.

Jason Sweeten 3 years ago

How "Significant" Is Your Significant Other?

Let’s define the relationship.

Can We Guess Your Major Based On Your Food Preferences?

Getting your degree in econ-nom-nom-nom-ics? Or dine arts? Whatever you're sinking your teeth into, Discover Student Loans is here to help make it happen.

What's The Client Feedback This Time?

“We’re very excited to see all the new ideas.”

Jason Sweeten 4 years ago

How Well Do You Remember The Songs From "Ocarina Of Time"?

...or will you have to open up that menu?

Jason Sweeten 4 years ago

People Are Singing About "Bear People" And It's Goshdarn Moving

This new song is your new favorite song.

Jason Sweeten 4 years ago

11 Reasons Why An Open-Office Floor Plan Ruins Your Life

So hip, so modern, so loud. You may not be able to escape your job, but you can escape the office. With Skype, working remotely has never been easier.

11 Charts That Explain Taking Any Trip Ever

Airline and hotel budget in one column. Food in the other. Organizing your next trip? Skype can help bring it all together.

20 Reasons The Rest Of America Is Jealous Of The South

Bigger, better, hotter, stronger. Brought to you by MONOPOLY and BuzzFeed.

15 Reasons There Is No Cure For The Common Man Cold

Being sick is never fun, but nothing is worse than the common man cold. So the next time you or someone you love feels under the weather, head to Walgreens for everything you need to get through this year's dreaded man cold season.