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60 Moments That Gave Me The Chills During Seattle's First Day Of Marriage Equality

Relive one of the most emotionally exhausting days of my life, when 138 couples got married in downtown Seattle on the first day gay marriage was officially legal.

1. The first time I got chills was when I got to City Hall and saw these women showing off their homemade "23" bouquets for 23 years together.

2. Then when these guys shared this moment while they were waiting in line to get married.

3. When these two guys wouldn't stop smiling at each other.

4. And when their friends and families wouldn't stop smiling either.

5. I also got chills when I saw this family watching their brother/uncle get married.

6. When this kid was jumping up and down waiting in line because he was so excited for his moms.

7. When this woman was finally able to kiss her bride.

8. And the moment after that.

9. And the moment after that.

10. Really, one of the most emotional moments was the hug after the first kiss.

11. I also got chills when these two guys got married.

12. And the one in blue started to break down.

13. I got chills when these guys and their huge posse walked together to the altar.

14. When this guy started to break down.

15. When they kissed.

16. And when everyone in their wedding party started going crazy.

17. I got chills when this couple started hugging in line.

18. I got mega chills when he closed his eyes.

19. And I nearly died when they both broke down.

20. I got chills when these guys exchanged rings.

21. When they kissed.

22. And the moment just after that when they were staring at each other.

23. I got chills after this wedding.

24. And when this couple was telling the officiant that the one on the right had already taken the other's last name.

25. And when this guy (who is in the Navy and so is his spouse) told someone it was a "really really big year" for him and his spouse.

26. I got chills whenever anyone would meet up with their wedding party outside City Hall.

27. Whenever the couples would walk hand in hand towards the altar.

28. Whenever a couple would fix their spouse up in line.

29. And whenever a couple would just stare into each other's eyes.

30. I got chills anytime a couple would walk into the crowd.

31. For example, this couple.

32. And this couple.

33. I got chills when I saw this sign.

34. When I saw this girl handing out flowers on her crutches.

35. And when this little kid was handing out flowers too.

36. I got chills from the crowd outside cheering for the couples.

37. Whenever the couples would hug really tight.

38. And when this lady smiled.

39. I got chills when this police officer quietly snuck in for a minute to see his friend and colleague get married.

40. When couples would walk away together after getting married.

41. When these ladies, who have been together for 36 years, came into the crowd.

42. But I especially got chills when she showed me her shoes.

43. I got chills when this family came into the crowd with their new baby.

44. And when they walked away together smiling as an "official" family.

45. I got chills whenever someone would raise their hand triumphantly.

46. When couples who just got married would watch other couples who just got married walk into the crowd.

47. When it got dark and the couples were lit up by spotlight.

48. And when the couples would take in the confetti.

49. Oh yeah, I also got literal chills when these dudes walked down into the crowd in shorts (it was COLD).

50. I got chills when I saw the sign for the reception "for all."

51. And when I went into the reception and I saw this table full of candy.

52. I got chills when they played "At Last," which was the first dance.

53. Serious chills during this.

54. And tears. Lots of tears.


55. I got chills when all of the couples started REALLY dancing.

56. When this family was dancing.

57. And when this couple was watching the dancing.

58. I got chills when all of the couples were holding each other listening to speeches from the governor.

59. And when everyone toasted her and one another.

60. By the end I was basically dead. But the last time I got chills was when these two women shared a moment before leaving the reception.

All photos by me.

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