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    30 Insanely Easy Ways To Improve Your Kitchen

    So you'll spend less time cleaning, organizing, and searching, and more time nomming.

    1. Use empty soda boxes to store soup cans.

    Find out how to make it all pretty here.

    2. Shoe holders become excellent snack holders.

    Snacks vs. shoes, discuss.

    3. Cut off the ends of plastic hangers to DIY chip clips.

    Never experience the hollow, tragic crunch of a stale chip again. Directions here.

    4. Hang cleaning supplies on a tension rod under your sink.

    5. Tension rods can be used vertically to keep cabinet storage neat.

    6. Hang utensils on a rod.

    7. Use an old rake as a wineglass holder.

    8. Seal plastic bags with the tops of water bottles.

    9. A Lazy Susan for the fridge makes everything more accessible.

    10. Keep thin boxes in a magazine rack.

    11. Arrange utensils and cloths on an old shutter door.

    You can use 3M adhesive hooks for hanging utensils and potholders. Directions here.

    12. Keep your measuring cups handy inside a cupboard door.

    And never do complicated conversion math again. Directions here.

    13. Use a liquor or olive oil dispenser spout for dish or hand soap.

    Now you can buy your cleaning products in bulk, or make your own. Directions here.

    14. Use a desk organizer to store cookie sheets and cutting boards.

    15. Use a pegboard to hang extra storage or utensils.

    À la Julia Child.

    16. If you're willing to invest in a restaurant-style dish rack, it makes for great extra storage.

    17. Store plastic bags in an empty wipes container.

    18. Tissue boxes are great for holding plastic bags too.

    Just thumbtack a box to the inside of a cabinet, or wherever's most convenient.

    19. Store utensils in vintage trophies.

    You'll get first place in kitchen organization HAHAHAHA.

    20. Use the top of a salt container to make spouts for your jars.

    Instructions here.

    21. Keep cookie cutters in place with a paper towel dispenser.

    22. Turn a milk jug into a dust pan for easy sweeping.

    Facebook: criacaocriativos

    One less thing you'll have to worry about recycling.

    23. Store knives safely in bamboo skewers.

    They won't splay everywhere and stab you in the hands, which is always a plus. Directions for beautifying here.

    24. Put a magnet inside a metal tea canister to stick it to the fridge.

    Full directions here.

    25. Create chalkboard-paint lids for your spices.

    You can make your own out of old baby food jars. Directions here.

    26. Keep small snacks in coffee creamer containers.

    Just clean them out and peel off the labels.

    27. A roll of brown paper makes a seemingly infinite place for grocery lists.

    Which you will promptly forget every time you go shopping. Directions here.

    28. Add Velcro to dish towels so they don't slip off.

    Directions here.

    29. Use CD holders to neatly house Tupperware lids.

    Oh, yeah, because you totally need those CD holders for your immense collection of Enya's discography.

    30. Make a wreath out of tea bags to keep them all neat.

    Plus now you'll have A WREATH MADE OF TEA. Directions here.

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