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    Posted on Dec 10, 2012

    Rihanna Is Mad That Chris Brown Is Hanging Out With His Ex-Girlfriend

    That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

    Oooh, Rihanna's Instagrams imply that she's not very happy about Chris Brown hanging out with his ex-girlfriend Karruche Tran. Could there be trouble in paradise?

    From her Twitter:

    U give, then u get, then u give it the fuck back

    On her Instagram she wrote:

    Goodbye muthafucker #takeoff

    ...and then she reposted an image that said "examine what you tolerate."

    All of Demi Moore's hard partying in Miami last week might have caused her to also be dumped by her 26-year-old boyfriend.

    ANDREAS SJÖDIN / Marie Claire

    Lea Michele talked about her boobs in the pages of this month's Marie Claire: "These babies are great. They are my prizewinners."

    FameFlynet Pictures

    Ewan McGregor chatted about getting naked for movies:

    "Being naked is something that happens in either end of the day for me, and if you're lucky, somewhere in the middle as well and I don't understand why it's an issue. I don't take my clothes off in movies because I want to flash my body around. I took my clothes off for movies because I'm an actor. I believe the movies that I make say something about the world and therefore they should reflect human instincts and natures and desires. A big part of that for us is our sexual life and romantic life."

    Zooey Deschanel caused some controversy (really?) over the weekend by posting a photo of herself lighting a menorah — even though she's Catholic. Can't we all just get along?

    Via Twitter: @Busyphilipps25

    Busy Philipps announced her pregnancy today on Twitter by uploading the above image with the caption "So this happened..."

    FameFlynet Pictures

    Poor Kate Middlton is having morning sickness in the afternoon and night too.

    Pepsi and Beyoncé will collaborate in 2013 in a partnership that will include the singer's face on cans.

    Shenae Grimes and her boyfriend Josh Beech announced their engagement over the weekend. Mazel tov!

    Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton were in the same room as each other and didn't kill each other.

    Did you know that Corey Feldman has a history of creepy holiday parties? Me neither.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones is so over talking about her bipolar disorder.

    The nude pictures that Ciara sent 50 Cent for his birthday years ago hit the Web.

    Abigail Breslin knocked out a stuntman while filming her new movie.

    Michael Bublé did a rendition of Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah Song."

    Lindsay Lohan almost ruined her episode of Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators by refusing to film scenes.

    Charlie Sheen says that Lindsay Lohan never thanked him for the money he gave her.

    Emma Stone uses Accutane for her acne, just like you!

    Anna Kendrick has an Instagram account.

    A fourth accuser has come forward against Kevin Clash.

    Cheryl Cole is suing the X Factor to the tune of $2 million for terminating her contract before it was up.

    Katt Williams whipped an audience member at one of his shows with a microphone?

    No Doubt is designing a line of ska clothes, whatever THAT means.

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