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December 21, 2012

Adam Lanza's Hard Drive Might Be Destroyed. But We Can Still Follow His Electronic Trail.

Last week, before committing one of the worst mass shootings in modern American history, Adam Lanza tried to destroy the hard drive on his computer. But whatever he was trying to hide might still be recoverable—and other options are available when…

17 Delicately Ethereal Frost Flowers

The gauzy layers of ice appear to sculpted by pixies. Due to their fragile nature, frost flowers rarely last past sun-up.

Do You Know Your Male Celebrity Body Parts?

Can you guess the face behind the pec? Or abs or thighs, or chest.

The Best And Worst Of Department Stores' Elaborate Holiday Windows

Some try way too hard, some hardly even try at all.

9 Disturbing And Alarming Incidents Of Holiday Theft

Shoplifting is expected to cost retailers $9 billion this holiday season. Thieves have been quite busy so far frisking various joints (but mostly Walmart).

Why “Natural Born Killers” Still Gets Blamed For Gun Violence

The NRA's Wayne LaPierre cited Natural Born Killers as one cause of gun violence. His reference may not be current, but the 1994 film has a long history of blame.

End Of The World Movies

We guess you’ve heard the latest news: The world probably isn’t going to end on December 21st, as previously “predicted.” But just in case the ancient Mayans and your conspiracy-theorist uncle were correct, I’ve put together a playlist of five…

Lindsay Lohan Refused To Kiss Charlie Sheen Because Of His Gnarly Mouth

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip roundup!

All I Want For Christmas And Other Links

In 1947, kids shared their wish list with Santa over the telephone rather than sitting on his lap at a crowded mall.

Turn Innocuous Crayons Into Deadly Blow Gun Darts

Companies try really hard to make their products safe but you can't save people from themselves. Seriously though, don't try this at home or anywhere else.

What If Santa Drove A 1998 Ford Focus?

What if everything we know about Santa was wrong? What if he was just a guy Dave Penderson?

Comedians Have One-Sided Conversations With Celeb Tweets

The new web series Conversations With a Twitter Feed has comedians respond to tweets from their favorite Twitter celebrities. There's not a lot of back-and-forth.

15 Aliases Santa Will Answer To

Much like a secret agent, Kris Kringle is a man of many names.

Worst Tweeters Of 2012

Believe it or not, there's a fair amount of people who still use Twitter by SMS. Which is fine, except that sometimes they don't realize what's going on when they get incoming texts.

Michelle Obama's Letter To Newtown Families

"We are beginning to have those difficult conversations about how we can build a safer, more peaceful tomorrow for all our children."

Timeline Of Mass Shootings In The 12 Years Since Columbine

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Conn., we look at the incidence of mass shootings since Columbine High School in 1999.

10 Gloriously Anarchic Music Moments From Live TV

We’re not generally given to bouts of nostalgia here, but when Dangerous Minds unearthed a video yesterday of Philly punk icons The Dead Milkmen making an unlikely appearance on Club MTV, it got us thinking about the days when music TV used to be…

The Best Indie Rock Christmas Parody Ever

These fake Bon Iver, Interpol, the xx, Mumford & Sons, and Beach House songs are uncanny.

Why Christmas Will Be Better In The U.K. This Year

A Spice Girls documentary is airing on Christmas Eve on ITV. And Victoria Beckham talks about how people wanted to brush her hair but not date her.

26 Ways To Survive Being Home For The Holidays

It could get sloppy. It might get awkward. It will get boring. But you can get through it.

18 Types Of People Who Had The Worst Year Ever

Dang. Maybe 2013 will be better.

Watch The First Promo For Arsenio Hall's New Talk Show

He's back. *insert woof noises here*

Watch A Giant Breakdance

This big Viking's got some moves.

26 Adorable Letters To Santa

When you believe in Santa, writing the perfect letter is very important business. These kids take it to the next level.

Murray Bar - Drink - Murray Hill

A beautiful centaur of a pub, club, beer garden, and sports bar, Murray Bar comes from the team who first set up shop in the space upstairs at The Cash Bar (whose entrance is still hidden behind the ATM up front). Now they've turned the downstairs…

The Charlotte Bobcats Dance Team Played Dress Up For The Holidays

To celebrate the holidays, the Charlotte Bobcats donated gift cards to local children and then the LadyCats dressed up to show some spirit.

New York DJs Are Torturing Kris Humphries With Kanye Songs

Aww, poor Kris Humphries can't go to a club without being bombarded with his ex-wife's new boyfriend's music.

Courtney Stodden Did A Naked, Hot Pink Christmas Photo Shoot

As you might expect her to do. [NSFW]

This Is A Picture Of A Kitten

Surely that's something we can all agree on. I'll see you sometime next week.

Blake Griffin Time Travels Back To 1999

The Clippers star continues to have the best (intentional) sense of humor of any NBA player.

28 Huge Bowls Of Holiday Booze To Help You Appreciate Your Family

Sometimes it's just easier to get into the Christmas spirit when there are large quantities of alcoholic punch involved.

Cee Lo's Outfit Report Card

These are serious grades given by real teachers that work in a very real school called Cee Lo's Wardrobe University. The Voice won't be the same next year without these looks.

John Kerry Is Really Good At Twitter

The next Secretary of State is surprisingly candid in his Twitter feed. Some shameless Mitt Romney takedowns.

Yes! An 80's London Nightclub Fashion Exhibit Is Coming

Shoulder pads! Elaborate jean jackets!

Tim Lincecum Cut Off All His Hair

Can this actually be what Tim Lincecum looks like without his flowing Samson-esque locks?

The 30 Best Dogs Of 2012

We hate to rank these dogs because, unlike cats, all dogs are created equally awesome. However, these things must be done, so here's a countdown of the best dogs of the year.

NRA Blames Ten-Year-Old Flash Game For School Violence

How a terrible, deliberately provocative Flash game from 2002 became part of the conversation about gun violence.

The Weirdest Types Of Holiday Partiers

Everyone parties different in during the holiday season. Some are weirder than others.

4 Things To Know About Asa Hutchinson's Views On Gun Control

The NRA announced Friday the former Arkansas Congressman would head up their efforts to develop a program to have armed security for schools in response for the Sandy Hook.

The 20 Most Unforgivable Twitter Spelling Mistakes Of The Year

Let's all learn from our mistakes, people.

What If Bane Hosted A Holiday Special?

It would be great, apparently.

17 High Fashion Ways To Emerge From An Apocalypse

Fashion has been preparing for the end of the world for at least five years now. If you want to look "fashion" when the world is done ending, here are some ideas.

The Coolest Car Ever Tops The Morning Links

Fan-designed Back to the Future Lego DeLorean car is now an official Lego product.

The Internet and Iron Man Make A Kid's Christmas Wish Come True

When someone asked Reddit for help making an Iron Man fan with down syndrome's Christmas wish come true, a guy with a suit stepped up.

10 Things The NRA Blamed For The Sandy Hook Massacre

Not guns. At a press conference Friday morning, the NRA's Wayne LaPierre offered up some other villains.

What Everyone Wore To The "30 Rock" Wrap Party

We can't believe it's really over.

Every Major "Star Trek" Character Through The Years

For an intergalactic federation, hiring practices seem a little human heavy. According to this chart, counseling services for crew was a passing fad.

Rob Gronkowski Invented A New Word

Gronkspiking. verb. To throw objects at the ground at high velocity, and crush beers afterward with your bros.

Protesters Disrupt NRA Post-Sandy Hook Press Conference

A man and a woman representing held these signs up in front of NRA chief Wayne LaPierre. The man was removed from the room shouting, "We need to stop the killing, the NRA is killing our children." According to LaPierre, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

Why Don't NFL Players Wear Underwear?

DeMarco Murray probably wishes he had. (NSFW-ish)

The Weird World Of 2004 John Kerry Election Memes

Let's celebrate John Kerry's expected nomination as Secretary of State by taking a look back to the early days of Election meme-ing. WARNING: Some of these are pretty bad.

Japanese Apocalypse Porn

Upset you're still here? These fantastic images from a 1968 magazine will assuage your grief.

Tyler Perry Presents: Kim Kardashian As An Actress

Kim is starring (maybe that's too strong of a word) in Tyler Perry's new film Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. This isn't the first time Kim has showed off her acting chops (previously: Drop Dead Diva, Beyond The Break, Disaster Movie), but still, this is monumental.

Official Top 30 World's Most Beautiful Women Of 2013 On Hollywoodbuzz's Blog

Official Top 30 World's Most Beautiful Women of 2013 30, Eva Mendes    29, Haifa Wehbe   28, Irina Sheyk   27, Sofia Vergara   26, Priyanka Chopra   25, Kim Kardashian   24, Cheryl Cole   23, Olivia Wilde   22, Katrina Kaif 21, Jennifer Lopez   20, Beyonce Knowles   19,  Megan Fox   18, Anne Hathaway   17, Kristen Stewart   16, Scarlett Johansson   15, Taylor Swift   14, Amanda Seyfried   13, Adriana Lima      12, Mila Kunis   11, Freida Pinto   10

The Many, Many, Many Affairs Of Zeus

Of course, "affair" would imply consent, something Zeus wasn't a fan of. This interactive infographic shows off how far the king of gods' seed spread throughout Greek mythology.

Meet Superstorm Sandy Claus

Michael Sciaraffo, from Belle Harbor, Queens, has been going house to house delivering toys, dressed as Santa Claus, to children affected by the hurricane that devastated the area.

Axl Rose Wants To Hear Some Reggae

This video is a two-minute loop, but you should watch it for at least a half hour.

Exclusive: "Free To Be You And Me" Satire Video Tackles Divorce

Colin Hanks stars in a 40th anniversary satire with hilarious help from Eugene Mirman, Samantha Bee, Wyatt Cenac, and others.

A Love Letter To Brunch

To me, you are perfect.

7 International Santa Traditions Involving Evil Sidekicks, Wine, Beatings

In other countries, Santa's helpers just might whack you with a broom.

First Picture Of Tom Hardy In Mad Max: Fury Road

We haven’t talked much about the Mad Max sequel, Fury Road, probably because we’ve been hearing rumors about it since 2007. At one point it was supposedly being developed as a 3D film in conjunction with a videogame, and was reported to have a $100…

Obama Responds To Calls For Gun Control

In a direct-to-camera video, the president responded to an appeal for gun control on his petition site, "We the People." Nearly 200,000 signatures.

Seth Rogen Tells David Letterman Everything He Needs To Know About Smoking Weed

Now that it's legal in Washington and Colorado, just about everyone and your grandpa wants in on the action. Here, Seth fills Dave in on how to become a marijuana connoisseur.

Jerry Seinfeld And Billy Crystal Perform The Sequel To Abbot & Costello's "Who's On First"

Along with Jimmy Fallon, A.D. Miles, and Higgins on last night's episode of Late Night.

Anti-Union, Anti-gay, Pro-life, Pro-gun Tim Scott Is Dangerous.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley's new Senate appointment, Tim Scott, is anti-union, anti-gay, pro-life and pro-gun.

The Year In Internet Outrage

Last weekend, in the wake of the mass shooting in Newtown, and the revelation that the person behind it might have been a troubled young man, a writer in Idaho, Liza Long, put up a blog post, ""I Am Adam Lanza's Mother," that purported to speak to…

Tim Tebow Breakup: Football's Most Famous Virgin Calls It Quits With Camilla Belle (PHOTOS)

Football's most famous virgin, Tim Tebow, has reportedly broken up with actress Camilla Belle after a mere two months of dating.

The Top Five Lesser-Known Failed Apocalypses

Most of us know Christopher Columbus as a guy who sailed the ocean blue/ genocidal maniac, but he was also fascinated by the apocalypse, and toward the end of his life wrote The Book of Prophecies, which drew apocalyptic theories from the Old and…

The Cab Joins The Tumblr World And Wants You To Be Part Of The Fun On Joeythunder's Blog

We'll be posting updates regularly, but we don't want this to just be about us, we want it to be about YOU! We wanted a place for us and other Soldiers (aka Cab fans) to see all kinds of art (including tattoos, cover songs, choreography videos, etc)…

Olivia Newton-John On The Mixed Reaction To Her Holiday Video With John Travolta

Actress and singer Olivia Newton-John talks to “Say Anything!” host Joy Behar about reuniting with her “Grease” co-star John Travolta for a new Christmas album and a much talked about music video.

Who Won ‘The X Factor’ Season 2 (Fall 2012)?

Who Won ‘The X Factor’ Season 2 (Fall 2012)?

The X Factor 2012 Finale: Who Won X Factor USA Season 2! // Current TV

The X Factor 2012 season 2 ends tonight after a long and sometimes painful season, both for the contestants and the fans. Many amazing acts have been voted off

The Crappiest Ways The World Could End

Even worse than you imagined. I'll miss you.

Conservatives Kill Republican Tax Plan

Speaker John Boehner's gambit falls apart. Over the cliff we go?

The Hottest New Dads Of 2012

Sure, celeb babies are cute, but what about their hunky dads? Here are 12 celebrities making fatherhood look more attractive than ever.

LeAnn Rimes Wrote A Song About Her Affair With Eddie Cibrian

Last night, child star turned scarlet homewrecker LeAnn Rimes stopped by The Tonight Show to talk to Jay Leno about a variety of softball topics, including her 30th birthday and her short trip to rehab for “stress and anxiety.” (Related: do…

Men Wearing Boys Coats

Thomas Jefferson, in a letter written to Samuel Kercheval in 1816, had this to say about the law and human progress: I am certain

The Boarding House - Drink - River North

Named for the building's origins as a dry goods store with rooms for rent in the 1870s, The Boarding House might have you wanting to just curl up in a corner and spend the night depending on just how deeply you explore the 450-bottle wine list…

How The NRA Changed Overnight And Reshaped American Views On The Right To More And More Guns

Cenk Uygur retraces the real history of the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment with Adam Winkler, a professor from the University of California at Los Angeles who specializes in constitutional law. Winkler reveals exactly how the…

Adam Lanza's Hard Drive Found Smashed In Police Search But NO Mental Health Medications

Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza, 20, deliberately destroyed his computer's hard drive, erasing potentially valuable evidence, before going on Friday's bloody rampage.

Leann Rimes On Her Bizarre 'X Factor' Performance

Leann Rimes staggered through Wednesday night's "X Factor" performance of her 1997 hit, "How Do I Live," a duet with 13-year-old finalist Carly Rose Sonenclar. Rimes' wobbly vocals and messy hair led social media users to wonder if something was…

Supercut: 2012's Worst Movies Review Themselves

This supercut from called “The Year’s Worst Movies Review Themselves” is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, and seems like it was fairly straightforward to put together, other than the obvious chore of having to sit through these…

Lautenberg Sandy Hook Email Asks For Contributions

A fundraising email in the wake of Cory Booker's plans to run for Lautenberg's Senate seat. "Your continued support is greatly appreciated."

Grading The Gowns: Miss Universe Edition

It takes a lot more than blinding sparkles to make a good pageant dress. Here's a ranking of the Miss Universe evening gowns, from worst to best.

One-A-Day Gift Guide: The News

The best newspaper. But more importantly, the best digital newspaper, too. No need to bother with anything more than the Sunday subscription.

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