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24 Totally Bizarre Decorated Toilets

Because looking at toilets on the internet is a perfectly acceptable way to spend Christmas Day.

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1. Glitter Toilet

2. Inflatable Toilet

3. Orange Zest Toilet

4. Steampunk Toilet

5. Christmas Toilet

6. Mink-Covered Toilet

It's a DIY!

7. Harry Potter Toilet

8. Jellyfish Toilet

9. Toilet Chair

10. "Sneaker Motif" Toilet

11. Bedazzled Toilet

12. Aquarium Toilet

13. Christmas Scene Toilet

14. Vintage Cat Cover Toilet

15. Swarovski Toilet

16. Quilted Toilet

17. Reindeer Toilet

18. Autumnal Toilet

19. Galaxy Toilet

20. Louis Vuitton Toilet Seats

21. Maltese Toilet

22. Hand-Painted Toilet Covers

23. Ramen Bowl Toilet

Only in Japan.

Only in Japan.

24. "What Would Jesus Do?" Toilet

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