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People Are Sharing "Ugly Truths" About Adulthood They Wish They Knew When They Were Younger, And Wow

"I should have started saving for retirement at 21 — but stupid me kept putting it off because I used the excuse that I was so 'broke,' and I’ll do it later, I’ll do it next year, or whatever. Also, stupid me didn’t stop and think that even if I just started putting a little bit of money away at that time, I would be a millionaire right now."

👩‍🔬 I Was Working For BuzzFeed Late One Night 💻 When My Eyes Beheld A Funny Sight 👀 For 28 Hilarious Women Began To Tweet 🐦 And Gave Us All A Halloween Treat 🎃 They Made Us Laugh! 💀 (These Tweets Will Make You Laugh!) 😂

"one time i was on an elevator and a guy dropped a bunch of loose grapes on the ground then was like 'sorry i haven’t eaten grapes in a while' & i think about him every day" —@_chase_____

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis

30-Somethings Are Sharing What They Wish They'd Known In Their 20s, And Suddenly, My To-Do List Has A Lot More To-Dos

" Don't worry about being 'behind' other people, whether it's personal goals, career, financial, whatever. Once you're out of school, there is no timeline. Everyone does things at their own pace, and there is no perfect time to do anything. Everyone thinks they are behind in something in some way. So, if everyone thinks they are behind, no one is. "

18 Hilarious Tweets From This Week

"Having a boyfriend is great because you always have someone to gossip to, and he won't tell anyone because he wasn't listening in the first place."

13 Bone-Chilling Tales Of People Who've Encountered Cryptids And "Mythological" Creatures

"So, we all turn and look...but one dorsal fin is immediately followed by another, and another, and another, and then two more, and then two more after that, in two separate rows, and they’re taller, by a LOT, and jagged, like some have whole chunks torn out of them, and they’re all 8-10 feet high. They’re all attached to ONE creature, and we can just barely see its back slicing through the water..."

People Are Confessing The Spookiest "Unexplained" Events That Have Happened To Them, And I'm Locking My Doors

"I had visitors over, and their kids liked my room because it had a massive bed that they could play on. We assumed they were in my room because we heard a bunch of noise. One of the mothers was about to tell them to be quiet, when suddenly, all the kids came inside from the backyard asking for snacks. The noise from my bedroom was gone. We asked the kids if they had been in my room. They said no, because someone had told them not to. They didn't elaborate on who that 'someone' was."

14 People Who Had A Pretty Horrendous Week

"Today, whilst out shopping, I tried on a beautiful jacket. It was the jacket of a customer trying on another jacket and now I can never go shopping again."