16 People Who Were Completely Unaware Of The Grave Mistakes They Were About To Make

    Sometimes it's a better call to go to the barbershop instead of trying to cut your hair at home.

    1. This person who threw a lit cigarette in a garbage can and ended up melting it:

    Melted siding on a house above a pile of burnt debris next to a trash bin

    2. This person who placed a heavy perfume bottle in the bathroom cabinet that eventually fell and left a mark:

    Bathroom sink with a bottle of Dr Teal's body oil and a black faucet

    3. This person who discovered a worm in a can of peaches after they had already eaten most of it:

    Transparent cup with a liquid and a white object floating in it

    4. This person whose wedding ring slipped off and fell between this little gap in the bathroom of an Airbnb:

    A bottle of Baylis & Harding liquid soap placed on the edge of a sink

    5. This person who put a fuzzy blanket in the washing machine with her husband's new jeans:

    Pants covered in pet hair on top of a washing machine

    6. This person who ordered cheap Tilapia online and ended up with food poisoning:

    Box filled with packaged chicken breasts, label obscured for privacy
    Person sitting with a medical patch on the knee and sneakers on

    7. This person who left the garden hose running outside all night and ended up flooding their basement:

    A flooded basement with furniture and items submerged in water

    8. This person who ordered chicken wings from a place they never will order from again:

    A single piece of fried chicken on a black plate with visible grease

    9. This person who tried to boil water with an electric kettle:

    Person holding a severely damaged and melted gaming steering wheel controller
    Note attached to a kettle reads: "Sorry, I destroyed your electric kettle... I ordered a new one, it'll be here on Wed."

    10. This person who baked a birthday cake for their mom but then tripped on their way to deliver it:

    Open box with a partially eaten chocolate-covered dessert with layers and filling

    11. This person who left their gas tank open at the car wash:

    Car going through an automated car wash with water spraying on it

    12. This garbage truck driver who backed up into an apartment building:

    A cracked window set in a brick wall, showing signs of damage at the top left corner

    13. This person who gave their friend a haircut to help them save money:

    Man with a short haircut viewed from the side, with a mirror partially reflecting his face

    14. This person who taught a stray cat how to use their doggy door and now has to deal with their furniture getting damaged:

    Leather couch armrest with visible wear and white residue

    15. This person who dropped something on their stovetop:

    Ceramic cooktop with a broken heating element and visible damage

    16. And lastly, this person who left their phone on top of their car:

    Reflective car windows show sky and part of a tree, with a car and SUV parked in the background