The Universe Delivered 16 Blunt Reminders That Maybe It's Time To Accept Defeat

    If your frustration meter is still low by the end of this post, good job.

    1. When the correct answer was case sensitive:

    Screen displaying quiz feedback, indicating an incorrect answer with the lowercase "h" and the correct answer as uppercase "H"

    2. When the digital assistant tries to text your already-stolen phone:

    Screen capture of a text message exchange where one party requests a security code and the other informs their phone was stolen

    3. When the planner is so distressing you can't plan:

    Blank weekly planner with days of the week from Monday to Sunday and a section for notes

    4. When your credit score drops AFTER paying off debt (this can happen because you no longer have a line of credit proving you can make payments on time):

    Screen of mobile app showing credit score history with dates and points increased or decreased

    5. And when you use over 40% less electricity only to pay over 50% more:

    Bar chart showing a decrease in energy usage from March 2023 to March 2024 with associated costs

    6. When the pictures in the hotel room are hung like this:

    Five-panel wall art of a forest scene above a bed, split across separate canvases

    7. And when the calculator is designed like this:

    On-screen calculator with an equation solved, buttons for various math functions visible

    8. When the sink is ever so slightly off-set like this:

    Close-up of a white, oval bathroom sink with a chrome faucet, reflecting overhead lighting

    9. When this person's height was listed as four inches shorter than when they were born:

    Close-up of a document with personal details, including gender marked as 'F', height '1-04', and eye color 'BRO'

    10. When these soda bottles were designed like this:

    Bottles of Fanta in various flavors, including blue and tropical, on a store shelf

    11. When Trivial Pursuit asked what NATO stood for...

    A hand holding a trivia card

    But misinformed way too many people (NATO actually stands for the North ATLANTIC Treaty Organization):

    answer shows that NATO stands for North America treaty organization

    12. When the paper towel dispenser blocks the door:

    Public restroom with a sink, a soap dispenser, and a hand dryer on the wall

    13. And when the vending machine crushes the candy bar:

    three musketeers are crushed

    14. When the painter doesn't use tape so now the windows are painted shut:

    Close-up of window frame showing signs of wear and potential mold growth with blurry garden backdrop

    15. When the concrete people block you in the apartment without warning:

    Freshly poured wet concrete on a residential walkway viewed from an open door

    16. And when the city was designed like this:

    Aerial view of a dense residential area with a squared off community that is crooked on the map