26 Reallyyyyyy Freaky Things I Feel Like I Wasn't Supposed To See With My Own Two Eyes

    I really could've gone my whole life without seeing these images...and yet I can't look away.

    1. Here's a piece of HUMAN leather.

    Piece of aged leather with visible creases and a tear

    2. Here's a tool that dentists practice on that is very, very cursed.

    Dental practice mannequin with open mouth and simulated teeth, used for training purposes

    3. Although they used to be much worse.

    Close-up of an antique automaton head with an open mouth revealing inner gears

    4. Did you know nursing students sometimes are given terrifying mannequins to train with, too?

    Mannequin in a wheelchair wearing a hospital gown, positioned indoors for training

    5. And here's a doll from the 1700s to help midwives practice delivering children.

    Vintage medical teaching models displayed in a case

    6. Here's what the Kinder Egg mascot used to look like in the '80s.

    Kinder Egg mascot

    7. Here's what the inside of a bone looks like.

    A close-up of a person holding a cross-section of bone, showing porous internal structure

    8. And this is what a spinal cord looks like.

    9. Here's what the inside of a kangaroo's pouch looks like — with a baby inside.

    veiny stomach with a baby kangaroo

    10. Ever wonder what a placenta looks like? Here you go!

    11. Here's what Napoleon's "death mask" (a mask made from his corpse a day after he died) looks like.

    Napoleon's death mask on display

    12. Here's what Disney's Space Mountain looks like with the lights on that has me terrified of ever riding it again.

    Disney Space Mountain with lights on

    13. Here's a photo of "Dead Man's Fingers," a fungus that imitates corpse hands and feet. Creepily, they're usually found around dying trees and plants.

    Dead man's fingers creeping from a log

    14. Here's a photo from an old Chuck E. Cheese robot factory.

    An animatronic figure with a mouse head and beige dress in a workshop setting

    15. And here are the hands of serial killer Fritz Honka.

    Fritz Honka's hands

    16. This is what a horse foot looks like without the hoof.

    17. This is what an MRI of a baby still in the womb looks like.

    A fetus MRI

    18. And here's an MRI of what it looks like when you rub your eyes.

    19. Here's what bone cancer does to your scull.

    Close-up of a skull with crystal formations where teeth might be. No persons in the image

    20. Here's what a black seadevil looks like.

    a black seadevil

    21. Here's what a North Korean airport looks like.

    The airport in North Korea

    22. Here's what one of the original Wiggles puppets looked like.

    Handmade puppet with exaggerated facial features, wearing a purple top and black bottom, displayed in a case

    23. Here's what a sheepshead fish looks like.

    closeup of a sheepshead fish

    24. And here's what their teeth look like close up.

    closeup of a sheepshead fish's teeth

    25. This is what it looks like after a horse gets a nosebleed.

    26. And finally, here are the "necropants," which...I honestly have no words for.