14 Absolute Fails From The Internet That Are So Funny, I Spit Out My Coffee

    "I really wish I wasn’t the adult in here for this” is a little too real, IMO!

    GOOD DAY, my gorgeous little BuzzFeed readers. It brings me endless pleasure to let you know that your doomscrolling is at an end. You have indeed come upon the best thing published on the internet each week — my weekly compilation of funny fails. Please clap. And let's get started:

    1. When being an adult rocks, until you are the only adult in a situation that requires one:

    Today I was briefly supervising my friend’s class & a 5,000,000 gallon jug of hand sanitizer overbalanced & spilled all over the floor & the children said “what do we do?!” & I said “I don’t know I really wish I wasn’t the adult in here for this” & they all nodded understandingly

    — maddie, hot dog enthusiast (@damnitmadeline) March 18, 2024
    Twitter: @damnitmadeline

    2. This husband who is maybe a little too locked into his work headspace:

    You know your husband is a lawyer when you text him at 10pm to ask to bring you a snack upstairs and he doesn't respond so you email his work email and he responds right away.

    — Lucy Huber (@clhubes) March 19, 2024
    Twitter: @clhubes

    3. These baby names:

    the best part about being in a ton of 2023 pregnancy/baby groups is getting to see all the absolutely wretched names parents are coming up with these days. here are some highlights i’ve collected pic.twitter.com/UNMUHeAmKB

    — henny gesserit (@heyyitsdidi) March 20, 2024
    Twitter: @heyyitsdidi

    4. This poor rizz-less child:

    Took my kid to a play place and he sees a former classmate who he has had a crush on for ages. I told him to play it cool. Just overheard him say “I remember your breath. It always smells like goldfish crackers” bro has negative rizz

    — Teddie (@Teddie2pointO) March 21, 2024
    Twitter: @Teddie2pointO

    5. This — although to her credit, she was probably more into the play than anyone else in the theater:

    just saw jesus christ superstar and the woman behind shouted “oh no!” when judas betrayed him, and I can’t stop thinking about what she thought was going to happen

    — Nick Duffy (@NickMDuffy) March 20, 2024
    Twitter: @NickMDuffy

    6. This, just this:

    Just saw an advertisement for (ancient) Greek lessons claiming the instructor is a native speaker

    — 🎭 (@apomechanesthea) March 21, 2024
    Twitter: @apomechanesthea

    7. The future is now:

    Got my bidet all set up pic.twitter.com/Cqqp2VNVxm

    — Ricky Knuckles (@TheRickDoofus) March 21, 2024
    Twitter: @TheRickDoofus

    8. This moment in front of the doctor:

    Chase pediatrician said “have you talked to him about stranger danger yet” so I’m like kind of? She turns & asks him “if someone comes up to you & they have candy would you go to their car?” & he’s like “yes I love candy!” 😑

    — Kay (@KaylarWill) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @KaylarWill

    9. Someone in Boston:

    someone in boston is having a horrific day pic.twitter.com/ObsXdnZnO9

    — binp (@the_binp) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @the_binp

    10. This text interaction:


    — chlobuchar (@me_im_chloe) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @me_im_chloe

    11. This moment of #solidarity (they tried their best):

    “Where’s the Pride flag?”

    “Fu*k knows. Just put out the Twister mat.” pic.twitter.com/dWRM06c1bk

    — Out of Context Human Race (@NoContextHumans) March 23, 2024
    Twitter: @NoContextHumans

    12. Our healthcare system:

    One time I went to the doctor cus I kept throwing up and they were like r u pregnant and I was like no I already took a pregnancy test and they were like we're gonna give u a more accurate one and then when the test was negative they were like that's crazy and sent me home

    — Lilly (@lillybilly299) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @lillybilly299

    13. These 11 people in Iceland:

    Iceland has a web page for the upcoming presidential election. You can go in and enter your name in support of a candidate. In an attempt to do so, apparently 11 people accidentally registered as candidates and are now running for president. Looking forward to the TV debates.

    — Yrsa Sigurdardottir (@YrsaSig) March 23, 2024
    Twitter: @YrsaSig

    14. And finally, two fails in one: first, that they received this cake at all, and second, the carnage...

    The Kermit cake was wonderful but cutting into it has resulted in horrors unimaginable https://t.co/DsYfWKv4gn pic.twitter.com/jyOTZoAQiX

    — Ben Crew (@BenjaminCrew1) March 24, 2024
    Twitter: @BenjaminCrew1

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