If You're Looking For A Reason To Laugh, These 19 Great Tweets Just Might Do The Trick

    L O L!


    Me to my youngest: “wanna go out and do something”
    Her: “no not really, I kinda wanna be alone I’m stressed”
    Me: “you’re 12 ain’t no way you’re stressed”
    Her: “you’re old and you wanna hang out with me”
    Me: pic.twitter.com/HYjmERN1nz

    — ᴍꜱ. ᴘᴇᴀʀʟ (@_perla420) March 30, 2024
    Genius / Twitter: @_perla420


    Never be sad on a weekend. Cry during business hours and get paid for your depression. Don’t let capitalism win.

    — Cali (@calidaysay) March 29, 2024
    Twitter: @calidaysay


    My son, 7, has discovered “deez nuts” jokes and it’s all he says now. Everything is deez nuts. He simply can’t stop.

    I asked him where he heard that joke. He made me promise that if he told me, he wouldn’t get in trouble. I agreed. So he leans in and whispers, “deez nuts.”

    — will defries (@willdefries) March 29, 2024
    Twitter: @willdefries


    I used to think adulthood was one crisis after another, but I was so wrong. It’s multiple crises, concurrently, all at once, all the time. Forever😭

    — sweeett💎 (@sweeettrevenge) February 19, 2024
    Twitter: @sweeettrevenge


    the grinch if he had an onlyfans: https://t.co/4CGdw4GiE6

    — troythedesigner 🦂 (@troythedesigner) March 27, 2024
    Twitter: @troythedesigner


    “Did you meet Q1 goals?”

    Did Q1 meet me???? Did it meet me????

    — Ebun with Capital Letter E (@adifferentshe) March 27, 2024
    Twitter: @adifferentshe


    my niece said “Auntie is one of those ppl that has a lot of stuff & won’t get rid of it-I think she’s a whore.” LMFAO ma’am wrong word.

    — B 🦋 (@DontWorryBoutB) March 28, 2024
    Twitter: @DontWorryBoutB


    TMZ would have filmed the conversation of Judas agreeing to betray Jesus.

    — db 🖤 (@dbcxptures) March 27, 2024
    Twitter: @dbcxptures


    I asked my man if he had a fetish I didn’t know about and he said silence … I.. 😭😭😭😭😭

    — Lex P🪬 (@LexP__) March 27, 2024
    Twitter: @LexP__


    Dolly Parton to Jolene Beyonce to Jolene pic.twitter.com/bmbqSJviVr

    — Kevin ✨ (@DisasterMoviefa) March 29, 2024
    Fox / Zeus / Twitter: @DisasterMoviefa


    was feeling very cute & confident in my little first date outfit until I realized I am dressed exactly like kim possible. i’m not kidding I look like I may have attended some kind of convention today so hope he’s into that!

    — ellie schnitt (@holy_schnitt) March 24, 2024
    Twitter: @holy_schnitt


    personally I feel Romeo and Juliet could have handled the situation alot better https://t.co/n38KnlEY66 pic.twitter.com/t2Ymq3S4sA

    — ☔ (@Whotfismick) March 24, 2024
    HBO Max / Twitter: @Whotfismick


    "i like your personality"

    thanks i have like 4 more pic.twitter.com/a5Z8wk0ECV

    — mugerfatale (@mugerfatale) March 31, 2024
    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @mugerfatale


    my toxic trait is that if they opened Jurassic park I would still totally go

    — ely kreimendahl (@ElyKreimendahl) March 23, 2024
    Twitter: @ElyKreimendahl


    “Where’s the Pride flag?”

    “Fu*k knows. Just put out the Twister mat.” pic.twitter.com/dWRM06c1bk

    — Out of Context Human Race (@NoContextHumans) March 23, 2024
    No Context Memes / Twitter: @NoContextHumans


    Me changing their contact name after they make me mad pic.twitter.com/gzdZgJVyFl

    — uncle wok (@BluntConspiracy) March 23, 2024
    Pixar/ Twitter: @BluntConspiracy


    When you sleep to avoid your problems but end up dreaming about them pic.twitter.com/BvioPUUFWs

    — Munee🦋😍 (@_munee__) March 29, 2024
    DreamWorks Pictures / Twitter: @_munee__


    by the time I have kids strollers gonna need gas 😂

    — 🥀✨ (@fuckkkkkmylifee) January 15, 2024
    Twitter: @fuckkkkkmylifee


    Something about rent being due the Monday after Jesus paid it all doesn’t sit right with me.

    — PurposeDr!ven»✨ (@BornTaLEAD) March 28, 2024
    Twitter: @BornTaLEAD

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