15 Muslim Tweets That "Ate" While We've Been Fasting This Ramadan

    "rejected the cookies from a website cause it’s ramadan"

    We're a little over halfway through Ramadan, and it's genuinely frightening how fast time is flying.

    ramadan needs to act like January. that month didn't wanna end

    — RhysLarsenWife🇵🇸🍉 (@leyyaaaaaaaa_) March 27, 2024
    Twitter: @leyyaaaaaaaa_

    If you don't know what Ramadan is, it's the ninth month of the Islamic calendar where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

    But just because we can't eat or drink doesn't mean we can't crack a joke or two. So here are 14 that gave me a good chuckle:


    me on the first day of ramadan pic.twitter.com/96wF6JQSFz

    — 𓆩🖤𓆪 (@belarushy) March 10, 2024
    Twitter: @belarushy


    rejected the cookies from a website cause it’s ramadan

    — mal (@mvlqk) March 19, 2024
    Twitter: @mvlqk


    Twitter: @notgloh
    Talk Valentina! Ally!


    fasting is a true test because there’s nothing harder than not hating for 14 hours

    — 🌟 (@peachcrises) March 12, 2024
    Twitter: @peachcrises


    Asked my mum if she needs help with iftar and she goes “Yh by leaving the kitchen” pic.twitter.com/2NKfwQPxuG

    — R.H (@rhassan___) March 29, 2024
    Twitter: @rhassan___


    Fasting actually makes me realise how I just eat out of boredom💀

    — A (@Am_bxv) March 14, 2024
    Twitter: @Am_bxv


    Are Orange County Muslims okay pic.twitter.com/IVVUNNXO4x

    — Huda (@highkeyhuds) March 10, 2024
    Twitter: @highkeyhuds
    Selling parking spots at the mosque is unhinged behavior.


    You people who go gym while fasting need to sign yourself up for the army

    — m (@maryamfitzz) March 19, 2024
    Twitter: @maryamfitzz


    a muslim man asking me, a muslim woman, why i’m not fasting today pic.twitter.com/Yy9qX8L5qA

    — manal🫧 (@rue2mars) March 27, 2024
    Twitter: @rue2mars


    whenever i get hungry while fasting during Ramadan i visit your page and suddenly i’m not hungry anymore https://t.co/7PF2RQGoAs

    — zak (@zakareeee) March 24, 2024
    Twitter: @zakareeee


    Imma pass out if I take an everything shower while I’m fasting?

    — BIGBODYNADI (@_nadirahp) March 14, 2024
    Twitter: @_nadirahp


    day 1 suhoor: oats and yoghurt with fresh fruits, electrolytes ✨

    day 10: pic.twitter.com/Ej8mN20Kzk

    — uyghur维吾尔 | 🍊 Maria 🇵🇸🇸🇩 (@mariaalcoptia) March 20, 2024
    Twitter: @mariaalcoptia
    - In my kitchen: bagels, oatmeal, cereal, eggs, turkey bacon

    - Only thing I have an appetite for: Exactly two apples


    idk who needs to hear this, but I'm never too old for eid money btw

    — RhysLarsenWife🇵🇸🍉 (@leyyaaaaaaaa_) March 24, 2024
    Twitter: @leyyaaaaaaaa_


    taking bookings for eid x pic.twitter.com/ep1ORuSPvV

    — yasmin 𐐪𐑂 (@digiyasmin) March 24, 2024
    tiktok.com / Via Twitter: @digiyasmin

    And finally, because it's just so wholesome:


    I met up with my 75-year-old friend and we chatted in the free space of the supermarket as I'm fasting. She brought a cup of hot water for me. So, I said, "I can't drink". She said, "This is not for drinking. Your hands get cold when fasting, so warm them up by holding this". 🥹

    — 𝙰𝚁𝙸𝚂𝙰 🇯🇵 أريسا (@TheJPMuslimah) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @TheJPMuslimah

    Ramadan Mubarak to all the homies, and be sure to give whoever made you laugh a follow.