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19 Signs From The Past Week That Made Me Laugh So Hard, I Nearly Forgot How To Breathe

It's time to laugh and enjoy some silly little signs.

You made it through yet another challenging and arduous week!!! As a reward, take a second to enjoy the funniest signs of the last week, courtesy of r/funnysigns:

1. "12-year-olds are genius."

Poster with text joking that a child thinks a floppy disc is a 3D-printed save icon

2. "Yeah, that's somewhat true, to be honest."

Poster with a cigarette, stating "Smoking is good for the environment because it kills human beings," as a sarcastic environmental message

3. "Lift in case of emergency."

Sign reading 'CAPTAIN'S USE ONLY' lifts to reveal navigation aids underneath

4. "Technically true."

Three containers of vegan ice cream with a sign listing it as sugar-free, egg-free, lactose-free, and no calories

5. "Let's see who dares!!"


6. "A great workplace."

Sign in warehouse reads "PLEASE DON'T DO COKE IN THE BATHROOM"

7. "This is the bathroom of the year..."

Humorous bathroom review sign with parody quotes and fictitious award symbols

8. "But I've got data."

Chalkboard sign on a beach reads "WE DO NOT HAVE WIFI talk to each other Pretend it's 1995."

9. "You listening, Abby?"

Sign outside Dairy Queen with message "ABBY YOU NEED TO SHOW UP FOR WORK"

10. "Life's too short."

Sign reads "PLEASE RUN down the hill SCREAMING" with "By order of life's too short" below, near a hill

11. "Ooh, so much cheekiness!"

Sign reads "Support your Local Pole Dancer!" with humorous subtext about keeping people energized

12. "Men are mens."

A doorknob strategically placed where the male genitalia should go

13. "I prefer the old version."

Graffiti on a wall parodying the phrase "Live, Laugh, Love" with additional negative words saying "Eat Shit Die"

14. "I've seen this kind of disaster before."

Handwritten sign expressing frustration about a repeatedly damaged toilet, suggesting a doctor's visit or humorous alternatives

15. "What a deal."

Sign reads "FREE TESLA OIL CHANGES" at a TAKE 5 location, humorously offering a service Teslas do not need

16. "'I pay my parking fee, therefore I am.' —Descartes"

Sign in parking garage reads "Please pay your parking fee before existing," likely meaning "exiting."

17. "Okay, no problem."

Handwritten sign on a card reader says "Penis broken please use finger," meant to read "Pen is broken."

18. "This does not look good."

Sign reads "FREE Spicy Pumpkins Try One! Trick or Treat" with a bowl of small orange peppers shaped like pumpkins

19. "It's not so much if it can, but if it should."

Store sign with items listed: "CAN FISH," "MICROWAVE," and "SOUP" in separate lines

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