19 Signs From The Past Week That Are So Funny, You'll Wonder Why Male Comedians Even Try

    Another week has come and gone, but at least we can once again come together and giggle at these silly little signs.

    We've survived yet another week in this cruel, cruel world. So, let's collectively laugh at some of the funniest signs of the week, courtesy of r/funnysigns:

    1. "This way to WAR!"

    Directional sign indicating "War" with an arrow pointing up, and "Stairs and Lifts" with an arrow to the left

    2. "Handling tip."

    Handling tip poster showing proper and improper ways to take a baby's temperature

    3. "I agree 100%."

    Signboard listing humorous items that begin with the letter 'S', such as sleep, beer, and bacons

    4. "Nice one!!"

    Sign reads "THE DOOR BELL IS MISSING PLEASE SHAKE BOTTLE OF ROCKS" next to a bottle filled with small stones

    5. "Does this mean it happened before? 👀"

    Sign with symbols indicating correct (thumbs up) and incorrect (painting over plug) electrical safety practices, with "YES" and "NO" labels

    6. "The future is dangerous."

    Sign warning "The future is Dangerous. Don't go any further" in English and Japanese, possibly humorous

    7. "Which berry are you?"

    Notice from landlord with a humorous berry bowl tracking system, comparing tenants' fruit consumption

    8. "I sang it in my head."

    A modified stop sign with the phrase "DON'T STOP ME NOW" written on it

    9. "I am the employee."

    Sign apologizing for not accepting cash due to employees' math skills, with humor

    10. "Prevent theft."

    Stacked signs advise to lock car, take keys, hide belongings, and joke about filling with bees to prevent theft

    11. "If you have any clue, LMK."

    Sign reading "SELF CEMETERY" on a grassy field under a cloudy sky

    12. "This gotta be the craziest street on Earth."

    Road sign with directions: Cotton Lane, Prison to right, Surprise to right, Zoo straight ahead

    13. "Better things..."

    Chalkboard with a quote: "There are better things in the world than alcohol, but alcohol sort of compensates for not getting them."

    14. "What are 'THEY?'"

    Sign on a fence warning: "Yes they are real. Yes they eat meat. Keep off the fence."

    15. "Man, I thought that Napoleon would ride something more epic..."

    Promotional movie display for "Napoleon" with Joaquin Phoenix and a coin-operated ride-on horse in the foreground

    16. "Now I'm curious."

    Signboard with humorous menu listing eggs, bacon, and a misspelled illicit substance, inviting to discover which two are available

    17. "This is your last chance!"

    Electronic road sign with humorous message advising drivers to slow down if visiting in-laws, implying to delay arrival

    18. "Unless you need help with grammar. Then you're on your own."

    Church sign with the message "JESUS CAN SAVE EVEN YOU"

    19. "What space?"

    Portable road sign on a street displaying message "GIVE CYCLISTS SPACE." Cars in background