17 Entitled Jerks Who Demanded Special Treatment, And Were Pissed When They Didn't Get It

    "Helicopter momma seeking future daughter-in-law. I prefer a Republican, Christian, hardworking woman who's willing to relocate."

    Some people seem to think that the world should bend to their every desire...and I do not like those people. Here are 17 choosy beggars who received a healthy dose of reality from the people they were bugging:

    1. "It's ok, I'm a single mom."

    Text message exchange where someone declines buying a Nintendo bundle, causing confusion about scheduling

    2. "We do not need luck."

    Screenshot of a text exchange where a veteran offers a 5% discount and another person expresses gratitude, citing Marine pride

    3. "You are a child."

    Text message exchange showing a price negotiation with one person firm on $120 and the other offering various amounts, ending in a humorous quip

    4. "You're here to work...act like it."

    Text in image: Request for a painting company with 4.5+ ratings for a job by Saturday, non-smokers, lunch provided, potential future referrals

    5. "Your reward will be, at best, a bottle of water."

    Person walking with text overlay seeking help to move furniture; reward offered is water

    6. "He's a butt guy (no flat asses should apply)."

    "Please share post, this boy ain't getting any younger!"

    7. "Have a bachelor's degree in childcare OR nine years of relevant babysitting experience."

    Text from an online post seeking a babysitter with specific and humorous requirements and compensation details

    8. "How famous are you? 😎"

    Screenshot of a text conversation where one person offers another a magazine article feature and the second person humorously declines compensation

    9. "HELLO??????"

    An exchange of text messages between a customer and a beauty company's customer service, addressing a product issue and return policy

    10. "Can you take it to my house?"

    "It's listed as pick up only for a reason"

    11. "Um, thanks, I guess..."

    Facebook post seeking a ride downtown with a friend offering help if parking is paid for; confusion about who pays for parking follows

    12. "...Unless it's nice outside. Then I will need off with pay."

    "Any leads are helpful"

    13. "Don't you agree, girls?!"

    "A guy should spend 20% of his yearly salary on a ring"

    14. "Just Venmo, Zelle, or Cash App. That's it."

    Image contains text expressing a person's preference for money gifts via Venmo, cash app, or Zelle over traditional birthday wishes

    15. "No other compensation is offered."

    "No other compensation is offered."

    16. "Easy £80 for sumone."

    Overgrown backyard with a fallen fence and debris, needing cleanup. Text overlay details work for £80 payment

    17. And finally, "Not the big Tootsie Rolls, mind you, the small ones that are bite-sized."

    "evidently no one is allowed to be disappointed and bring it up, ever."