17 Photos Of Things People Reallyyyy Tried To Fix But Just Made So, So Much Worse

    Put the hammer down and slowwwwly back away.

    1. There's no way you can actually C(D) out of this musical mirror:

    Reflective CD affixed to car side mirror, creating a makeshift blind spot mirror

    2. This is either a failed DIY spoiler or a successful traveling laundry mat:

    Car with a makeshift pink foam roof rack

    3. This lawnmower wheel replacement straight outta 4000 BC:

    Lawn mower with a wooden wheel replacing the broken original one

    4. Imagine getting hurt because you tripped on a button and fell down the jairs:

    Staircase with jeans creatively laid on each step to give the illusion they are denim stairs

    5. This masking tape that absolutely did not mask the hole in the wall:

    A wall with remnants of old, torn tape and stains, above a wooden baseboard

    6. Ah yes, a large door the size of a small door:

    Door with insulation foam around it; another half of the door leaning against the wall nearby

    7. Okay, what in the Wonderworks is this???

    A table lamp upside down and being used as a chandelier

    8. This person should have stopped WAY before they popped:

    Can of Pringles used as a makeshift vehicle repair part under car hood

    9. This works for now...but what about when it's time to come down, hm? What then?! I project some problems with that:

    A projector in a plastic bin affixed to the ceiling

    10. She's not like other tiles:

    a misplaced tile

    11. This is either really dumb or perfect for a very chill grandma:

    An armchair placed on a motor scooter

    12. I hate to throw shade at this lamp...but I must:

    Lamp made from a green glass bottle with a silver foil shade, on a wooden table

    13. This cartoonish approach to fixing a bike wheel:

    Bicycle tire with punctured pink bubble gum stuck on its valve

    14. Using tape to fix a toilet, a famously water-filled device, was never going to last:

    masking tape used to fix a toilet

    15. Thanks! I hate it!

    16. If your sneakers break, that doesn't mean they should become sandals:

    Shoes with the tips missing to appear as sandals

    17. This mailbox is only acceptable if it's specifically for the cat's mail:

    A plastic bin used as a mailbox