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26 People Who Confidently Posted Something Very, Very, Very, Very Very, Very, Very, Very Dumb Online This Year

Someone really thought that food couldn't be vegan if it had protein in it.

1. This person who misunderstood what "theory" could mean:

Comment misunderstanding 'theory' in science, equating it with a lack of evidence

2. This person who didn't know geography that well:

Screenshot of a social media exchange with comments on national identity, with some users corrected and others expressing offense

3. This person who didn't quite get irony:

Ice cream truck with "Eat The Rich" slogan, internet users comment on the irony of expensive popsicles

4. These people who commented on Facebook to give someone medical advice:

Screenshot of a social media conversation where individuals discuss remedies for a husband's leg injury, with suggestions for alternative medicine

5. This person who tried giving someone suggestions for their wedding:

Comment suggests making a bangle from a gold band for a partner's wedding day rather than a chain

6. This person who shared tips for a recipe:

Social media screenshot of a humorous exchange where someone confuses 'aioli' with 'areola'

7. This person who shared this story and thought their child would be the one who sounded unreasonable:

Screen capture of a social media post where a parent humorously complains about their teen being mad for turning down the volume due to wine-induced singing

8. This person who announced their parenting style:

Text on a red background: It's not a parent's job to make their child respectful; it reflects the other's energy and boundaries, and is a chance for the latter to improve

9. This person who claimed a nurse had to "suction the vein" to withdraw blood:

Social media screenshot with a post about a misspoken phrase, where a nurse said "suction what now" instead of the intended words

10. This person who must've never seen "first and foremost" written out:

"First informals the meat..."

11. This person who thought that cereal wasn't vegan if it had protein in it:

"This cereal isn't vegan. It has protein"

12. This person who got this expression wrong their whole life:

"caught me off god"

13. This person who claimed the sun isn't real:

"The Sun hasn't been invented yet."

14. This person who thought "parachute" was three words:

"he gave him a pair of shoot told..."

15. This person who should never enter a spelling bee:

"2 unromantic plutonic friends"

16. This person who insisted that "crochet" and "knit" were synonyms:

"the term crochet and knit mean the same thing"

17. This person who was against toothpaste:

"If you sustained yourself with natural food and didn't brush your teeth you'd be completely fine with some bad breath."

18. These people who assumed that honey must actually be really good for babies if the FDA advised parents against it:

"Why can't you give a baby under a year honey?"

19. This person who could not do math to save their life:

"9 out of 10 is the same thing as 19 out of 20, dunce"

20. This person who knew they said something off:

"something told me I was wrong"

21. This person who explained why infidelity is good for couples:

"Cheating makes marriages stronger"

22. This person who had no idea how biology worked:

"It then enters your bloodstream and collects in your brain and spine."

23. This person who got too deep into conspiracy theories:

"How did Hollywood know what the world looked like before NASA"

24. This person who didn't understand how cheese was made:

"you don't kill a cow to make cheese"

25. This person who was doing too much when they went out to eat:

"Always ask for a cup of hot water before ordering at restaurants"

26. And lastly, this person who didn't believe...in planes:

Summarized screenshot of a social media comment speculating on technology and dismissing airplanes, referencing holograms and government secrets