I'm Shaking As I Write This — These 12 Photos From The Internet This Week Are Frightening

    Look no further than your local Facebook Group for a terrifying true crime story.

    Who's ready for a post of horrors?!

    Screenshot from "Mean Girls"

    Here are 14 photos from r/oddlyterrifying this week that sent shivers down my spine:

    1. This seal with the most haunting eyes:

    Seal emerging from water, looking directly at the camera, with its face partially submerged

    2. This hotel stairway that goes forward 13 floors without any switchbacks:

    Narrow staircase with steep steps and handrails leading up to a bright exit

    3. This robot that takes blood:

    Machine taking human blood

    4. This old well someone found covered up under their house. Samara from The Ring definitely lives there:

    Crawl space under a house with wooden planks, pipes, and covered soil

    5. This huntsman spider someone found next to their pillow, which has fluff caught on its legs:

    A large spider on a light surface, often a surprising find indoors.

    6. This person who came to the doctor because they thought they had a bladder stone, but it was actually a calcified baby they never birthed:

    3D medical scan displayed on a computer screen

    7. These hyper-expressive Japanese mannequins:

    Mannequins in a store display with comically misaligned heads and limbs, creating a humorous scene

    8. This person who has to walk through a flooded street tunnel on their commute:

    Underground water reservoir with reflective water surface and a series of arches

    9. This tree that looks part human:

    Unusual tree trunk with multiple twisting knots and hollows, resembling a fantastical creature

    10. This person who had random blood stains appear in their bedroom:

    Blood on a wall

    11. This thrift store Jesus with a fauxhawk and glass eyes:

    Religious figurine with an oddly painted face displayed among flowers

    12. And finally, this child's insidious drawing on the wall of an Airbnb:

    Child's drawing of a whimsical figure with a top hat, framed and hung on a blue wall