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"All Their Marriages Were Ruined": 19 Wild Teacher Hookup Stories From People Who Work At Schools

"They had been exchanging dirty emails on their school accounts and, at one point, accidentally added the entire faculty/board to the email thread."

Recently, Reddit user pulpexploder asked, "People who work in schools, how often do the teachers and staff hook up? Got any good stories?" and people came in with the TEA. Here are some of the wild stories they shared.*

*Along with some responses from these two Reddit threads.

1. "The workshop teacher at my school was married to the principal's daughter, who, might I add, was also a teacher there and had a kid with her. He then went on to cheat on her with the new English teacher and got her pregnant. All this in a small town high school with a little over 300+ students."


2. "Our principal installed cameras in every building to catch students doing bad things. It was surprising to her when a video of her being f***** by the security guard was shown at the parent-teacher meeting."


3. "I knew a girl in fifth grade and was in the middle school band with her. Then, when we moved to high school, we were in high school marching band together. Our middle school band teacher and our high school band teacher were a married couple in their thirties with no kids. In our junior year of high school, there was a rumored rampant affair between the male high school band teacher and my classmate, which was found out by the school/police/the whole town to be FACTUAL. The police came and removed the small couch from the band director's office during school hours. He vanished, and so did my classmate. The poor guy's wife (our middle school band teacher!) stayed with him despite it — and the very next year, she fell seriously ill with aggressive cancer that ended her life very soon after diagnosis. Then, the ex-high-school-band-director and my classmate officially became a couple. They married when she was still 17 with her parents' consent."

"They've been married all this time (we are now mid-30s, so significantly longer than his first marriage) and have had two children together. Absolutely the wildest saga."


4. "The biology teacher and art teacher started hooking up. This wasn't wild; both were divorced. What‘s wild about it is that they started hooking up AFTER his son and her daughter started dating, both of whom were students at the school."


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5. "My sister worked in a school with this one bloke who taught math, and he gave three of the female teachers gonorrhea."


6. "When I was a former student, the wood shop teacher (male) and AP history teacher (male) both were hooking up with the English teacher (female) at the same time. The fallout was massive when they were found out, and all their marriages were ruined."


7. "At the school where I work, an English teacher slept with the wife of a theology teacher. The two teachers had been best friends since high school (the same school where we all taught). Anyway, the wife confessed to her theology teacher husband one morning that the affair had been going on. The theology teacher drove up to school, walked straight toward the English teacher's classroom, saw him in the hallway, and punched him in the face. A couple of other teachers came out of their rooms and broke it up. The theology teacher was fired. The English teacher is still there but ostracized by all the older teachers who worked there when this all went down."


8. "I went to a small Christian high school that also had a middle and elementary school on the grounds. The principal of the high school had a child that was in my grade. One day, he came over the intercom and announced that he was stepping down from his position. He then went on to talk about how he and the female gym coach had been having an 'emotional affair' for the last few months. This announcement went through every speaker in all three schools. I remember everyone in my class looking over at his daughter, who had a look of complete surprise on her face. From what I gathered, this was the first time she was hearing about all of this."

"Shortly after, the gym teacher also left her position, but the most interesting part? The gym teacher had no idea this was going on. She was just doing her job and thought she was friends with everyone. The principal read more into their relationship and decided to go to the church with it and they made this decision. The gym teacher left her job out of shame and had to spend a lot of time explaining to her husband what exactly was going on. ... [He] took a little time to realize that no actual affair went on. After that, the rumors and gossip in the area got to be too much, and he ended up getting a different job pretty far away, so he moved them both to start fresh.

The principal and his wife got a divorce within a day or so of the announcement. The wife got custody of all three kids, plus, I think, eventually, their house and a fair amount of money. The former principal took a job selling either cars or furniture; I can't remember which, and pretty much faded from the radar. I don't think his eldest daughter had anything to do with him after all of that. I wanna say that she intentionally made sure he stayed away from her wedding."


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9. "When I was a freshman in high school, I had a great biology teacher. I had to leave for a few days to go to my cousin's wedding in San Francisco. When I came back, I had a new biology teacher. The rumor was that she and the gym teacher had been caught in the act in the school kitchen. ... Apparently, they had been exchanging dirty emails on their school accounts and, at one point, accidentally added the entire faculty/board to the email thread. Last I saw the gym teacher, who was a prick, he was working in loss prevention at Best Buy."


10. "When I was in elementary school, the music teacher and the softball coach both had disciplinary action taken. Rumor has it that they were getting very friendly in the library after school one day. They were both women, so in a very small and rural town, this was quite the gossip."


11. "The middle school gym teacher whose husband was a math teacher at the same school cheated on her husband with the other gym teacher's husband, who also worked at the school as a coach and got pregnant with his baby. The other gym teacher ended up with the math teacher. Eventually, both the women dumped their (each other's?) men and ended up moving in together to raise the baby. You can't make this shit up."


12. "There were high school PE teachers (one male, one female) who essentially shared an office. They always got along really well, and kids would always joke that they were dating. We were just dumb kids, so we never really thought anything of it. After a couple of years, they both started acting weird around each other, and there were rumors that he'd left his wife and kids for this PE teacher. This wasn't actually true, though. What actually happened was that they added a bedroom to their house, and the PE teacher moved in. The kids pretty much just had two moms, and everyone got along wonderfully. It was strange for about a year, and then it was business as usual. I guess they're going on about 15 years strong."


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13. "The principal and gym teacher (both married) got busted for having sex in the classroom attached to the weight room… while there were students in the weight room."


14. "I once worked in a school that had no less than five married couples on staff. All had met at the school. ... One of those couples had adjoining rooms and conceived at least one child in the storeroom between their rooms."


15. "When I was in primary school, during lunch break, my 6th-grade teacher shut all the classroom window blinds, which was suspicious. I decided to investigate further and found the classroom door was locked. When I peeped through the keyhole, I saw he was being given a massage by the first-grade teacher — and they were both married. At the time, I was very Christian and saw this as an affront to God. I told my mom, and she raised a complaint to the principal. When I told her everyone would know it was me who told on them, she said they wouldn't because she didn't tell them who told her. That was the day I realized my mom had the IQ of a child."


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16. "The principal and his assistant were caught having sex after someone set off a pipe bomb in the school, causing an evacuation."


17. "The janitor and the cafeteria lady. My friends and I (all girls) used to stay late at school in an unused visual room. They have one of those big white boards placed in a corner, and behind that is a pretty spacious area. It was our hangout spot until it wasn't anymore. We saw the janitor come out and, minutes later, the cafeteria lady. Our spot smelled like bleach, and it was disgusting to go back there anymore."


18. "I was a student when this happened, but it spread like wildfire, and everyone found out about it. Two teachers were openly married to each other. The male teacher started having an affair with the new young art teacher. Eventually, the wife found out, and they separated. She went to stay at her mother's house. The male teacher then brought the young art teacher to stay in his (and the wife's) place. At this point, the other teachers all knew and were taking the wife's side, so the young (and naive) art teacher tried to make peace with them by baking some treats to share with the staff...Which she unknowingly brought in on the wife's grandmother's best plates. The screaming and shouting could be heard all over the school, and the next week, the male teacher and art teacher were fired. Last I heard, they moved across the country and got married."


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19. And finally..."Apparently, my old high school has a swingers clique amongst the teachers and faculty."