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16 Absolutely Berserk Photos That Are Too Los Angeles To Even Put Into Words

These are too LA to function.

I grew up in a small town on the East Coast, so when I eventually moved to Los Angeles at 24, I definitely experienced some culture shock. It's not a perfect city, but it's my city now, and I love it for all of its quirks.

Closeup of Fergie making "LA" with her hands

If I had perused the r/LosAngeles subreddit before I moved here, I can say with full confidence that I would have had no idea what any of the posts meant. These days, they make perfect sense to me. Here are 16 photos from the past year that are — to put it simply — "quintessentially LA":

1. Paul Giamatti casually grabbing some In-N-Out with his Golden Globe in hand:

Paul Giamatti sitting at a fast food restaurant with a table full of food containers, dressed in a suit, holding a smartphone

2. The prevalence of foggy parking meters:

An old parking meter with a faded screen and payment stickers, showing signs of wear and tear

3. This person's attempt to rent out their shed with no bathroom as a studio:

Small rental house advertised online for $350/month, with details on size and availability

4. This goose in a stroller at a Wendy's in Downtown Los Angeles:

Goose sitting in a baby stroller inside a food court

5. The LA river having a rare moment of activity during a period of rain:

Overflowing river in a concrete channel with surrounding vegetation

6. This person who defeated "June gloom" by hiking up to an altitude of 5,000 feet:

7. A throwback to Fry's Electronics, which closed for good in 2021:

The storefront of Fry's Electronics

8. This Tesla Cybertruck that crashed into the Beverly Hills Hotel:

Car crashed into a sign near Beverly Hills Hotel, text overlay shows disbelief

9. Possibly the only people who have ever traveled by foot from the beach to Pasadena:

10. The LAPD blaring their lights all night long:

The LAPD offices

11. These signs popping up around the city, because businesses are tired of people's obsessions with their dogs:

Sign reads "No Animals Allowed in a Food Facility" exception for service animals, citing California health codes

12. And the beauty of a blooming Jacaranda tree:

A large Jacaranda tree at an intersection

13. Audacious dog owners who bag their dog's poop, but don't throw it in the trash can:

A litter grabber holds a tied black bag with the background of a nature trail and wildflowers

14. Seinfeld's apartment, which is in Koreatown, LA (not Manhattan):

Exterior of an apartment building with balconies and a large awning over the entrance

15. These obscene gas prices:

Gas station sign with high fuel prices, snack shop advertisement above

16. And finally, THE pink wall that every tourist needs to take a photo in front of:

Large plain pink wall of a building with a clear blue sky, no people or text present