Here Are 12 Funny Tweets That Went Viral Just This Weekend

    The Taylor one. 💀

    For some reason, the best tweets always seem to happen on the weekend. Here are some funny ones that recently came across my timeline.

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    This made my day. Lol

    — Juice (@DjWalt_) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @DjWalt_


    Me next to the toilet after vomiting from margarita

    — BLIZZY (@blizzy_mcguire) March 24, 2024
    @taylorswift / Via Twitter: @blizzy_mcguire


    this is crazy 😭

    — hailey 🪶 (@nobodynoswift) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @nobodynoswift


    taking an “am i gay” quiz in middle school and the result being yes

    — Kate Austin (she/her) (@KateAustin_) March 23, 2024
    @chelcielynn / Via Twitter: @KateAustin_


    bonnet fell off while I was asleep 💔

    — mel (@memegodmel) March 21, 2024
    @jlo / Prime Video / Via Twitter: @memegodmel


    complimented my muslim coworkers outfit today and said “i thought you weren’t allowed to eat right now”

    — DO☈ITO❦💋 (@popwarning) March 21, 2024
    Lifetime / Via Twitter: @popwarning


    Me in 2006 triple checking how much money mom gave me for the Scholastic Book Fair hoping it’s enough for a Lamborghini poster and a big pencil.

    — Thomas Carrieri (@Thomas_Carrieri) March 23, 2024
    Twitter: @Thomas_Carrieri


    “Early bird or a night owl?”
    bro I am none. I am some sort of permanently exhausted pigeon

    — Nayab⁷ (@distractted_) March 23, 2024
    Twitter: @distractted_


    all the kate middleton and Royal family jokes i laughed at these past couple of weeks and to find out she’s been battling cancer… im going to hell

    — 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐧 (@shanxeditss) March 22, 2024
    HBO / Via Twitter: @shanxeditss


    Everyone on Twitter deleting their conspiracy Kate Middleton tweets

    — vicky (@vickymykh) March 22, 2024
    E! / Hulu / Via Twitter: @vickymykh


    just accidentally closed a tab I’ve had been meaning to read for the past 2 years

    — Laura (@fairycakes) March 23, 2024
    Twitter: @fairycakes


    this is how i feel tbh... rolling solo but i'm still cooking

    — robert altdude (@listenupnerds) March 22, 2024
    Twitter: @listenupnerds

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