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36 Wild Photos Of The Human Body That Made Me Do A Double Take

Compartment syndrome is freaking me out.

1. Have you ever wondered what it looks like on an MRI when people kiss? Well, here ya go, and don't blame me if you never want to kiss anyone again.

2. TIL that some people have fringed fimbriated folds — basically extra tissue under the tongue that never dissolved in the womb.

Close-up of a person's mouth with their tongue sticking out, showing "tentacle-like" protuberances on the bottom

3. Here is what a heart that needs to be replaced looks like next to the healthy donor heart that's going in.

Two hearts, the old one, with lots of fatty areas, on the left and the replacement on the right, displayed on a surgical cloth

4. And this is what a heart beating outside of a body looks like.

5. Here are the hands of someone with Marfan syndrome (a connective tissue–related disorder). They tend to have super-long fingers and limbs.

Open hand with very long, thin  fingers spread against a blurred background

6. Some people with Marfan's also have eyes that do this.

7. Did you know it's possible to have a TON of extra teeth? It's called hyperdontia, and oftentimes it just means a few extra teeth — the case below is extreme.

Side-by-side X-ray images of a human skull showing dozens and dozens of teeth  in many rows and jaw structure

8. Here's another photo of hyperdontia.

Four images of a mouth with two rows of teeth on the bottom, and after four have been removed

9. Here's what it looks like to have triphalangeal thumb syndrome, where thumbs resemble fingers because they have three phalanges.

Two hands placed flat on a surface, with fingers spread apart, showing elongated, slim thumbs

10. Here's an X-ray of how bad arthritis can get.

X-ray image of two hands showing the finger bones/phalanges bent at unnatural angles

11. This is what it looks like to have a bad muscle cramp.

12. This is what it looks like to have Parkes Weber syndrome, where your blood vessels are malformed. Yep — those are blood vessels.

Two hands and arms covered with thickened, bulging blood vessels

13. Here is what an eye without a pupil looks like.

Close-up of a person's eye with no pupil, just iris

14. Here's what exactly one year of hair growth looks like (a year earlier, she'd shaved her head).

Person with shoulder-length wavy hair in a room, text on face covering features reads "Jan 1st 2022"

15. This is what eyes look like in a super close-up.

A close-up of a human eye with veins resembling a forest of leafless trees

16. And here's a tooth in a hydraulic press that shows how strong teeth are.

17. Here is a terrifying teratoma — aka a tumor that can grow teeth and hair.

18. Speaking of tumors — you can also have a hair-growing tumor on your EYE, meaning your eye starts to grow hair. I'm sorry in advance for this image.

19. This is what milk ducts look like inside women's bodies.

Anatomically detailed illustration showing muscles, milk ducts, and other breast tissue of human upper torso

20. Did you know that if your body produces too much keratin, your tongue can grow this?

Close-up of a person's tongue displaying what looks like thick hair in the center

21. One of the scariest disorders to me is fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, also called "stone man syndrome," in which skeletal muscles and connective tissue slowly turn to bone, and joints begin to fuse together.

A person's distorted back showing a protuberance above the ribcage

22. This person, who has hereditary multiple exostoses, aka hereditary multiple osteochondromas, also has extra bone growth — in this case, bone tumors that grow off longer bones, like the arm bones here.

A close-up of a person's bent arm over denim-covered legs, showing a sharp protuberance extending from the elbow under the skin

23. This woman was electrocuted through her landline during a storm, and the pattern it created on her neck, known as a Lichtenberg figure, is honestly really cool (though I definitely have a new fear unlocked).

Close-up of a person's neck showing a red rash pattern that looks like tree branches, aka Lichtenberg figures

24. Another fear of mine is epidermodysplasia verruciformis, or "tree man" syndrome, where these growths that look like bark form on your body.

Feet with advanced barnacle growths standing on a blue wooden surface

25. Bone cancer is also terrifying — check out what it did to this person's skull.

Skull with a huge, jagged gap where one eye socket is

26. This is what Stevens-Johnson syndrome — wherein a rash forms on your skin, blisters, then sloughs off — looks like on someone's TONGUE. And it could happen to you. It's usually a reaction to medication.

27. Here's what it looks like when someone has compartment syndrome and essentially must have their skin left open to relieve pressure.

28. And here's what it looks like a year after it's healed.

Close-up of the same arm extended, showing a deep indent on the bottom showing bone, no flesh

29. Here's what it looks like to have your finger amputated — but the tiniest bit of the nail bed is left.

Close-up of a finger with no nail, but a tiny, needlelike tip growing on top of it, backlit by a light source

30. Here's what it looks like when you get Lyme disease from a tick bite.

Person with a red, irregular skin reaction on their lower arm with what looks like an insect bite in the middle

31. Here's what can happen to your hand at extremely cold temperatures if you have cutis marmorata.

Close-up of a hand showing a speckled, mottled skin inflammation

32. This is what it can look like to have complex regional pain syndrome, a form of chronic pain that can cause swelling.

Two hands on a flat surface showing one of a normal size and the other with blotchy skin and extremely thickened fingers

33. Mirror foot syndrome is when people have feet resembling two mirrored feet fused together. It's extremely rare and usually treated with surgery if it impedes walking and wearing shoes.

Two images showing the top and bottom of an infant foot with eight tees and one large toe in the center

34. Here's another example of polydactyly (when you have extra fingers or toes).

Hand with seven fingers

35. Here's what the skull of someone with Proteus syndrome — where your limbs and tissue, among other parts of your body, grow too much — looks like.

A skull with huge bulging parts on the front and bottom

36. And finally, did you know that it's possible to have no nails? It's called anonychia congenita.

A hand with no nail beds and a foot with toes with no nails