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People Are Sharing The Things They Don't Buy Anymore Because They Have Gotten Too Expensive, And There Were A Few Items On This List I Didn't Realize Had Gone Up In Price

Whether it's your grocery store bill or the price of a cup of cold brew, you probably have noticed that everything is more expensive than it was a year or two ago. But for some people the increased prices have made some things not worth the price.

14 Life Hacks That I'm Kicking Myself For Not Thinking Of First

"Use an old pillow case to clean ceiling fans with as little mess as possible. Just put the pillow case over the fan blade and wipe all the dust into the pillow case. It keeps the dust and fuzz from flying around the room."

"Who Says A Little Coochie Lip Ruins A Look?" — Women Who Bought The Skims Micro Bralette And Thong Are Sharing Their Thoughts

"I see a lot of people joking about how much this piece would cover, and I think we all need to accept that just because things don't fit us the way they fit Kendall Jenner, doesn't mean they look absurd or comical — they look just as hot. Who says a little coochie lip ruins a look? Or some visible areola? Not me!"

text: honestly, it would suck to go to government agencies, pay for everything new, and go to the bank to change everything

This Woman Doesn't Want To Go Through The Hassle Of Changing Her Last Name Back After Getting Divorced — Now Her Ex Is "Uncomfortable," And She Wants To Know If She's In The Wrong

"Due to the stupidity of the time and social pressure, I added my husband's last name to my name. So all my documents, like identification, driver's license, passport, all credit cards, and voter registration card, have his last name at the end."