I Know I Shouldn't Laugh, But These Extremely Dumb Things People Posted On The Internet Last Month Are Absolutely Killing Me

    Let's hope we do better in April.

    1. On those darn kids:

    Meme text: "And I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you metaling kids!"

    2. On spelling:

    Tweet with the text "Orange" and a reply stating "No words start with 'O' and ends with 'O'."

    3. On those little, special somethings:

    Text reads "I go crazy for small jesters"

    4. On my man Joe:

    Banjo with damaged skin on a frayed blanket, grass background, screenshot of an online sale listing for a "Band joe" for $10

    5. On miming:

    "Ms Tatiana did this; this lady is just lip singing"

    6. On the hand you're dealt:

    A screenshot of a social media conversation about someone's resilience in a situation and text including. "Considering his circle stances he looks like he's keeping his head up"

    7. On gambling:

    Memoji of a person facepalming with text "I have no words," captioned humorously about calling gamblers ominous

    8. On beautiful decorations:

    Brass wall-mounted candle holder with pink candles, advertised for $10 as "brass candle larva that hangs on wall"

    9. On switchin' it up:

    Text message exchange, with one person excited "Just to get there and change of paste"

    10. On the game of chess:

    "That was a smart move; it's like they're playing a game of chess and she just checked made it him"

    11. On big egos:

    "Gaetz is an ego testicle jerk; vote the jerk out"

    12. On eggs:

    Two poached eggs on slices of toast, seasoned with pepper, on a plate, with text: "Classic pouched egg on toast"

    13. On irony:

    Ice cream truck with "Eat the Rich" slogan; someone comments, "$10 for a f'n popsicle?!! Oh the ironing"

    14. On true bonds:

    Exchange of humorous comments on social media, including "Love the cemetery between these 2 definitely the best dynamic duo" and "I'm dead"

    15. On theories:

    Comment discussing scientific theories: "the fact they are all call THEORYS means there are no facts to back them up; the THEORY of evolution the big bang theory ect ect ect"

    16. On porous landlords:

    Screen capture of a social media post with text stating "Help! Landlord trying to charge absorbent amount"

    17. On a delicious mortar:

    Mortar and pestle on a counter with price label, titled "Mortar and pesto" for $25

    18. On change:

    Social media screenshot with text: "Congratulations to myself, change is in editable"

    19. On getting things done:

    Comment thread from a social platform; two users discuss taking action, with one saying "we will take everything from them in one foul sweep" and another punning "You could even do it in one fell swoop"

    20. On laughs of the past:

    Someone saying that a comment sent them into a "historical laughing state"

    21. On perseverance:

    Text message exchange encouraging exercise, and someone says "Se seb wethey" and when someone asks what they mean, they explain, "'You can do it' in Spanish lol"

    22. On coming clean:

    Summarized text: A forum post by an unknown member discussing intermittent faults on a car's Engine ECU that were cleared and did not reappear

    23. On being beneath:

    Screenshot of an online conversation with text, including humorous and jumbled comments

    24. On your heart's true desires:

    Text from an online post reads "Well in the meantime this sub has no shortage of content. Explore it to your heart's contempt"

    25. On body shape:

    Social media comment praising an artist's work, expressing eagerness to see the finished product, well-received with likes

    26. On those special sauces:

    Screenshot of a social media post discussing food preferences, with humorous misinterpretation of 'au jus' as 'Ow Juice'

    27. On the big eclipse:

    The image shows a social media post about an upcoming eclipse, incorrectly calling it the "Black Sun" passing in front of the sun

    28. On pelvises:

    Two social media comments discussing anatomy; one person corrects another's misconception about the pelvis

    29. On light fixtures:

    Floor lamp with a curved design for sale in front of a garage door, listed at $25

    30. On characters:

    Summarized text: Discussions on showing the intensity of situations in media without graphic content, using limb loss as an example

    31. On South America:

    A screenshot of a messaging app where one user incorrectly states South America is a country and another corrects them, humorous confusion ensues

    32. On collecting:

    Ornate sword with engraved blade and twisted hilt, displayed on a wooden surface

    33. On math:

    A series of comments on a social media post with various emojis used by the commenters. Text is obscured

    34. On math:

    Social media post expressing confusion over math, implying 2% doesn't equal 1 in 50

    35. And on saviors:

    Summarized advice on dealing with internet trolls; suggests ignoring trolls rather than engaging with them. Negative comment score shown