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February 6, 2012

Newt's Climate Change Flip-Flop

Newt Gingrich campaigning in Golden, Colorado today said we "don't know," if climate change is occurring." Gingrich cites his work as "amateur paleontologist," and says he "always opposed cap and-trade." But in a 2007 forum with John Kerry on climate change Gingrich said "the evidence is sufficient to move towards the most effective possible steps to remove carbon loading in the atmosphere."

George Romney And Nelson Rockefeller

Nelson Rockefeller's name has become synonymous with moderate Republican positions. When George Romney ran for President in 1968, he borrowed much of his staff from Rockefeller's '64 run. Here are three great archival clips showing their relationship.

Tokyo Hooters Will Celebrate Valentine's Day With Hello Kitty

An interesting collaboration: the first 1,000 customers to arrive at the Japanese edition of Hooters will receive a limited edition Hello Kitty x Hooters Pin. I never thought I'd see the day when things would get so hard for Hello Kitty that she'd have to flaunt her tits and serve wings to make a quick buck.

This Proposed McDonald's Advertising Strategy Is Evil

On his website designer Sean Click proposes the idea to plant California Poppies in the shape of the McDonald's arches. Seems innocent enough, but It turns out that it has a nefarious double purpose. It's unclear whether Click is working for McDonald's, but here's hoping they don't use his idea.

The 30 Best Signs Against Prop 8

Tomorrow an appeals court is going to release their ruling saying if California's same-sex marriage ban (Prop 8) violates the constitutional rights of gays and lesbians. So, let's take a trip down memory lane and look back at some of the best signs from 2008. It's crazy how this was almost 4 years ago.

Jon Hamm And Tim Tebow Hanging Out Together

An odd couple, for sure. The pair posed for the cameras at the NFL Honors And Pepsi Rookie Of The Year ceremony that took place over the weekend. I wonder if Tebow's a fan of "Mad Men" or if Hamm enjoys the Broncos because honestly, what else do these guys have to talk about?

Ron Paul's 1988 Appearance On The Morton Downey Jr. Show

Ron Paul has never been considered a conventional politician, but his 1988 appearance on the Morton Downey Jr. Show is bizarre even by his standards. Paul took, on among others, Guardian Angel Lisa Sliwa in 15 minute showdown that featured Paul defending the traditional Libertarian policy he still defends today.

"Real Housewives Of South Boston" To Become Actual Reality Show

Unfortunately, it won't star the funny ladies who made the popular Bravo spoof on YouTube. TLC has ordered "Southie Pride" (working title) from SallyAnn Salsano (creator of "Jersey Shore") and though the five women the series will revolve around have not yet been cast, camera crews were on location over the weekend to capture all of the Super Bowl action.

The Romney Logo: Romneyfresh Hotel Cola

Barack Obama's 2008 logo was the toast of the design world, but Mitt Romney's doesn't feel quite as fresh -- despite its striking resemblance to the logo for Aquafresh toothpaste. Actually, it looks like pretty much every other corporate logo in America: Aquafresh, Pepsi, Ramada Hotels, and Carnival Cruise, among others. The Romney font is set to Trajan, which is the same font used for Lord of the Rings, Minority Report, Titanic, The Mummy and Star Wars Episode II.

18 Jaw Dropping Photos Of Europe's Deadly Winter

Hey y'all, I found Winter. While the U.S. continues to bask in the warmth of an unusually mild winter, Mother Nature has claimed almost 300 lives from Switzerland to Rome as temperatures plumet up to -22 Fahrenheit across Europe.

Guy Fieri Stops By SNL

Bobby Moynihan broke out his Guy Fieri impression this weekend on Weekend Update and nailed it. Shockingly accurate.

Creepy Giant Floats Of The British Royal Family

The floats are for this year's carnival parade in Nice. The theme is "King of Sport" so I guess this has something to do with the Olympics. Well that and just the age old desire to make fun of British Royals.

When Republican Candidates Were Not So Hot On Reagan

Today would have been Ronald Reagan's 101st birthday, and so the Reagan-worship may hit an all-time peak. But the current candidates have had their moments of breaking with the Reagan orthodoxy, and here their greatest hits on Reagan throughout the years.

Super Depressing Kiss Messenger

The Kissenger is a pig-shaped robot that can sense one user's kiss and transmit it to another user. According to their website, the Kissenger also enables "an intimate relation with a robot" as well as the ability to give and receive kisses from virtual characters. (via

Jimmy Fallon's Live Super Bowl Show Was Pretty Great

If you went to bed right after the game ended, you missed an especially-energized edition of "Late Night" in which Jimmy Fallon interviewed Giants Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, Dave Tollefson; performed an epic Adele cover; and did a keg stand with Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler. Why didn't you adhere to his singing plea, "Please don't to sleeeeeeeep"?

23 Fans That Stood By Wes Welker On Twitter

On a night when many "fans" threatened Wes Welker's life on Twitter for dropping a ball that would have all but ensured a Patriots Super Bowl victory, many stood up for the receiver. This is the online equivalent of the end of Little Big League. By that I mean, it's adorable.

A Brief History Of Cheesy Network Television Promos

NBC debuted a promotional spot called "The Brotherhood of Man" over the weekend and while it was cool to see Ron Swanson, Jack Donaghy, Andy Bernard, and Brian Williams performing a musical ditty together, it also caused many rolled eyes and raised eyebrows. Not to worry, internet! TV networks have been churning out these silly ads -- in which all of the network's biggest stars put on a song and dance in one long extended commercial -- for decades.

Corgi Artist

Zwierki is one talented Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Happy Monday, y'all.

Giants Fan Wins $7500, Rubs It In The IRS's Face

"This is it Gina!" What happens when your team wins the Super Bowl and you win thousands of dollars in a pool? This guy. His wife warns him not to call out the IRS, but he doesn't care.

UMass Super Bowl Riot

Watch a bunch of UMass students "riot" after the Patriots lost the Super Bowl. I love the part when they all run away.

Ron Paul's Caucus Strategy Didn't Work In Nevada

His campaign has stayed relevant in part by convincing the press that he would dominate a series of caucuses with organization and energy. In Nevada, he did better than in 2008 -- but not well enough.

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