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February 21, 2012

Live Action Doug Funnie Music Video

Singer Mike Falzone's video for his song "How To: Break Up In The City" brings our favorite kids from Bluffington to real life and into their twenties. The song's pretty catchy too.

Santorum's Previous Obama/Hitler Comparison

Rick Santorum has deflected recent criticism of comparing Obama to Hitler via the use of a metaphor comparing stopping the President to World War II by telling CBS "the World War II metaphor is one I've used 100 times in my career." Indeed, a 2010 speech at the Louisville Right to Life banquet unearthed by BuzzFeed shows that the former Senator has used the comparison before.

A Very Nasty Obituary

Who knew obituaries were such a popular, posthumous variation of the middle finger? And just to twist the knife, this runs every year in the Honolulu newspaper on the anniversary of Bill's death. His children and grandchildren don't seem very fond of Mrs. Willard (Bill) Wannall.

George Clinton Needs Your Help!

The funk legend has turned to Internet fundraising site, IndieGoGo to save his studio and help him in his fight to regain the rights to his classic songs.

A Family Tradition: Another Pet Defies Death On Romney Road Trip

"our fearless sidekick. this fish has cheated death more times than i can remember," Craig Romney wrote on his 2009 road trip blog. Andrew Sullivan has many questions: "Did it eventually travel inside the truck? Did they strap it to the roof and have it constantly sprayed with water? Did they just suspend it from the bumper, Clark Griswold style, because it enjoyed the view?"

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