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February 21, 2012

Twitter Buzz: Weird Al To Appear On "30 Rock"

Lots of fun things on Twitter today: Rainn Wilson apologizes for his rape joke, Bryan Cranston's new hair, Emmy Rossum must live in a recording studio, a chihuahua who REALLY loves Chris Colfer, and Dr. Ruth's tips on what to give up for lent (hint: not sex). Oh, and get ready to see Weird Al on an upcoming episode of "30 Rock!"

Santorum's Previous Obama/Hitler Comparison

Rick Santorum has deflected recent criticism of comparing Obama to Hitler via the use of a metaphor comparing stopping the President to World War II by telling CBS "the World War II metaphor is one I've used 100 times in my career." Indeed, a 2010 speech at the Louisville Right to Life banquet unearthed by BuzzFeed shows that the former Senator has used the comparison before.

A Very Nasty Obituary

Who knew obituaries were such a popular, posthumous variation of the middle finger? And just to twist the knife, this runs every year in the Honolulu newspaper on the anniversary of Bill's death. His children and grandchildren don't seem very fond of Mrs. Willard (Bill) Wannall.

Rick Santorum's Face Made Out Of Gay Porn [NSFW]

Regardless of your politics, you have to admit this is a meticulous piece of work. Yup. This is Rick Santorum's face constructed with hundreds of stills of gay porn (and maybe some straight porn, but it's hard to tell). Goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: NSFW.

The 10 Worst Marilyn Monroe Tributes

Mob Wives' Big Ang is on the cover of the latest issue Next Magazine, dressed as Marilyn Monroe. MAKE IT STOP! Sure, there have been times where an homage to the deceased star has worked, but more often than not, it reeeally doesn't. Here are the 10 worst offenders.

A Family Tradition: Another Pet Defies Death On Romney Road Trip

"our fearless sidekick. this fish has cheated death more times than i can remember," Craig Romney wrote on his 2009 road trip blog. Andrew Sullivan has many questions: "Did it eventually travel inside the truck? Did they strap it to the roof and have it constantly sprayed with water? Did they just suspend it from the bumper, Clark Griswold style, because it enjoyed the view?"

Courtney Cox Drinking Ranch Dressing

At lot of people have been asking me about BuzzFeed's lack of coverage on Courtney Cox drinking condiments. "Dave," they bemoan, "what is up with BuzzFeed's complete lack of Courtney Cox drinking things like mustard and barbeque sauce?" Well, I'm pleased to report that this will no longer be the case. Not on my watch. Enjoy, and God bless.

Check out the trailer for HBO's 'Girls'

The new series written by rising star Lena Dunham and produced by funny man Judd Apatow follows a group of twenty-something girls trying to survive in the Big Apple. It premieres this April on HBO. Will you be watching?

The Ultimate Barack Obama Video Timeline

To most Americans, Barack Obama seemed to appear out of nowhere, fully-formed, in 2008. This rarely-seen footage from 1991-2004 captures lesser-known moments in the future president's life -- as law student, community organizer, local politician, failed Congressional candidate, and Democratic nominee for Senate -- and offers a glimpse into his political and personal roots.

Rick Santorum's Praise For John McCain

Rick Santorum often deflects criticism of the 2008 primary endorsement he gave to Mitt Romney by saying he was for anyone-but-McCain. But in the 2008 after McCain had clinched the nomination Santorum seemed to hold no ill will toward the Arizona Senator. Santorum actively campaigned for McCain, touting him as a "reformer," and someone who would "shake up Washington."

JWOWW Lists The Presidents She'd Like To Bang

In yesterday's entry on her blog, Jenni writes, "It's President's Day, so let's be patriotic. Here are eight Presidents I'd like to f*ck." Because if the "Jersey Shore" has taught me anything, it's how to respectfully pay tribute to America...

David Foster Wallace's Hilarious Letter To His College Newspaper

David Foster Wallace, author of "Infinite Jest," would have turned 50 today. To celebrate his birthday, here's the letter he wrote to the Amherst College newspaper in response to a jerk who thought it was an unalienable right to blast AC/DC as loud as humanly possible.

Romney Defended Federal "Investment" In The Olympics

Democrats are attacking the former Massachusetts Governor for the amount of federal subsidies the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics received. In a February 2000 speech to the National Press Club, Romney said the Olympics were worth the "massive investment for which they cost." The "hundreds of billions dollars" spent on the Games, Romney said, was necessary to "demonstrate peace to the world."

Ave Maria University Files Suit Over Contraception Mandate

The Becket Fund for Religious LIberty has filed suit on behalf of Ave Maria University against the Obama Administration's requirement that employers cover birth control. The fight over contraception is now moving into the courts.

Just A Caramel Dragon Lollipop

Move along, nothing to see here. Unless you like awesome street art and candy and dragons, in which case you should definitely watch this.

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