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February 14, 2012

Man Sues Restaurant For Getting These Racist Receipts

They're undeniably awful. Landmark Steakhouse in Newport Beach, California settled out of court for an undisclosed amount after an African American customer received the following receipts on the same day. Makes Papa John's look positively enlightened. WARNING: N-word ahoy.

How People See Me And What People Think I Do

The "How People See Me/What People Think I Do" meme is the new "Shit ___ People Say" on Facebook. Seriously, I see at least a couple new ones everyday on my feed, so I've collected the best/worst for your viewing pleasure.

A Ballad For Spurned Lovers On Valentine's Day

Rachel Bloom (best known for "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury") is here to remind you that though breakups can make you sad, you can still post nude photos of your ex online and sing about it dramatically. (Warning: NSFW-Language)

What Ever Happened To The Art Of The Fortune Cookie

Remember when a Fortune Cookie was so much more than tasty treat after gorging yourself on take out orange chicken. I've noticed that like many things, the art of the fortune has faded over the years. I'm going to use this post to chronicle every disappointing cookie that crosses my path.

"It's Black History Month Charlie Brown!"

David Alan Grier brought the latest Charlie Brown special to Jimmy Kimmel last night. Charlie's friend Franklin has some important thoughts on the month-long celebration.

59 Photos Of The Chaos In Greece

Athens is still reeling from the riots which burned 45 buildings and triggered a forceful crackdown by police. Protesters were furious with the severe austerity cuts passed by Parliament in order to accept an EU bailout package. Demonstrations continued today, but nowhere near the ferocity of what was seen over the weekend.

Exclusive: The 30 Most Interesting Documents From The Newt Archives

Newt Gingrich's Democratic challenger in 1988 and 1990, lawyer David Worley, assembled a massive opposition research file on the Georgia Republican. A decade later, he donated the file to Georgia State University. A BuzzFeed researcher spent 23 hours with the 10 boxes of files of newspaper clippings, campaign literature, and more. These are the highlights.

Olympic Swimmer Proposes To His Girlfriend On Medal Stand

Over the weekend, Olympic swimmer Matt Grevers invited his girlfriend onto the winner's stand after he won the 100-meter race at the Missouri Grand Prix, got down on one knee, and proposed. Apparently his original plan was to propose to Annie Chandler after she won her race but unfortunately, she came in 5th place. I'd say it turned out pretty okay.

BuzzFeed's New Receptionist

Meet BuzzFeed's new receptionist. Her name is Mystic and she's originally from Putnam County, New York. She likes unicorns.

Baseball Fan Has Every Single Team's Mascot Tattooed On His Ribs

Benjamin Christensen is a die-hard baseball fan and candidate for MLB's Fan Cave, a project where two fans watch every single baseball game for an entire season in a loft that can only be described as a baseball fan's paradise. His best selling point is probably these tattoos.

20 Cats As Fonts

Here are 20 fonts and the cats that clearly inspired them. This is a rare and important opportunity for cat fanciers and typophiles to find some common ground.

30 Surreal Photos Of A Chinese Sex Toy Factory

An unromantic yet fascinating peek behind the curtain of the global adult novelty economy, just in time for Valentine's Day! For many of you lonely hearts, this is where tonight's date came from. WARNING: Even though these are the least sexy photos you could imagine, they're still slightly NSFW.

Santorum Still Losing Google Primary

He may be up in the polls, but search data suggest something short of a national surge. Everyone, according to these Valentine's Day figures from Google, wants to know about Newt's wife, while Carol Paul escapes the spotlight.

10 Before And After Face Transplant Photos

Medical science can do weird and wonderful and slightly unsettling things. Following yesterday's amazing story of Ugur Acar, here are nine more examples of face transplant procedures. WARNING: While most will find these images fascinating and inspirational, some may find them disturbing.

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