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February 17, 2012

Miley Cyrus Lopped Off Her Hair And Other Links

And that's to say nothing of her unbuttoned high-water acid wash jeans. Plus, George Clooney is super lonely, you guys, and those crazy Mormons are at it again. These and other Buzz that slipped past our radar await your clicking pleasure.

Jim Gaffigan Following The Louis C.K. Model

Jim Gaffigan recently announced he will be shooting a comedy special in Washington D.C. which will be available for $5 download. $1 from each download will go to The Bob Woodruff Foundation which helps wounded veterans and their families. Here's what Gaffigan had to say about the special. (via

Skrillex Lyrics

I mean the music's okay, but I really love Skrillex for the words.

These "Downton Abbey" Paper Dolls Are Just A Masterpiece

EVIL SOAP! I'm sorry, but these are the absolute best paper dolls anyone has ever designed for anything. New York Magazine's Vulture created this series of four completely on-point paper dolls with some of the best characters from PBS's epic series, "Downton Abbey." If you don't already watch it, these printouts will certainly get you back on the couch.

Dave Grohl Backs Down From His Awesome Grammy Speech

At last Sunday's Grammy Awards, Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl used his acceptance speech to sing the praises of analog recording. Though many (including BuzzFeed) praised the speech (and lamented that Grohl was cut off by LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem"), a large sector of the Internet was pissed. So he wrote them a letter.

12 Ripped Old People

Finally, the list you've all been waiting for. These people are everything i aspire to be.

North Korea Celebrates The Life Of Kim Jong Il With A Performance By "The Jongettes"

Among the many performances during yesterday's celebration of their fallen dictator's life was a song performed by the country's first-ever girl group. First-ever! The Jongettes -- yes, really -- performed a tribute to Kim Jong il and later on a group of synchronized swimmers danced to the song, "We Will Defend General Kim Jong Un at the Risk of Our Lives." How uplifting!

The Legend Of "Moose"

Every group of friends has that person who's not around often, but is constantly being talked about. His exploits are the stuff of legend and a night out with him takes on a near-mythic feel. This is the story of one such person: "Moose."

Omar Little Speaks Out In Favor Of Gay Marriage

You come at the king, you best support marriage equality. Michael K. Williams, who played one of the greatest gay characters in TV history on "The Wire," continues to be all kinds of awesome. (Thanks Mara!)

Larry King Interviews A Sloth

Jimmy Kimmel thinks it's high time to bring back the host's old call-in news show, but with a twist: animals. Here's a clip from the potentially-amazing fake tv show, "Larry King's Animal KINGdom."

Courtney Stodden IS Marilyn Monroe

In my ongoing effort to ruin your day with Courtney Stodden pictures, I bring you near PROOF that this wonderful 17-year-old is OUR generation's Marilyn Monroe. What's the proof? Well, for starters, she dressed up like her. But, seriously, you guys: If you ever want me to stop posting pictures of Courtney Stodden, just tell me. Or don't. Because I won't.

The 2000 GAO Report Of The 2002 Olympics' Cost To The Taxpayer

The DNC recently began attacking Mitt Romney for the large amount of government money provided to the 2002 Olympic Games, of which Romney was the President and CEO. In 2000 the GAO prepared a report in response to accusations of pork-barrel spending on the Salt Lake Games. The report, entitled Olympic Games Federal Government Supplies Significant Funding and Support, was prepared in response to inquires from Senator John McCain and Rep. John Dingell. The 103 page reports highlights that the 1.3 billion dollar 2002 Olympics cost almost a billion dollars more than the 1984 Games in Los Angeles, and more than 600 million dollars less than the Games in Atlanta in 1996. Of the 1.3 billion dollars cost, about $254 million was for planning and staging the Games. The remaining $1 billion was planned or had been used for highway and transit projects.

Mitt Romney's 2002 Campaign PowerPoints

In 2002 Mitt Romney ran a tight race for Governor against Democrat Shannon O'Brien. To communicate with voters, Romney gave a series of PowerPoint presentations to better explain his political positions and plan for the state because of his thin resume. The topics covered a wide range of issues such as reforming health care, fixing housing, transportation, the Big Dig, creating jobs and a environmentally stable Massachusetts. Here are six of those PowerPoints.

Guess Her Muff 2.0: Girl #3206

Do you think you can guess how a babe keeps her muff based on how she dresses? Does your co-worker's carpet match the drapes? Is that geeky girl in your class secretly a sex kitten who shaves it bald? The answers might surprise you... This is GuessH…

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