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February 9, 2012

Kevin Smith's New Reality Show About Comic Book Nerds

Kevin Smith has a new reality series on AMC called "Comic Book Men." It's pretty much "Mallrats" meets "Pawn Stars" meets "High Fidelity." Haven't heard of it yet? Here's everything you need to know before the series premieres on Sunday.

Sloths Are So Hot Right Now

If you are talking about any other animal at the moment you are talking about the wrong animal. Here is why you need to get with the sloth program while there is still time.

Twitter Buzz: Roseanne Barr Has "Lemonteeth"

You can't take Roseanne anywhere these days! Plus, Travis Barker's baby is already crowd surfing, Eric Wareheim and Har Mar Superstar hang out, and Cher can't log onto Twitter, so Kathy Griffin will send her updates instead.

Marc Jacobs Designs Set Of "South Park" Tees

The new line of shirts feature Cartman, Butters, and Randy Marsh stark naked with the words "Protect Your Largest Organ" on their lower half (perfectly aligned to hide their nether-regions). You and I both know that Matt Stone and Trey Parker wouldn't lend their precious characters for just any ol' reason, and they aren't: the tees will benefit skin cancer research.

Ed Koch "Handwrote" Emails Defending Obama

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, who died Friday, took great pride in responding to every email he was sent, despite the fact that he doesn't use a computer. How did Ed Koch do it? His assistant printed them all out and he wrote his responses on the emails by hand. Here are 13 longhand emails defending the President, provided to BuzzFeed by Koch in 2012.

Transparent Screen App Enables Phone Addiction

You ever want to use your phone while on the street but don't because you'll run into people/walls/cars? Please, like embarrassment or death will stop us from checking Facebook. But at least now we'll see it coming.

When Obama Was "A Progressive Urban Democrat"

President Obama has long positioned himself as a moderate figure. But in 2000 during his failed run against Rep. Bobby Rush he discussed being similar in political viewpoint to the former Black Panther Congressman and described himself as "progressive urban Democrat." The video from their debate below and the three radio ads offer a sense of Obama's pitch to a very different electorate.

The Ugliest Rat In New York

Yeah, but he's got a great sense of humor and a pretty face. This rat was voted ugliest in all of Gotham in a contest conducted by the Transit Workers Union. Looks like the poor little fella might've taken a seat on the third rail.

Tasteless Chris Brown Joke Published In Paper

Today in jokes about abuse: The editors of Times Of India, the world's most circulated English language newspaper, apparently decided that this sparkling piece of wit about Chris Brown was a perfect fit for their funny pages.

The 5 Most Interesting Revelations In Steve Jobs' FBI File

In 1991 Steve Jobs was being considered for a position in George HW Bush's Administration. Today the FBI released the record of their investigation into Jobs' background and the rest of the late Apple CEO's FBI file. These are the most interesting tidbits.

The Drive-Through Funeral Parlor

Despite the slightly absurd business model, these photos are very beautiful and moving. Here are images from the funeral of Robert Sanders, held at California's only drive-through funeral home.

Paul Campaign: We Turned Down Keynote Spot At CPAC

Ron Paul's not coming to the conservative gathering this year even though he was offered a keynote speaking role. the campaign says it's because of scheduling, but he hasn't been campaigning since Tuesday.

Obama's Crowd-Pleasing Mix Tape

The official playlist that will play during all crowd events during the Obama 2012 campaign hit internet today and, wouldn't you know it, the list is filled with great songs. The track listing ranges all over: from the classics (Al Green, Areatha Franklin, James Taylor); to Indie bands (The Arcade Fire, Wilco, Noah And The Whale); to Country (Dierks Bentley, Darius Rucker); and rounds out the mix with some universally-loved songs like ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky." In other words, it's a crowd-pleasing soundtrack that virtually anybody can -- and will -- enjoy.

Sticker Banned For Containing Gang Signs

I think this may be a wee bit of an overreaction. Chicago held a competition among the city's youth to design a sticker that would appear in the windshields of all city vehicles. 15-year-old Herbert Pulgar won that competition, but then had the honor yanked from him when a blogger pointed out possible gang-related imagery. Or, y'know, it could just be a heartfelt tribute to emergency responders from a kid.

Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt Is Free And Back With A New Song

It's funny when a band is ostensibly more famous for who isn't a part of the band than who is. For the last year or so, Earl Sweatshirt has been missing from the rap collective Odd Future's line-up, apparently attending a academy in Samoa at his mother's will (he was under 18 at the time). Well, he's back.

Catholic Cardinal Retracts Apology For Sex Abuse Scandal

Ten years ago, then Cardinal of New York Edward Egan issued a public apology for the Church's role in sex abuse cases. Yesterday the now retired Egan retracted that apology saying that he never dealt with a case of abuse.

If The Santorum Campaign Was Star Wars

Adviser Hogan Gidley, talking to MSNBC's Alex Wagner, buys our contention that the Romney Death Star is circling. He casts his candidate as Luke Skywalker, and backer Foster Friess as Chewbacca.

Get To Know Foster Friess

Foster Friess, the little known, deep-pocketed businessman bankrolling Rick Santorum's SuperPAC, operates his own YouTube channel. The channel offers a glimpse into the man who kept Santorum's campaign on life support, then funded his resurgence.

Luke Russert Tweets About Birth Control At His Catholic Alma Mater

As many Catholics, including John Boehner, are outraged over the new rule that religious-affiliated organizations must cover birth control in their health care plans, NBC's Luke Russert tweeted about how birth control is perceived by many students at Catholic universities. Though anecdotal, his experience is interesting.

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